How to Play Pokemon GO without moving in iOS (Joystick – PokeGO r71 0.99.2)

Pokemon GO is not much popular these days as the crowd got bored of the new Pokemon GO rules and banning. However, there are still those players who are attempting to ultimately conquer the game, but at times are momentously struggling. The augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon GO seems pretty boring after a period as you end up catching all the Pokemon. Well, we have the latest working Pokemon GO GPS Hack for iOS which “does not” require Jailbreak or any changes to your device.

After the ongoing event, there has been some problems with the PokeGo++ 2.0 update, but we have finally managed to update it as soon as possible.

The new Pokemon GO Gen2 update has completely changed the game and has brought many new Pokemon that we always wanted to start with. The Gen 2 obviously being Pokémon GO’s biggest update till date, it is surely gaining momentum & bringing old players back into this game. New Pokémon means a big shakeup to high-end gym battles, with top-level challengers from the Gold and Silver era moving against stalwart defenders like Snorlax, Gyrados and the aforementioned Dragonite. Blissey, the Chansey evolution is termed to be the strongest Pokemon of Gen2 update. While most people has not yet encountered an Chansey after the update, you can surely do, by using our Pokemon GO iOS Hack.

Pokemon GO++ 2.0 iOS Hack (Joystick Hack)

Pokemon GO iOS Hack PokeGo++ 2.0 Joystick download


  • It will hatch eggs and get buddy candy for you!
  • Pokemon GO Joystick to move around.
  • Walk Speed i.e 2 Times, 4 Times or even 8 Times.
  • Tap to walk.
  • It has an IV calculator built in not only for the Pokemon you’ve caught, but also it will show the IV of Pokemon as you’re catching them!

Download Pokemon GO++ 2.0 -r71 (0.99.2) IPA

  • Cydia Impactor for MAC: Download
  • Cydia Impactor 0.9.44 for Windows: Download
  • If you are unable to Revoke Certificates with Impactor 0.9.44, use 0.9.43 to Revoke them then use Impactor 0.9.44 to install the IPA. Impactor 0.9.43 can be found here: Download
  • Cydia Impactor for Linux 32-bit: Download
  • Cydia Impactor for Linux 64-bit: Download
  • PokeGO ++ 2.0 -r71 Hack .IPA: Download (Update – 20th Apr 2018)

Note for r69 beta version:This is a BETA release. Please use an alternate account first with R69, ideally for a couple of days until you are comfortable, before using your main account. Please also note that this version (R69) is currently only available for non-jailbroken devices.

Changelog of PokeGO++ 2.0 (0.99.2) r-71

Pokemon GO++ iOS Hack
Pokemon GO++ iOS Hack
  1. 32bit devices are no longer supported – iPhone 5s is the minimum supported device.
  2. Updated to latest Official App.
  3. Additionally, please note that if your account is shadowbanned and/or has red warning, using this release will not remove them instantly. The SB/RW will only be removed when enough time has passed.
  4. We will not comment on the fix, so please do not ask about the details. However, I will state this: any attempts by third parties to inject dylibs or tamper with ++ will be detected by Niantic. This includes AppValley, Tutu, PandaHelper, TweakBox, or any other third parties that take the PokeGo++ releases and insert advertisements into the modified app and place it on their platforms.
  5. There are very specific detections being used that will detect these modifications. Correspondingly, PokeLens has been removed from the IPA for the very same reason. If you require IV checking, please use PokeGenie instead. Jailbreak will remain unchanged once released.
  6. Adjusted cooldown timers.
  7. There are ALOT of bugs in this release. Please don’t report any crashes until Niantic has the opportunity of releasing another version. We are seeing random crashes everywhere from accessing settings to viewing inventory to logging in.

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How to install PokeGO++ Hack in iOS

PokeGo++ Pokemon GO Hack for iOS

Step 1. Download all the files above and transfer it into your PC (Mac/Windows).

Step 2.Extract Cydia Impactor in your PC & install it.

Step 3. Make sure you have installed iTunes in your Computer & logged into iTunes using the same iTunes ID as used in your Phone.

Step 3. Launch iTunes (Make sure you’re logged in) & connect your iPhone to your Computer.

Step 4. Now launch Cydia Impactor. The Cydia Impactor will show your device in the drop down menu.

Installing Pokemon GO++ using Cydia Impactor
Installing Pokemon GO++ using Cydia Impactor

Step 4. Now Drag and drop the Pokemon GO++.IPA file into the Cydia Impactor. It will ask to confirm your iTunes Account, just fill the details & you’re good to go.

Step 5. What Cyndia Impactor does is, it will sign the IPA files so that your iPhone security does not reject the app as it’s not downloaded from the App Store.


Send Pokemon GO Hack into your iOS device
Send Pokemon GO Hack into your iOS device

Step 6. Once the installation is completed, you can launch the Pokemon GO App & you can enjoy the Joystick life!

Notes for installing on a Non-Jailbroken iOS device.

  • The tweak must be re-installed every seven days due to restrictions imposed by Apple. However, for re-installation, you need not remove the existing tweaked IPA on your iOS device.
  • The tweaked IPA you downloaded should be at least 100 MB in size. If not, the download might have been corrupted, and you should re-download the file.
  • The computer you use to install the tweaked IPA must have iTunes installed in order for Cydia Impactor to work.
  • If you get a provision.cpp:150 error, the easiest solution is to create a new Apple ID and use that just for installing the tweaked IPA.
    1. Solution 1: (recommended)
      1. Go to log in
      2. Click “Edit” on the right side of the “Security” section
      3. Find “APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS” and click “Generate Password…”
      4. Enter a label for the password, “Impactor” or whatever you want, and click Create
      5. Copy and paste the generated password into Impactor’s prompt for your account password
    2. Solution 2:
      1. Go to,
      2. Log-in and disable your Two Factor Authentication. (You can enable it again after jailbreaking.) Or just create an extra Apple ID, don’t enable Two Factor Authentication and use that one.
  • For most other errors, Google is your friend.
  • We do not stand by nor support installations via Tutu.
  • If you get a provision.cpp:81 error, click on the xCode menu in Impactor, revoke certificates, and try again.

Video Tutorial of Pokemon GO++ installation in iOS

How to use TuTu App for hacking & joystick:

While the Pokemon GO++ App is not updated more oftenly this days, you can enjoy your game through TuTu App. Just like PokeGo++ , TuTu App also provides teleporting, fake GPS, Joystick and Run mode. If you find any issues with PokeGo++ (Since most of the users don’t like the Developer things) you can follow the TuTu Hack method.

Update: We will post the IPA of Pokemon Go Hack that’s distributed on Tutuapp. You can install it using Cydia Impactor, the same way you install PokeGo++ 2.0. Impacting it yourself means you won’t ever suffer from Tutu’s revoked certificates, but does still mean you need to re-install it weekly.

So here is the IPA for v1.49.3:Download

If prompted with a message saying ‘Tutu Helper back-end technical support is required to use our assistive tools’, you need to install Tutu itself to the Regular (Free) section at the top, then Download)OR download the .ipa here:Tutu Helper

This seems to be required for it to run, but you donotneed to ever open Tutu App, nor install Ness Tool nor deal with any of their ridiculous and dodgy permissions.

How to install latest TuTu app in iOS:

Step 1. Goto & Click on Regular at the top. Click on the Download button & install the app. Wait for the app to be installed.

Pokemon GO TuTu app hack for iOS
Pokemon GO TuTu app hack

Step 2. Once the app is installed, Goto Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Click on Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd. Tap on Trust “Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd.”


Step 3. Launch the TuTu App & you’ll find “Pokemon GO”, click on the button next to the Pokemon GO App, to install it.

Pokemon GO iOS Hack using TuTu App. Latest Working Pokemon GO hackStep 4. Once the installation is completed, follow Step 2 & Trust “Beijing BITCAR Interactive Info & Tech”.

Step 5. Launch the Pokemon GO app & wait for it to load it. It will ask to access your location, make sure you press “Allow”.

Step 6. Sign in to your Pokemon GO Account. That’s it, you have the Teleport feature working.

PokemonGO Hack for iPhone Joystick and Teleport workingImportant: Once you jump to a location & you find a Pokemon, Click on the Pokemon which will Zoom things up. Don’t throw the Pokeball now. Just click on the Home at the top to return back to original location. Now throw the Pokeball so that the game thinks we are not cheating & you won’t get banned.


1. Error “provision.cpp:150” – App-specific Password

A. You might have enabled two factor Authentication in your Apple ID. To fix this issue,

  1. Head to log into your Apple ID account.
  2. Scroll down to the Security section and click on the Edit button.
  3. In this section, find the “APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS” part and then click on Generate Password.
  4. Enter a name for the password, which could be anything like “PokemonGO++” and then click on the Create button.
  5. Copy the password that is generated.
  6. Now, when Cydia Impactor asks you to enter your Apple ID password, use the password generated in the last step.

2. Error “provision.cpp:179” – Application already installed

A. Uninstall everything related to Pokemon GO and even the Pokemon GO app. Make sure there are no signs of Pokemon app in your iOS device. Now try to install the app again using the above method.


Now that you can jump to locations, you can snip locations of Pokemon using Pokezz’s website. Get the co-ordinates of location & jump to the location. If you don’t find the Pokemon spawned, you must walk around there for sometime, it takes time to load maps & Pokemon. Have fun catching the rare ones. Have any questions? Comment down, we’ll try to reply back as soon as possible!

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  • Peter Balcon says:

    Hi, Ajinkya.

    When clicking on

    PokeGO ++ 2.0 -r65 IPA: Download (Update – 3rd Apr 2018) – Stable Version


    404 Not Found
    nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)


  • Joe Jameson Volanti says:

    Any chance of an update soon for the quests update?

  • ebjornod says:

    Great work but now i think my iPad is not supported anymore. The app starts and load but after a few seconds it shut down.
    I have tried loading on my iPhone 6 but there the hack setting icon is not visible. How do i get that visible? I know its the hacked version i am loading because the list of links in the opening.

  • Jason says:

    Hello, when will you have the “Eggstravaganza” update for March 22nd 2018? Your most recent March 19 update no longer works.

  • Trevor says:

    I’m trying to download the hack before i install it. I keep clicking on the link and it just keeps taking me to his we transfer page that says sorry this transfer has been deleted. Whats going on? i need the hack for the dratini event today.

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    provision.cpp:138, maxQuantity


  • liz Wong says:

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    Is there an updated version available, ingame getting an message to update but there is not a new version or is this coming from Niantic?

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    Hi, the wetransferlink of the PokeGO ++ 2.0 -r56 Hack .IPA has expired. Can you please update it? The Pokemon app didnt work anymore after iOs update today (11.2.2) so I wanted to download it again.

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  • as5577 says:

    Hi, have updated to the latest version and its now working on my iPhone X with ops 11 so thanks for that! theres still no return home button when i try and snipe? not sure what to do. it used to be a red button down the bottom of the screen but that is not there anymore… am i missing something?

  • Pedro Henrique Bispo says:

    broken link to download:PokeGO ++ 2.0 -r54 Hack .IPA: Download (Update – 8th Dec 17)
    can someone fix it ?

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    Hey I recently downloaded again after not playing for a while… when I use the snipe feature, there’s no return home button down the bottom like there used to be… has this feature been changed to work a different way?

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  • as5577 says:

    Hey I have an iPhone X and iOS 11.1.2
    downloaded the file like i normally would, and Im getting this error from impactor
    is there any fix for this? or whats causing it?

    • Are you using the latest Impactor?

      • As5577 says:

        Yes when I went to use it, impacted had an update so I did that.
        I used my old iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.5 and it works fine..
        When I plug my iPhone 6s in, impactor recognises it and it says “iPhone” in the top box.
        But when I plug iPhone X in, it doesn’t say iPhone, it says “?”
        So if I can get it to recognise the X as iPhone I assume it would work.
        Any ideas on what to do?

  • Andyshan Chai Hoe says:

    iOS Version for R53 missing , and the page direct to r51 old version ! I hope that updates soon thanks !

  • Grigoris M says:

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  • Grigoris M says:

    Worked perfectly in my iPhone 🙂 thank you! The bad thing is that they updated the game again. I have to wait for the next .ipa because I can’t play without update :(((

  • Pxl says:

    This is version 1.53.2 for iOS? If so could you please link me the unmodified IPA? I want the update but not the hacks!

  • EnriqueE says:

    I have this issue “provision.cpp:81
    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.”

    whatt i need to do? tys

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    A solution please ?

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  • Rubytangalang says:

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  • BAR2AG5 says:

    I just wanted to update a previous post of mine about the black/red warning I got for hanging in a location on the other side of the country. 3 weeks after the warning appeared, it went away. I have been “behaving” and hanging around an area about 10 miles from my real location. I did not move from that area so I guess Niantic is happy with me again. The warning on my 2nd account has disappeared too. That one was from trying to snipe from a far location. I think the notice above is correct in that if you stay in your time zone or reasonably close to your actual location and dont jump quickly (allow time to lapse between jumps as if you were really traveling to that location) you should be okay. The great news is that the warning does disappear if you discontinue whatever activity caused it. I had googled for hours trying to find that info. Now I know firsthand.

  • Nicole Hankins says:

    When I try to download the new IPA, I get this error: Transfer deleted

    Sorry, this transfer has been deleted and is not available any more

  • dstar says:

    I can’t see any halloween pokemons with r49 version. Anyone with same problem?

    • New update will be out soon.

    • Shazbot says:

      I just tested R49 with a new PTC account and after 2 days of catching holloween pokemons within a mile radius I haven’t gotten the red warining yet. I’m waiting for 5 more days and try to go farther than my actual location to see.

      • dstar says:

        With R49 i can’t see any halloween pokemons and I use PTC account. But if I install the normal pokemon go, I can.

  • dann says:

    any help with this,

    peer certificate cannot authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificates

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      I have this error now too. First time I’m having a problem. I’m going to google it and see if there is anything I can understand to help with it.

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Okay. I googled it. I had to update to the newest version of Impactor. I had been using 9.39 and the newest one is 9.43. When I first tried it, I got the error about having to be an apple developer. I revoked the certificate (top right oc the impactor window under Xcode), closed impactor, made sure the old one was closed, reopened the new version and viola. I now have my game back. One thing I noticed was the additional detailing of files in impactor but that may just be the new version versus the old that didn’t show all that. When it gets to “GeneratingApplicationMap” , its done.
      Phew. Hope this helps you too!

  • Please bookmark the page and check it everyday for updates.

  • Check your phone and see if it is already installed. If its still on your phone, just continue to trust the developer in general settings, and open it.

  • Jen D says:

    Is there not supposed to be an IV calculator built in?? It even states it in the Features.

    “It has an IV calculator built in not only for the Pokemon you’ve caught, but also it will show the IV of Pokemon as you’re catching them!”

    When I press IV, it gives me the option to select screenshots. I don’t want to have to take screenshots of every Pokemon I catch to find out a “possible” IV of it, especially when it states in the features that I don’t have to do it this way. Please help!!! 🙂

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      There used to be one but they had to get rid of it. I think it had something to do with changes on niantics side. I liked that feature too and it definitely kept me from wasting balls on useless pokes. The in game one makes my game crash so I use poke genie. It works from a screenshot of your poke and gives all pertinent info.

  • dann says:

    just download r47 when i go to sign into pogo its says theres an update to do, will there be an update any time soon?

  • R0ry says:

    It gives me an error when I try to install it with Cydia:


    However, the game seems to be installed but not updated.

  • Jonathan says:

    When I click on the IPA link, it directs me to a site called “wetransfer”, the links here do not work or initiate any download at all. Am i even supposed to be directed to this website? Please help. Thank you!

  • jordan pearce says:

    r43 wont download says file has been deleted?

  • Florian Swarley says:

    when I start the download it say “data deleted”. please fix it

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Thought I’d post a quick warning. I opened a new poke account and tried to snipe a snorlax using coordinates. The first one ran away so I thought maybe I didn’t return to my home location. The second time, I know for sure I returned but he ran too and within an hour, I had the black screen warning. Be careful guys. It appears that Niantic may have figured out a way to detect sniping. I had just dumped 20 bucks in to the new account so I didn’t want to start all over again so I’m hoping if I just stay close to home with a little wandering in my own area, the warning will go away. Kinda bummed over it. My original account is still active with its warning but its like walking on eggshells whether its going to get banned or not. Just be careful.

  • Pedro Fafe says:

    Alguma solução para o ios11? :s

  • Please check the updated link and “changelog”.

    • Love says:

      Can I download both Pokémon go and Pokémon go hack? The idea is if I’m not spoofing then I want to use the go to walk or raid.. pls reply

  • Please check the updated link and “changelog”. Thanks!

  • Please check the updated link and “changelog”.

  • Sorry for the error, please check the updated guide and “Changelog”.

  • Please check the updated post.

  • Please check updated post.

  • Princess says:

    PokeGO++ 2.0 (0.73.1) r-42 link is incorrect.

  • FIX THE LINK says:

    It downloads V40 and not V42 when you click both links! Can you please fix it?

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    The link of download PokeGO ++ 2.0 -r42 Hack .IPA still gives you the old version.

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  • snakeontheweb says:

    It sure helps when you change the link to reflect a new update, to also CHANGE THE FILE IT LINKS TO! The link says r-42, but it links to the last version’s file (r-40), you know, the one that doesn’t work because it forces you to the app store to download Niantic’s latest version? Please provide the correct file before it’s too late for us to benefit from it for the current event.

  • Snakeontheweb says:

    Is there going to be an update before the double stardust event ends? The current version doesn’t let you play, just sends you to the App Store to download the current version of the official app

  • jordan pearce says:

    When is the new update coming out? I can’t go back to playing normally!:( love the hack

  • Amed says:

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  • Jezebel says:

    Doesnt work anymore. Any updates?

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Has anyone gotten the niantic warning about using 3rd party apps or software? I have stayed in one location for a long time now. I don’t teleport anywhere except for that first logon after the weekly reload. I always fix the location prior to the actual log on but I’m wondering if going on the legit app to buy coins had anything to do with it. When I use the legit app, I don’t move at all. No pokestops or anything nearby. As soon as I buy the coins, I delete the app.
    Now I’m concerned that niantic has figured out how to detect this.
    Anyone else get the warning? Any suggestions? I see version 42 is out so I’m going to load that and hope for the best.

    • Please check the update & changelog.

      • BAR2AG5 says:

        thanks. I’m on the most recent version. Basically Niantic is telling me they’ve detected something that’s amiss and that I’ll be banned if I dont stop. I’ve been reading up on that and I think it may be because I settled in an area that’s not near my actual real location. I’m staying off it for a few days and then will teleport back to a closer location and see what happens. My daughters account needed a lot of work so I’m using hers for a bit and taking advantage of the triple xp for new pokes. She had only a few. 🙂

  • Pablo says:

    This version is no longer compatible with the game, please update to the newest one

  • Zarko says:

    Tutu app download is no longer available!? 🙁

  • Bryce says:

    New update is totally bugged. Raids don’t appear, pokestops stay blue after spinning, and your character glitches to totally white or green.

  • Tony Garcia says:

    **UPDATE** its working fine but stops at “GeneratingApplicationMap” on the Cydia Impactor, seems like the last step to being finished.

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Its been doing that for the last 3 or so updates. When it gets to that point and the icon is on my phone, I just disconnect and carry on. Its like it forgot to put a “finished” message on it.

  • Tony Garcia says:

    Getting an error of

    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      go to Apple ID and create an app specific password. Its in the security section of the Manage your Apple ID page.

  • Please check the updated guide. Let me know if something isn’t working.

    • pancho says:

      the new feature where you can see how many people are in a raid does not work properly, also when in lobby does not display how many people are inside as they go in, just stays at 0 and textures fail to load sometimes

  • Please check the updated guide. PokeGo++ is updated too! Let me know if something doesn’t work.

  • pancho says:

    any date for ++ update?

  • pancho says:

    any date for new update for ++?

  • PokeGO++ is dead as of now. We’ll update everything with TuTu App steps, just need some time to see if everything is working.

    • Zarko says:

      Thanks for the update. Do you have an ETA? Are we looking at days or weeks before it’s released via TuTu App?

  • ash says:


  • Ryan Harvey says:

    Having the same problem, help?

  • JayC says:

    Having issues fighting gyms. No pokemon appears.

  • Steve says:

    Won’t open with new Pokémon Go update

  • ash says:


  • Becca Bird says:


  • Pancho says:

    App won’t open, just crashes at the niantic logo

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      You have to reload it every 7 days. The developer sig only lasts one week. Delete it from your phone, come here and check for a new version and then reload it. If you want to buy coins, after you delete this version, load the version from the app store. Buy your coins, delete that version and then reload this one. I do it every Saturday morning. Its worth it to me and after the first 3-4 times, you can do it blindfolded. One note- apple Id only lets you store 25 app specific passwords. Clean them out every once in a while.

    • as5577 says:

      you need to delete it and reload it onto your phone every 7 days, but at the moment it won’t work anyway because theres no hack for the current update.

    • Becca Bird says:

      I needs to be updated but they havent released the new crack update

  • Isra Warren says:

    You have a Hack Update to Pokémon go version 0.69.1???? Thanks!!!

  • Eli Ross says:

    Yesterday (15/08/17) there was an update for Pokémon Go and I tried updating but it always ended in ‘failed to update’ try again so I deleted the app re installed the OG version deleted that and tried again but still keeps asking me to update pokemon go. Can anyone explain to me why? And if there is any way around this?

  • Mariana says:

    i keep getting this:
    An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

    what should i do?
    i have an iphone 6

  • V-Bro 419 says:

    I want to travel to Yokohoma for the Mewtwo event. Is there a way to reliably do that withou tgetting banned?

  • Jo says:

    hi how do i revoke certs and generated passwords?

  • Matthew Semeredy says:


  • Nbwilson says:

    I have the same problem, anyone know how to fix this?

  • Elle Marie says:

    I keep getting this

    ios/submitDevelopmentCSR =7460
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or pending certificate request.

    However there are no profiles listed in my phone at this time.

    • Nicolaj Nielsen says:

      I get the same error with a CPP81 and the rest as you write…

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Delete everything pokemon go related from any device you have that connects to your iTunes account. When I got a new phone, I was baffled why I couldn’t load it on the new phone until I finally figured out that I had to delete it off the old phone despite that phone being disabled by my carrier. Once I deleted it off the old phone, it loaded on the new one just fine.

  • Brandon Yang says:

    hey! so I have a iphone 6 and the app is very inconsistent and always crashes is that just because the phone can’t handle the hack or is it because of something else. Thanks!

  • Need updates are coming!

  • bajingloncat says:

    hi, i love this apps so much, but, can you bring back the home button dude?? 😀

  • joel says:

    It will not work. Every time I try I get provision error.cpp.168- Please sign in with an app specific password. You can create one at I know my password is right because I am using it to sign into iTunes.

  • Alex De Coteau-Nedd says:


    application already installed as incompatible team

    What is the problem?

  • Christopher Rock says:

    Having this issue when I try to install Cydia impactor

    “Error provision.cpp:81
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in
    Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll”

    Anyway around this?

  • Zach says:

    At the end of the install, an error popped up on impactor. ./plist.hpp:92
    _assert(plist_get_note_type(plist == PLIST_STRING. The app installed on the phone but won’t open due to Untrusted Developer restrictions. Any advice?

  • S3B says:

    can anybody let me know if they have tried this in the last few hours, does it work for IPhone?

  • as5577 says:

    downloading the new update… anyone else download taking way longer than usual? my internets working fine and other stuff downloads super fast… for some reason this says 35 minutes remaining still.

  • CaptDank says:

    getting this installer.cpp:71 install error

    How do I know if i have deleted all traces of pokemon go? is there more steps than just deleting the app?

    Thanks in advance

  • jon_fadhli says:

    I cannot install the apps because there is no profile & device management option on my iphone..please help..

  • CaptDank says:

    I assume this will not work with the latest go update, 0.69?

    If so, it fixes my install problems

  • Dmonstahhh7 says:

    This is not working for me. I had it installed yesterday and now it doesn’t work. Any ideas? New links maybe?

  • xross says:

    i am using iphone6 and i have been getting alot of crashes and freezing screens. is it just me ?

    • Shazbot says:

      all iphone 6 have the crash problem. the new update for pokemon go is supposed to fix all these bug. my iphone 6 still crashes

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      I had the same problem. My 6 phone was too full. I bought a 6S (upgraded from 16GB to 132GB) and now it doesn’t crash.

  • ThatRandomGuy says:

    i get at the GeneratingApplicationMap part of the installation

    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING)

  • Oscar says:

    Good update! I don’t have a return home button so I cannot snipe, any ideas on this?

  • neversummer711 says:

    installer.cpp:71 application already installed as incompatible team

  • Finte Bots says:

    I’ve done everything above, yet I don’t see the Joystick. I tapped ‘show Joystick’ but still nothing. I only have the setting, IV, map and ‘H” options. Anything I can do?

    ** Found it!

  • Clayton says:

    After following the steps provided, I found that Cydia Impactor is keep loading forever (GeneratingApplicationMap). Anyone know what’s the problem?

  • Ryan Harvey says:

    My install is stuck at “GeneratingApplicationMap”. The app is there but has no joystick. I’ve tried restarting several times. What do I do?

  • Andrea Santi says:

    I followed all the instructions before but every time appears the message “Autentication error”. Someone could explain me how to fix this problem? thanks

  • TreadLikely says:

    Windows 7, iphone 6,IOS 10.32, Cydia 9.41, logged in i-tunes at the background and yet Cydia keeps crashing during installation of the lastest IPA. /gg

  • Daniel Borgia says:

    Hi guys where’s the latest update so I can carry on enjoying the game ? Thank you for any help given

  • Ryan Harvey says:

    I don’t have a joystick with the new update?

    • Ryan Harvey says:

      I have tried several times to re-install, but keep getting the rror code ./plisthpp:92 _assert(plsit_get_node_type(plist) ++PLIST_STRING) and the app is installed but with no joystick.

  • Melanie says:

    Where is the update????

  • Wang says:

    Excuse me
    It need enroll apple develop program
    I cannot install it
    please help me

  • Nope. You can use this on your phone.

  • Gary Oak says:

    When can we expect a new update for the newest version?

  • Zarko says:

    Any sign of an updated version to support v0.69? Currently being prompted to update every time I launch the app 🙁

    • Please check the updated version.

      • Zarko says:

        Thanks, got it!
        One thing I’ve noticed is that the last few updates are not completing correctly when installing. The cydia impactor app remains stuck on “GeneratingApplicationMap” but the app is fully installed. Will there be a fix for this?

        • Impactor is bugged when trying to impact on 10.3 or higher. It will show that it is stuck, or hung up, or will provide an error. In 99.9% of cases, the installation actually finished, but impactor doesn’t realize. The app will be on your phone ready to use.

  • Marc says:

    Waiting for a new updated version!

  • Shuujin94 says:

    Waiting for the new update!

  • R0ry says:

    When will the latest update be available?

  • ec6403g says:

    Is there a new update?

  • Becca Bird says:

    Waiting for the update

  • Thorsten says:

    Cant play anymore, needs the new PoGo update…

  • ec6403g says:

    Is there a new update?

  • Denis says:

    waiting for the new update

  • Marc-Andre Charlebois says:

    Nothing is working at the moment. I keep getting an error 505 message when I try to download.

  • KAITLIN says:


  • Andrea says:

    Where’s the new file for the update?

  • Trevor Vullo says:

    Was there a Pokemon Go update within the last day or two? The Joystick has been working since Monday but now it says that it requires an update and will not allow me to play.

  • Trevor Vullo says:

    When i download the joystick, it says update to continue? was there an update recently that joystick isnt up to date with?

  • Andre says:

    It’s not working for the latest Pokemon go update (.69)

  • mikail says:

    It keeps telling me that i have to enroll in the apple developer program. how do i do this?

  • Gglc says:

    The newest .Ipa doesn’t work. I’m using the latest version of Cydia to load the IPA, and it can get through extracting the package until the very end, when I always get an error message.

  • ArtJuice says:

    Would this work on some kind of ios emulator for pc play?

  • Gamerz says:

    Do I need to leave the phone unlocked? the transfer keeps getting stuck with no error messages.

  • Hello Lin says:

    You already hvae a current IOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request
    what should I do??

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Go to Apple ID and revoke all of your previous certs/generated passwords. Then make sure anything pokemon is off your phone and any device that your iTunes may be reading. I learned that the hard way. I got a new phone and no matter what I tried–including using my daughters mac that had no link to anything that was mine other than my new phone attached to it, I could not load the game. Come to find out, it was somehow still detecting it on my old phone (despite revoking the cert) and as soon as I deleted it off of there it loaded on the new phone just fine. good luck!

  • Adrian Lambert says:

    I haven’t got the return home button when I try and snipe?

  • Joe Ralph says:

    Do you have to donate to get the return home option when you teleport and click on a pokemon? As mine doesn’t come up when I teleport with Co-ordinates.

  • Joe Ralph says:

    Do you have to donate to be able to return home when you teleport? as mine does’t come up when I telelport.

  • Nino Akuh says:

    were is the joystick?
    EDIT* found it sorry works fine

  • denis says:

    I can’t see the joystick and i have just a few functions in the menu, can you help me?

  • Updated. Please install the latest version

  • Updated. Please install the latest version.

  • Updated. Please install the latest version

    • Becca Bird says:

      When I try I get the same error, I’ve redownloaded impactor multiple times and deleted the previos app from my phone.
      “You already have a current iOS development certificate or a pending certificate request”

  • Updated. Please install the latest version.

  • Becca Bird says:

    Waiting for a new updated version

  • Joe Jameson Volanti says:

    Any updates??

  • Pepe says:

    Please update to the newest version! Can’t play because it prompts me to update everytime (I have r-33)

  • Pedro Fafe says:

    When does the new update come out? thank you

  • Sue Moon says:

    I was playing today when suddenly I was asked to update or couldn’t continue playing, will there be another update here? thanks

  • You need to reinstall the App using the same procedure after 7-8 days. As Apple has strict rules for untrusted Apps.

  • Sharyna Meij says:

    I don’t have the HOME button? Is there any way i can get it?

  • James EM says:

    I get untrusted enterprise developer error message. , saying the app has not been trusted on this iPhone. (Non jailbreak way). I’ve clicked verify the app in settings but it doesn’t work and I can’t get into the app, anyone now how to fix this?

  • Trevor Dylan Francois says:

    the hack is so glitchy. if i try to use the map and press “walk here” it crashes, if i try to patrol it crashes. if i try to do a raid it crashes, anything besides catching a pokemon that happens to be where i am standing makes the game crash. Please fix!!!

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      I had that problem too. I had a feeling it was due to my phone being almost maxed out of space. I just upgraded my phone last weekend and now the app does not crash during battle or raid or anything. It runs a lot better. Not sure if that’s your issue but its something to consider if your phone is near full.

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      I had that problem too. Found out my phone was too full to run anything properly. I bought a new phone with a lot more storage space and it runs fine.
      Sorry if this is a duplicate response. Sometimes when I come on here to check for updates I reply to something I may have already replied to.

  • Panos Kavvadas says:

    any android spoofing method that works for android 6?

  • Jin Wook Kim says:

    I don’t have home button and I tried to catch Pokemon when teleport to other place, all Pokemon just ran out.

  • Eddy says:

    I have the same problem. please help

  • Anwar Wesley says:

    I got the same error also and what I did was make sure no pokemon app is on the device. Then drag the app to desktop and double click to open and click on replace app option and the app shows up on my phone.

  • CW says:


  • Danielle Noah says:

    where is the analog? its not on my screen at all. I only see the settings button. Help?

  • Aiyu Hairul Azni says:

    When installing, the Impactor doesn’t ask for permission to export key like in the picture. So when I try to run the app, my phone rejects it. Any advice?

    **Edit: It’s alright. I fixed it by allowing the app to run under ‘Profiles & Devices Management’. Thank you for the awesome hack!

  • Aiyu Hairul Azni says:

    When installing, the Impactor doesn’t ask for permission to export key like in the picture. So when I try to run the app, my phone rejects it. Any advice?

  • It works fine with the latest Gym updates.

  • sameer.g says:

    Hey guys, thanks so much for all you guys have done. I just keep getting the provision.cpp:81
    ios/submitDevelopmentCSR = 7460
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.

    I already have revoked all my previous passwords and even created a brand new one. Still keep getting this Error. First time it has happened even though I’ve been using this for months now. Please someone help!


  • Guest says:

    is this current with the latest update

  • A dude says:

    When will this be updated to work with the latest gym update and such?

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    I’m not an apple dev member and it works fine for me so I’m not sure if that’s factual.

    • jack stormy says:

      It is factual. I have the same problem. I start the installation and following message pops up:

      ios/addAppId =9313
      The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.

      • BAR2AG5 says:

        I’m sorry it doesn’t work or has an extra step for you guys. As I said, I’m not in the app developer program and it works fine for me. ?

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    when that happens, delete the app, come here and get an updated version to reinstall. If there isn’t a new one (check the date at the top or the version) then just hold on for a bit. They update pretty quickly but sometimes it can take a few hours or overnight.

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    If you dont fake the location, you dont need the joystick. If you want to just walk around where you’re actually located, you still have to fake location.
    For the running pokes, you have to go back to your “home” location to actually catch something you snipe from a different location. For example, if you are set in downtown Chicago and teleport to Frankfurt Germany to catch a Mr Mime, you can engage the poke in Frankfurt but then you have to return to Chicago to toss the balls at him. If he still runs, then you’re probably soft banned. Easy to fix. Spin a pokestop around 40 times till something drops from it. That’s it then try your catch again.

  • Nei says:

    My question too. How long does it take to copy to my phone? It takes ages..

  • black swan says:

    it freezes at GeneratingApplicationMap…. help?

  • Hooker says:

    I’m missing the home button. Is there a way in settings to get it to show up??

  • Talvien says:

    Is this normal that this takes more than two hours to copy to the iPhone?

  • Talvien says:

    Deinstall Pokemon Go form your iPhone before

  • HarasHusbandRanoff says:

    change the joystick co-ordinates Smarty

  • HarasHusbandRanoff says:

    setting > joystick y delta(px) > 200/300

    • Anwar Wesley says:

      also don’t forget to Enable “fake gps” on settings! to allow the joystick to show on the app. you need to tap on the person figure icon and change speed to 2 or 3. This will allow the character to move!

  • Nicolaj Nielsen says:

    My issue is all pokemon runs away if i port…
    Joystick you only see if you enable fake location in the settings.

  • Boobspie says:

    i need help, it ask for update, and if i update it start dwnld oficial version 🙁

  • Boobspie says:

    guys i need help, I dwnl this PGO++ and it wanna update, if i click on update, it dwnl original version of PGO … so what can i do?

  • Russell Ragnar May says:

    Brilliant! All good again, Thanks buddy 🙂

  • Russell Ragnar May says:

    Ok, numpty question – where do I find Xcode??

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Has anyone tried to snipe since the last update? I’ve read that Niantic is doing something called shadow banning trying to get rid of bots and snipers. I haven’t found too much other info on it so I’m just curious if people can still snipe.
    Teleporting and staying in another location seems to work just fine and here lately, I’ve even managed to beat the soft ban! yay me. Every week when I reload the app, I immediately teleport to my favorite location and then close the app. When I reopen it a minute or two later, no soft ban.

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Niantic made changes and they’re “shadow banning” people to get rid of bots and sniping. I have not tried to snipe anything since I first read about it a week or two ago but the teleporting still works fine. I live in the boonies so I teleport to an area near where I work and stay there. I dont bounce around any more looking for anything or whatever although it was really fun to do that and get some good critters. I’m too afraid of getting shadow banned now so I stopped. Maybe some others are too and that could by why there is less on the snipe sites. Idk. Just a guess.

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    The developer signature only lasts 7 days. When you get the crash on loading, it means the 7 days has expired and you have to reload the app. You have to do this every 7 days.

    • Jalil Raman says:

      U mean download this apps again every 7 days????

      • BAR2AG5 says:

        Yes. You have to do the process every 7 days. Once you’ve done it a few times it really is quick and painless. Come here and check for new versions/updates and you can also load the regular app to buy coins. It’s worth the 5-10 minutes once a week.

  • ana luiza arrais maciel says:

    The app has downloaded and opened fine but the joystick isn’t there

  • Jorge BritoM says:

    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain.”

    I keep getting this. What do I do?? 🙁

  • Nicolaj Nielsen says:

    Small update seems all pokemon, where you use the old way to return home when you enter pokemoncatchscreen now flees, so this is not working anyway atm…

  • Nicolaj Nielsen says:

    Mine works its just stalling on the installation, however when i unplug cable it works…
    That said Pokezz seems to be very flawed these days, I rarely see any pokemons there anymore… Normally its swarmed, maybe have to do with people not playing it that much anymore…
    Does anyone knows another site that collects data cords for spawns like Pokezz does?

  • kyla says:

    The app has downloaded and opened fine but the joystick isn’t there, if i click show joystick on or off it still doesn’t show up

  • Aymie Sdraulig says:

    also didnt mention that you need to be an apple dev member to do it as well

  • User1 says:

    I cannot teleport hunt anymore

  • James Robert Butcher says:

    Can’t seem to load the game today. I click the app and it shuts itself off. Maybe a new update is needed idk.

  • Cok DjGandalf says:

    how can i use the gpx routing?

  • Dylan Kifer says:

    mine just keep saying wrong password and such.

  • Judikay33 says:

    Apparently, I did this wrong. I didn’t drag & drop the Pokemon App into the Cyndia Impactor but the file appeared on my iPhone’s list of Apps inside iTunes, it just won’t install on my phone. How do I fix this?

  • Throwing Up From This List says:

    I keep getting this error:

    application already installed as incompatible team

    Does anyone know how to resolve? Please and thank you

  • Throwing Up From This List says:

    application already installed as incompatible team

    I keep getting this error. Does anyone know how to resolve?

  • ec6403g says:

    Unable to login account for the pass 24 hours

  • James Robert Butcher says:

    Everything downloaded just fine. Got an error, had do delete Pokémon go from my phone in order to get it to load from iTunes. Noticed I am missing 2 tabs. “The IV calculator and and the Home tab.” And ideas?

  • Ragmen says:

    Error 158… what is to do…?

  • Elle Finney says:

    i cant find my device on cydia 🙁

  • Ragmen says:

    Error ccp 158… what is to do?

  • ec6403g says:

    Any update?

  • Doeboy says:

    My Pokémon go is crashing open to first screen the closes out. Can’t play ?

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Not sure if I’ve already replied so sorry if this is a duplicate post. You have to re-do the process every 7 days. When it crashes at the logo, it means the developer cert has expired. Come check here to see if there is a new one (this week there is) and just do the process from start to finish again and within a few minutes you’re good to go.

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    My laptop gives me that error. I have an older version of Impactor on another computer and I just use that instead.

    • Carlos Inga says:

      what version of impactor?

      • BAR2AG5 says:

        The version of impactor that works for me is 0.9.39. I have 0.9.41 on my laptop and it does not work at all. Every time I use the .9.39 it asks me if I want to update. I just click skip or later or whatever. I do not update it since it works like it is.

  • Jami87 says:

    make sure you have deleted the original pokemon game before downloading this one!

  • nachh says:

    i can move, but i cant catch any pokemon and cant open any pokestop, My english is so bad sorry. i need a answer noww

  • huppelkutje says:

    Not able to teleport anymore without getting soft-banned! Happening to others too

  • Russell Ragnar May says:

    I get this now when trying to run cydia impactor – never had it come up the 6 or so previous times I installed the app???????

  • zhaf says:

    im using ios.i already use the tutuapp.the hack work but after 2 days it won’t won’t open.when i click it just open a black screen and close.please help me? i am being banned?

  • Luke Ocallaghan says:

    hi I’m stuck at ”Verifying application” ive drag n dropped the .ipa file but its not continuing loading up on cydia impactor any info wud be great plz

    ok i got it working by hard resetting my phone but now its stuck generating application map?????

  • Luke Ocallaghan says:

    hi I’m stuck at ”verifying application” does it just take ages to load? I’m on about on cydia impactor ive drag n dropped the ipa file its started the process but got to verifying application and stopped about a 3rd of the bar along

  • F says:

    Getting the following error
    Couldn’t connect to server
    Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out.

  • Sam says:

    My pokemon go game wont even open… been updated to the April update and worked once or twice but crashes at the Niantic logo

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      If it has been on your phone for a week, you need to delete it and redo the whole process. You will need to do this every 7 days as that’s how long the developer signature lasts. I use it as an opportunity to reload the original version of the game to buy coins. Then I delete that and reinstall the newest version from here.

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      if its crashing at the logo, the developer signing has expired. You have to re-do it every 7 days. Mine expires every Saturday around noon. I just reload it.

  • Ken Kobayashi says:

    having this problem. Anyone can tell me what’s going on?

  • Jami87 says:

    Will there ever be an update where the IV calculator comes back? That was very useful!!! Or an update that will allow us to connect to the Pokemon go plus?
    Thank you

  • Jason Tucker says:

    Has anyone come acrossed the Error Code: ./plist.hpp:92 _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) ==PLIST_STRING)?? I’m using a mac for this.

  • Michael Jones says:

    i downloaded the app it is on my phone i followed the steps and every time i open it. and try to sign into my account it makes me update to the original app in the app store. why is it not working ?

  • percy says:

    I don’t have the joystick…??

  • Angela Dobbin says:

    everything installed but there is no joystick.. and yes, it is selected to show joystick in settings

  • Mike Russell says:

    Any help to this?
    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit… to enroll.

  • Kristian Dalgaard says:

    I keep getting this. I type my info correctly but it still says it. What should I do?

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      the answer is in the FAQ above, number 1. Go to apple id (google it, it will be the at the top of the results) log in and then generate an app specific password. When Impactor asks for your password, use the one you generated. Note that you can only generate 25 passwords- or in other words, you can only do this 25 times before you have to delete passwords to make room for new ones. Go to your history in the apple id site and clear them out. Took me 2 tries to get them all out but that’s going to happen to everyone unless you delete them as you go which if you’re like me, you never even thought of this.

  • Bruwer van Vrede says:

    IV is gone nearby pokemon and pokestops/gyms……………..WHYYYY???

  • Kristian Dalgaard says:

    I have typed my info correct but this still happens. What should I do?

  • Jennifer Yackiel says:

    Does anyone have a problem with Impactor showing an error message and shutting down? It’s been doing this to me for weeks.

  • Joe Jameson Volanti says:

    Any news on the newest update?

  • Jami87 says:

    PLEASE HELP??? I keep getting this?
    cannot unzip `/Users/jamiatkins/Downloads/`
    Internal error

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      when you save the poke file, add .ipa to the name and then save it. When its done saving it will show as an iTunes ipa file and icon. If it doesn’t do that then its saving wrong. Delete and go back and try again. I had to do it 2-3 times before I got it to save properly. Dont worry about unzipping it. Just add the dot ipa to the name and save as all files.

      • Jami87 says:

        Thank you Bar2ag5. I have downloaded the new Pokego update and now get this message:


        _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING)

        • BAR2AG5 says:

          I don’t know what that is. When you save the file, did it save okay? I attached what it should look like. Once you get that, open impactor and drag the file to that box that opens. You have to have your phone attached to your computer with iTunes open and make sure you uninstall pokemon go from your phone before starting. This part cant be done on your phone or a tablet, it has to be on a computer. A friend of mine didn’t realize that and had a fit trying to get it to work on her phone so that’s why I mention it. Impactor will do its thing for about 2 minutes and then it will just appear on your phone.
          When I first tried it, I got a bunch of weird errors and whatnot but I just kept playing with it until it worked. There’s a youtube video above that helps too. The guy shows all the steps to installing the file. It does work but its one of those things that everything has to be in the proper order and place. Good luck!

          • Pokeplayer says:

            Impactor- to my previous comment. Ive done all those type to be honest Ive been using this no jail break page to update my Pokemon go every time since this page been out. I know all the steps and never had a problem until the newest update of the impactor that just came out around end of March/April. You have to reinstall your Pokemon go once a week cause it requires you to do it or it will no longer work (the app won’t open to play) so it very weird to why this is happening…btw (Ive retry all the steps that day after 4times I gave up) I haven’t been able to play. I’m going to try again maybe over the weekend. :

            • BAR2AG5 says:

              I had an issue with one version of impactor but I don’t remember which one. I had not deleted previous versions so I just used one of them instead. It wanted me to update but I selected “skip” and it worked okay. It seems as though everyone has a few quirks here and there, me included and I hope you can get it to work. Don’t give up! 🙂

            • BAR2AG5 says:

              adding– the version of impactor that works for me is 0.9.39. I have 0.9.41 on my laptop and it will not work at all. I try it every so often, like tonight but it always generates some error. If you have an older version, try that.

          • Jami87 says:

            Sorry, just seen your reply. It already had the ipa at the end. I just did it a couple different times and it eventually worked. Like you said, fool around with it, it should end up working for everyone if they follow the steps. My only complaint is NO IV calculator!!! I miss the pokemon and gyms on the map, but I’d go without them for the IV calculator!

      • Jami87 says:

        Thank you!

  • Dockendj says:

    With the new update I can no longer see the IV icon on the right side as an option. Why has that been taken away?????

  • Pokeplayer says:

    I’m having the same problem with the newest updated version of impactor I get an error message as well and none of an other option on the program ones. it all error. Can someone fix it please?! or know how?

  • corrine rivas says:

    I’m having a an issue getting the updated version to load. when drag it to the impactor, I get a box that says buffer.285 permission denied. I got the old version to load but its telling me I need to update it. Help!!!

  • Neuza Silva says:

    I had the older version and it started crashing on me so i deleted it for awhile and now i wanted to play again so i came to install this new version and i keep getting this error : “http-win.cpp:158 peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain” what can i do ??

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    This newest version seems to be crashing a lot more than previous versions. Is anyone else having that problem with the update from 3/29? The game crashes on me every 10 minutes or so and has wrecked several battles. Yeah, I just open it back up but its a little frustrating! 🙂

  • LJ says:

    map still doesn’t work… and the IV calculator is gone! Are these going to be fixed any time soon?

    • Michela Leggio says:

      Hi, did you get a response to this?

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      There’s an update/answer above. Niantic made some changes and these guys are working on it to try to get it to work again. I miss it too and never realized how reliant I had become with it. When it comes back I’ll be adding a number next to my critters names so I know their IV if it ever goes down again.

  • mark says:

    error 133 help?

  • Jen D says:

    I’ve noticed some of the users are having problems with the IV feature being gone. I am also having problems with it being gone. 🙁 I just updated the app and now the IV is gone. 🙁 I hadn’t really noticed how much I’ve used it until now. Can someone please help?? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  • Hannah says:

    I downloaded the newest update (April 3 2017) and there is no more IV feature! 🙁 What do I do to fix this?

  • Mark says:

    Any way I can do this on an iPad? I don’t have a Mac or PC

  • steve says:

    its been working up until today. everytime i click on the app now it turns off before it loads

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      every 7 days you have to re-do the process. The way it works as a developer thing, it only signs the non iTunes app for a week so you have to go back and reload it. You can use the same ipa file you had or what I do is come here and check to see if there is a new one. I use it as an opportunity to reload the regular version and buy coins to buy incubators then I delete that and reload this version. You get used to it.

  • Nieriel74 says:

    It’s not showing the IV’s at all. Am I doing something wrong? Please someone help.

  • Henrik says:

    what do you do when it tells you pokemon needs to be updated? but there is no update..

  • Mohamad Fazreen says:

    Hi, i have followed all the steps, however during installation, it stucks at ‘GeneratingApplicationMap’, anyone can help me? Im currently using the latest version of iOS and iTunes

  • Crawford says:

    Keep getting this error, any ideas. IT worked on my old phone but trying to install on new one i get this issue

  • begging for help says:

    PLEASE is there any solution to this?
    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.

    • Mike Russell says:

      i keep getting this also. I have no idea

      • Niklaus says:

        you have to be a developer in order to use this. which includes a legal agreement with apple and $99.00 + tax annual membership

        • BAR2AG5 says:

          I’m not a developer and I’m using it just fine so I’m going to disagree with your response. Sorry.
          I dont know the answer to the original question as its not an error I got but maybe the devs guys will answer it. Its been a while since it was asked so I hope the situation has been resolved.

  • Techy2 says:

    Okay, now when I try to use the Cydia Impactor, I put in my Apple ID and password, it goes through the motions, and then all of a sudden a smaller screen pops up saying that Impactor has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution to the problem. It just shuts down after that. I don’t understand this. I have the latest version of Impactor, I have the newest IPA, Windows has been updated…I don’t get it. What is going on?! PLEASE help!

  • Yakke24 says:

    Every time I try I get this message: You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.
    What can I do to make it work again?

    • Techy2 says:

      I keep having the same problem. Been that way for weeks. I just ended up using the TuTu app. I do miss having use of the map feature, though.

    • Johnvipaje says:

      Open Impactor, click on Xcode and select revoke certificates. Enter your apple ID and password. You will see a finished or completed window. After this, you can start to install the hack as usual. Hope this help.

  • Clive says:

    I’ll try this again, can you use the pokemon go plus with this app?

  • Clive says:

    Can you use a Pokemon Go Plus with this app?

  • Melissa says:

    The IV isn’t showing up, what do i do? It’s not disabled, also it’s not showing nearby Pokemon like it did before.

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      Same here. I’m posting so if they answer I’ll see it. Newest version still doesn’t have it either. Probably a Niantic change that they haven’t figured out yet. I’ll be glad when it comes back.

  • Joe says:

    Hi, any update to the new patch from PGO?

  • Anonymous says:

    The app doesn’t work since the last update (24th March). When will the new version be available please ?

  • Joe says:

    any new update as pgo just update their app

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Just uploaded the newest update and the IV calculator is gone! I toggled the button in the settings, closed and reopened the app and its still not there. I had no idea how dependent I had become on it. Will it be back?

  • Shruikan7 says:

    How does the “route menu” work? How can i edit the route files?

  • Jackie Hannan says:

    But you have to pay $99

  • Jazzy says:

    Im trying to do the steps on windows and I keep getting this error?


    ios/addAppId =9313

    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit… to enroll.

    and i downloaded the newest version

  • Jazzy says:

    I keep getting this error

    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit… to enroll.”
    This error pops up with the new update.
    Thats when using cydia impactor.
    when trying to drop the file for pokemon go is says “incompatible team”

  • Andrew Murphy says:

    How do I do this while avoiding being soft banned? I would like to be able to teleport to pokemon. Whenever I teleport they run away.

  • Joanna says:

    Hi I can’t seem to buy poke coins? Do I have to reinstall Pokemon GO without the hack and buy the coins before doing those steps again?

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      yes, you have to go back to the original version, buy your coins and then reinstall this version. Since the signing only lasts 7 days, when I go to update on that 7th day, I grab some coins before uploading the update. It takes a little time but after the third or fourth time doing it, it gets quicker.

  • sean says:

    Has the PC issue been fixed yet? I keep getting the notification of – ‘installer.cpp: 71
    application already installed as incompatible team’

    Please advice.

  • Ike_FFB says:

    Any fix for the installer.cpp:71 ?

  • Lorenzo says:

    Downloaded and has been working great for a week or so. Just tried opening the app tonight and it closes immediately each time. Tried restarting my phone with no luck. Any suggestions?

  • Moses Aboy says:

    ios/addAppId =9999
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.”
    This error pops up with the new update.
    Thats when using cydia impactor.
    when trying to drop the file for pokemon go is says “incompatible team”

  • Reg says:

    I too had this:
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.”
    So did as Glenn Dejucos did with Xcode revoke certs.
    but now get error message Impacter.exe has stopped working close program 🙁

  • James Leahy says:

    Pokemon disappear when trying to catch them (escape pokeball then disappear) and alsdo can’t spin pokestops.. any ideas?

    • Jami87 says:

      you have been soft banned, just spin a Pokestop 40 times. (Click Pokestop. spin. click out. repeat until you get items!

    • FernandoTao says:

      Soft Banned, wait an hour and then play again, try to read the tutorials online on “how to teleport safely”.

  • Zhuoyi Nie says:

    How I can go back home with the new version of app?

    • Johnvipaje says:

      Go to setting and change the “time to save location” to don’t save. Turn off the app and restart back on. It should be back at your real location. Hope this help.

  • Zhuoyi Nie says:

    How I can go back home with the new version of app?

  • Karan Verma says:

    i installed the game succesfully using cydia still didnt get the joystick and i have iphone 5s

  • Glenn Dejucos says:

    ios/submitDevelopmentCSR = 7460
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.”
    downloaded updates for the Pokemon Go ++ and Impactor, and I get this when I tried to install. Any thoughts how to fix it?

    UPDATE: fixed it. just went to Xcode and revoked certificates, entered the apple ID with the app-specific password

  • FernandoTao says:

    Everything is working fine, except for the buddy system. No matter how many km I walk, when it gets for example to 3km for 1 candy, it just reset the counter, but no candy is added, it worked for a few candus, now it doesn’t matter wich pokemon I have as a buddy, it just wont add candy after I reach the km. Do you know what can be causing this? I’m not soft banned. Thanks, great work, I’ll be sure to donate!

  • Wing43 says:

    I’m wondering what’s the GPX patrolling and how could it benefit me ?

  • jordan pearce says:

    is the windows version de budded yet?

  • Can I? says:

    can i spin pokestops with apps?

  • Kejserjorn says:

    Any news about windows fix? 🙂

  • Kenneth Willits says:

    application already installed as incompatible team

    I have already tried uninstalling Pokemon Go, and still the same error. I have tried a good multiple times just to be sure before posting that i followed everything. Not sure why its not working :/

  • Rob Gallop says:

    ios/addAppId =9999
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.

  • Reena Kilian says:

    The impactor asks me to use an app-specific password. after I do that, it says the app is already installed with an incompatible team.

  • Mareike Sollte Reichen says:

    You have to update the Cydia Impactor. Then the hack works again!

  • Alberto Cuéllar says:


  • Nguyễn Việt Tuấn says:

    After running cydia impactor, the game does not appear on the ios device screen.
    Use cydia impactor 0.9.41 and PokeGo 2.0r – 18 crack on Windows PC.
    Please help me!!! I use ipad mini 2 (ios 10.2.1)

  • Liam wilkinson says:

    Any news on the window update?

  • Darius Brock says:

    can you only sign in with pokemon trainer club? every time i try to login into my account with google it tells me the app needs to be updated.

  • Dan says:

    When is the next fix available. Is this going to be an on going issue for Windows. Thanks

  • Liam wilkinson says:

    Any news on the windows update

  • L says:

    Hi, it just close itself when i try to launch it, only works after i delete it and install the official pgo

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    I know the posts haven’t been updated but the solution to the windows issues is delete all versions of impactor off your computer and upload the newest one 0.9.39 (link above was updated and is correct) and do the process again. It works now on windows. Phew. I was using tutu and it works but its a poor alternative!

  • Jared Metzen says:

    installer.cpp: 71
    application already installed as incompatible team

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    I tried the virtual box/VMware thing and after 2.5 hours I gave up. Maybe I’m tech challenged!
    I ended up using the tutu app and that works fine as a back up until you guys can fix the cydia impactor process. I like that way better, less crashing so I hope you all are able to fix it! In the mean time, for anyone going through pokemon go ++ withdrawal like I was, try the tutu app shown above. Its not in the app store, use safari to get it. Its basic but it works.

  • Sp says:

    i keep getting code 150, i know my apple id and password are correct

  • Scott Noffsinger says:

    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

  • Robert Penner says:

    I get a error after putting in my Apple ID
    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain
    Plz help

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC.

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC. 😉

  • Robert Penner says:

    Keep getting error 158 after entering Apple ID

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC.

  • Robert Penner says:

    I get a error after putting in my Apple ID
    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain
    Plz help

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC. 🙂

  • Rob says:

    When I put in my Apple ID info this pops up help plz
    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC.

  • D says:

    error win cpp 158

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC. 😀

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC. 😐

  • Rogue Ohfour says:

    Hi, I am getting an SSL error:

    “self signed certificate in certificate chain”

    how do i fix this issue?

    • Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, try borrowing it from a friend or relative. If you still can’t get access to a Mac, follow the next option. Install macOS on Virtual Box/VMWare in Windows and then use Cydia Impactor.

      We’re trying to fix the issue in Windows PC. 😀

  • Char11 says:

    Having trouble in the shop.. something went wrong error keeps appearing when attempting to purchase coins… also some Pokémon won’t appear, just shows circle

  • kakeru shiki says:

    i downloaded the latest version but i have a problem inside the game. some of the pokemon is not showing only a circle below them is showing and i can’t catch them. i never have this problem with the outdated version. Is it in my side or a bug with the new version?

  • Ringooss says:

    Doesn’t work for me, everytime i try to confirm my itunes account it is saying: wrong id and password or something while i checked it on itunes etcetra and i know my password.
    Any help?

  • PokemonGoPlayer says:

    Was working great until today new version of Pokemon Go released. Just downloaded 1.27.4 of .ipa, when drag it into Cydia Impactor and confirm the apple login, this error pops : “ipa.cpp: 179 application already installed as incompatible team”. I have reinstalled the app before I perform the hack, still get this error.


  • 10001110101 says:

    Even with the 1.27.4, I’m still having the “needs to update” issue. What gives?

  • fihia says:

    Downloaded the new version because of the update, but the joystick won’t show? I tried settings, closing/opening the app again and turned off my phone

  • Shelby Gowan says:

    I downloaded the new updated version and everything seems to work but there is not a joystick. I can access the settings an try toggling the “show joystick” button but I never get a joystick. I’ve tried tripple tapping the screen as well but nothing. I also do not have a “move here” button when looking at the map.

  • disqus_HMFGldEgmn says:

    Hey, when trying to add the new version via impactor it keeps telling me it can’t unzip the file, any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix it?

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Am I the only one that is getting the update error on version 1.27.3 (14)? Its the same error I got when they introduced the gen2 critters. I guess an update will be posted soon!?!? Thank you!

  • Neuza Silva says:

    So.. An update just showed up and now i can’t play unless i update the game, it starts updating from the app store but then near the end it says it can’t update right now, do i have to wait for an updated version of the game here ??

  • BAR2AG5 says:

    Go to apple ID online and create an app specific password. When you sign on to the Apple Id website, its mid way down on the right. Took me a minute to find it too but that’s what its looking for, a unique password for the app. Once you have the app downloaded, dont forget to go in to your settings> developers> and approve yourself. App wont work without that and you have to lather rinse repeat every 7 days.

  • Aidan Harvey says:

    Was working great until about an hour ago, when the app said it needed updated to continue 🙁

  • sprtfrk22 says:

    the go ++ needs to be updated

  • Aidan Harvey says:

    Downloaded fine and able to walk and teleport easily! Not able to catch anything though – Pokémon flee after one attempt to catch. Any ideas? Using the “return to home” button and tried berries and ultra balls, even on low cp guys, but no luck.

  • Jami87 says:

    Make sure your compass is pointing North!

  • Jami87 says:

    If you go to Settings and click on General, near the bottom it will say Device Management. Click in that and then on your ID. then you will have to trust it to get it to work. Hope this helps?

  • Matthew says:

    It keeps telling me to update 🙁 what did I do wrong

  • Abhijit Garad says:

    There is something wrong with this new update. When we use joystick to move forward it travels certain distance and stops and then again start to walk. The game also hangs and plays for a second

  • Juan Calero says:

    I have been using this hack for a while and works well. However since a few days ago when logging in it says “Unble to authenticate” (both PTC and Gmail accounts). Then I got version 1.4 thinking that it was a version issue but the problem persists.

  • Jami87 says:

    Please help! Ive watched the video several times and keep getting the Error message:
    application already installed as incompatible team

    • Please uninstall all the Pokemon GO apps.

      • Jami87 says:

        App opens, but it says GPS error and it will not allow me to walk around? Messing around getting to know the buttons. Caught a pokemon where I am standing, but can not walk or teleport?

        Update: re watched video and got it, Was super simple. Playing now!!!

        Thank you.

  • j says:

    Says its only for android device, won’t work for my iPhone

  • Poki says:

    I don’t have the Go back home button after teleportation and before throwing the pokeball like the version in the video, is it normal ? It doesn’t exist anymore or what ?

  • Brent Holmes says:

    I’m have problems with the “our servers are humbled by your incredibly response” screen now. I think it might be a perma ban? Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Ivan Roldan says:

    It keeps on asking me to ‘Pls sign in with an app-specific password’. I am entering my itunes account email and also the password and the message keep on appearing. Help? Does it have something to do with the updates of my iphone? cuz I haven’t updated my phone software yet.

  • ace_krusher says:

    Everything was working fine but yesterday when I teleported to a location and pressed home, seems like every Pokémon I try to catch will run away?

  • LJ says:

    What has happened to the scanner function? Can no longer see ANY pokemon on the map?

  • ThisNoobNeedsHelp says:

    Hello, When i try to go to a coordinate i dont see any pokemon, i just see the circle thing on the ground. How to fix that? Thanks for the help

  • austin says:

    Hi, I got an error message at step 4 of Pokemon GO hack in iOS. lockdown.cpp:57 LOCKDOWN_E_MUX_ERROR

  • Dre says:

    I’ve gotta the “Error “provision.cpp:179”” once and so i uninstalled everything. Redownloaded everything once more and still gotten that error. Any ideas on what to do?

  • Mary Taylor says:

    I can’t catch Pokémon or use Pokéstops?

  • Dylan Shoelson says:

    Why did my comment get deleted?

  • Dylan Shoelson says:

    I downloaded the game fine but there is no joystick or any teleport thing on the screen what do I do? And is it in the game settings? Because nothing looks different

  • Jamie Shaw says:

    Awesome app, been playing for a week now with it and no issues up until now… today tried to access app and it just force closes every time.. doesn’t get past the niantic labs screen.

    Any ideas? App down atm? Is there a new update?

  • Anthony Corona says:

    I cant catch pokemon after teleport help?

  • Roberto González says:

    Devs-lab staff this is 100% real no fake 1 like mega ?

  • Roberto González says:

    I can´t install said need adroid divice

  • Amber Simmons says:

    Its an apple thing you have to do this every 7 days or something like that

  • Abby says:

    I have gone through all the steps multiple times, watching the video to make sure I don’t miss anything every time and I keep getting a pop up saying:

    cannot find .app/Info.plist


  • Sarah says:

    I downloaded everything correctly, opened the app and the joy stick was there… but when I tried to move, nothing happened. The joystick did nothing. Advice?

  • Chris Trujillo says:

    I can install 1.23.1 (like in the tutorial video) just fine. But of course when i launch PokemonGo it says i need to update.
    However when i install 1.27.1 Cydia Impactor says error ipa.cpp:122
    cannot find .app/Info.plist

    Yes i have tried all this both with PokemonGo installed and uninstalled.

    I’m just an idiot and didn’t notice the 1.23.1 download was already an IPA file, but 1.27.1 was a ZIP file so i had to open it so get the IPA file. Now it installed just fine.

  • Justin Roman says:

    When i type in my apple id and my password i get an error:buffer.cpp:285cannot open ´C:UsersAndyDesktopPokeGo++-1.27.2_2.0r-13.ipa Permision Denied Can you pleaseee help me ?

  • Geoff says:

    When I launch the app it immediately closes out.

  • Robbie Massimi says:

    Just to be clear, you can teleport to cities and such, like Tokyo, but you’ll get softbanned if you get the pokestops in those places? Also, can you catch pokemon in those areas when you click from the radar or will you get softbanned? Please let me know.

    • Always keep in mind about travel time. If you travel from California to Tokyo, make sure you wait for atleast 1 day & keep your GPS off, so that everything looks natural. Most people jump everywhere thinking logically. If you plan before jumping to any location, you can avoid getting any ban.

  • Farhan Shaban says:

    It’s telling me to update my app when I try to log in with my Gmail

  • texastechgaming says:

    does the map/radar 2.0 work?

  • Please goto settings & allow “Trust this application”. Make sure you read the steps again.

  • Please watch the video. You might have hit start after launching the impactor.

  • It’s a softban, I guess.

  • Try changing the ID, you might have got banned.

    • Juan Calero says:

      It still works every once in while and I can catch pokemon etc. So I don’t think I got banned, might be a different issue

  • Did you allow the signature from settings?

  • You can go with Pokemon GO++, it has teleport feature now.

  • Justin Holgate says:

    Just used the teleport feature and it wont let me catch pokemon or use the pokestops Is there anyway to fix it?

  • Dony Novaliendry Rajo Bungsu says:

    when i’m install tutu the trust media only Winner Media Co., Ltd

  • Dony Novaliendry Rajo Bungsu says:

    I’m still confuse how to install it. cause when i’m download it in my PC, its not working. pls help

  • Juan Calero says:

    Most of the time it doesn’t work, it says in i’m China (which is where I reside) and it wouldn’t let me login even though I changed the fake location to Los Angeles and I have my VPN on.

  • TeoDella says:

    I was playing normally but at some point I found myself in the ocean and not coming back more back, I used the teleport and now does not make me take more pokemon, poketstop and gyms !! what should I do?? is a ban ?? Help

  • josh says:

    how long does it take to download the ipa onto your phone?

  • Alexandra Hernandez says:

    Hi- I keep getting an error 170 from cydia impactor stating that this feature requires an Android device. I deleted the app from my iPhone and am logged into iTunes on my computer- also double checked that all the downloads are for Windows/iTunes. Any ideas?

  • Hannahh Joyy says:

    Mine just sits on verifying aplication ?

  • nomnom says:

    ive installed correctly several times. each time it signs the .ipa and downloads pokemon but it still wont trust the app. Please help thank you.

  • Turn on fake location in the settings. 🙂

  • Turn on fake location in the settings

  • Please follow the steps properly. You didn’t allow Developer signature. Please watch the video for reference.

    • Nomnom says:

      so i folloowed your instructions even did the video. I watched as the impactor signed the .ipa but my phone doesnt trust the app still?

  • Turn on fake location in the settings

  • Turn on fake location in the settings.

  • Josh Downs says:

    I’m having the same issue! Did you get it to work??

  • Huy Nguyen says:

    I used it for a while and it worked great but then suddenly I’m stuck in the middle of an ocean off of Africa and I can return back home by turning off Fake Location but once I turn it back on I’m back in the ocean. Is there a fix to this?

  • Edward van Ballegooij says:

    i am getting the lock down error ho to fix this?

  • oriol says:

    everytime that i try to enter with joystick hack, server is down. But i download the app again, (just after delete the app without hack) and i can enter directly.
    I don’t know what’s happening. could you help me pls 🙂

  • John says:

    Every time I install with IPA installer it closes straight away on me

  • John Aspedon says:

    When installing i am getting this error
    ./plist.hpp:88_assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == plist_string)

    any idea how to fix that?

    • Someboody says:

      Have you managed to fix it? Got same issue

      • John Aspedon says:

        no i haven’t gotten a fix for it. also there is a new pokemon go app update that seems to do away with he hack. guess we have to wait for an update

  • Primul Ultimu says:

    Why is the app only working for a few days and then I have to reinstall it because it won’t start anymore? Does anyone else experience this?

  • Narvin Deena says:

    My app is telling me to Update to Continue and it wants to install the original app form the app store but that doesnt help, it still says to update.

  • Kirsti Emily McCormick says:

    Joysick not working! please help

  • Elin says:

    I can’t open Pokemon GO, it says that my phone doesn’t trust this developer. Please help!

  • Cartier Gibson says:

    installed it fine but the joystick isn’t working, what should i do?

  • DATDUDEG says:

    Have the app fully downloaded but the joystick doesn’t work and the teleport feature doesn’t show when I enable it, any help?

  • Lucas Eneroth says:

    Hi there was a problem already uninstalled pokemon go but still error happen ipa.cpp:122 I think IPA file is has a problem

  • Natasha Eldridge says:

    I need help I can get to the the tutti sight then I can download the Pokémon app. It 100% downloads it then it asked to be installed so I click on that but I keeps saying unable to install

  • Bradley Llewellyn says:

    I downloaded this for my daughter and it works so good.. is there any chance that there is the exact same app for android? I need it! thanks.

  • Did you uninstall the Pokemon GO app from your device?

    • BAR2AG5 says:

      I finally got it to work by clearing every thing I had tried to download (ie zip files) and once I cleared all that out, it worked fine. I uploaded the new version last night and it works fine as well. I wish I had found this months ago! I live in a rural area with no poke anything for several miles. I’m liking the game again and I’m having a blast. Thank you for your hard work that makes the game playable for people like me.

  • Please uninstall all the apps related to Pokemon GO & Pokemon GO itself, before installing this.

  • Ivan says:

    Manage to download and install into my phone but the joystick isn’t working. Why?

    • El says:

      Go into the settings and enable it, I had the same problem and worked for me. Only problem is it seems to be backwards, holding the joystick to the left makes my character go right.

    • Kirsti Emily McCormick says:

      Same thing happening to me! Did you get it fixed?

  • Thomas Samuel says:

    im getting an error:
    application already installed as incompatible team

  • Bijo joseph Abraham says: i tried adding the correct itunes id and password. It is showing me this error. Please help..

    • Generate an app-specific password

      Sign in to your Apple ID account page.
      In the Security section, click Generate Password below App-Specific Passwords.
      Follow the steps on your screen.

  • Andre says:

    @devslab:disqus whenever i try to load the ipa i get the error “htpp-osx cp:133”
    how do i fix this?

  • Ly T says:

    I got the ipa successfully installed on my phone but the joystick isn’t working. Would you know why that is?

  • tnhill12 says:

    The download seems to only go through when it’s in .ipa format. It hasn’t worked for me when it’s .zip.

  • Nico says:

    The link is broken for 1.27 ios

  • dann says:

    What time do you think update will be out

  • DjSpooke says:

    Just tried to DL the update from the link above and it looks like your site or server are down?

  • Juan Flores says:

    tried but cydia impactor says it needs to be unzipped. i unzipped it with the unarchiver and still didnt work. anything else i can do?

  • Juan Flores says:

    [link] says connection timed out. is there another place i can download the app?

  • venkatesh kedam says:

    Unable to download the Gen 2 updated version. It says problem with the host. Host is offline.

  • Magik Raichu says:

    Thanks for the quick update; however, I think the download link is broken. Please confirm.

  • Bchook says:

    Unfortunately, the download for the update is timing out (522 error).

  • Bchook says:

    Looks like they released a new update. Will you have an update ready for the Gen 2 pokes? Love the work you all do!

  • Juan Sebastian says:

    when do you have the new version with 2 Gen?

  • Denis Djaloshi says:

    hi! is going to be an updated version of the newest update with GEN2?

  • Maude Lévesque says:

    when will the new update version with the 80 new pokemon will release?

    • I already added the update as soon as Official release was announced. But due to too many download requests, the servers got crashed. I have uploaded the files on Google Drive, Mega. Will be adding more mirrors soon.

  • Joe Jameson Volanti says:

    I’m excited for an update….

    • I already added the update as soon as Official release was announced. But due to too many download requests, the servers got crashed. I have uploaded the files on Google Drive, Mega. Will be adding more mirrors soon. Enjoy! 🙂

  • HDsports says:

    the gen 2 pokemon are now online. when we can download an update?

    • I already added the update as soon as Official release was announced. But due to too many download requests, the servers got crashed. I have uploaded the files on Google Drive, Mega. You can download the files now. Will be adding more mirrors soon. 🙂

  • Andrew J. says:

    is anybody else having issues with getting candy from their buddies?

    • I already added the update as soon as Official release was announced. But due to too many download requests, the servers got crashed. I have uploaded the files on Google Drive, Mega. Will be adding more mirrors soon.

  • still get error “Please sign in with an app-specific password”
    already delete original Pokemon Go n restart phone many time…
    any solution?

  • David Falk says:

    so when the event ends do they typically go back to it’s previous version? your software works great. I love the instant IV so I don’t have to waste ultra balls on crap. thanks

  • Natasha Eldridge says:

    Hello it keeps saying unable to download app

  • Reginald Kumar says: Hey, I’m stuck here.

    Please help 🙂

    I am certainly using the correct password.

  • Keith says:

    I’m having the same problem as samantha below. I’ve tried uninstalling the app. re-downloading the IPA and Impactor.