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Now is the time to get a MacBook Air

Apple's cheapest notebook, the MacBook Air, has seen better days. While all the existing Mac lineups have totally evolved from what they look like the day they debut, the MacBook Air is literally stuck with its old aluminum body that was first seen in 2010. Not that we don't like it, it's just that it doesn't wow us anymore. The...

How to Protect your Privacy on Internet in Windows 10

How To Protect Your Privacy on Internet in Windows 10

In this current age of smart devices all around us and artificial intelligence already making its way into our lives, we need to be extremely careful about our privacy. Privacy entails different things to different people, but in general, we would feel extremely unsettled if our daily commutes and financial data are tracked by someone we don’t know. Technology is...

Why Digital Supervision is Important for Parenting in 2018

Why Digital Supervision is Important for Parenting in 2018!

Are you looking for ways to monitor your child's activities over different digital platforms? The pandemic adoption of different Digital Technologies by today's teens has appended a modern crumple to a universal challenge of parenthood. Digital Connectivity gives various potential advantages of connecting with peers to access educational content. Although parents also asserted concerns about the behavior teens enlist online,...

Why is Application Speed Important in 2018 and how VPS helps

Emerging speed demands for Applications in 2018!

While browsing the internet, you probably don't think about the website speed. If you have a good internet connection, you have only two conclusions about every site, either it is fast enough to load very quickly or not fast at all. Due to the new broadband companies and bandwidth becoming lot more cheaper compared to previous times, fast Internet connection...

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