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14 Best Android & iOS Apps to Help You Sleep, Relax or reduce Anxiety

Sound, technically speaking, comprises vibrations that are propagated through a medium (usually air) and can be heard when they hit our ears. It is a simple phenomenon that can create powerful auditory experiences and excite strong bio-psychological reactions in us. When properly channeled, it has the propensity to elicit a wide range of interesting responses from us. It is, therefore,...

Elon Musk to pursue his plans to make Mars habitable despite disagreement with NASA

NASA has once again expressed its disagreement with the idea of terraforming Mars. In a report sponsored by the agency, NASA said that the idea of terraforming the Red Planet is very unrealistic. However, tech titan Elon Musk disagrees with the NASA-backed paper, responding his own idea of terraforming on Twitter. “Science fiction writers have long featured terraforming, the process...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to offer up to 1TB of storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to offer up to 1TB of storage

Just a week before Samsung hit another milestone with their Galaxy Note Series, storage details of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 9 has been leaked to the public. Thanks to Samsung New Zealand which accidentally published a pre-order advert. Earlier this week, the prototype of the device emerged on a hands-on video revealing one of its key features - the...

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