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How to Transfer Google Authenticator to a New Phone

The world wide web is a dangerous place. It can put all your personal data at risk as it's always susceptible to getting hacked. In today’s date, hackers have exponentially grown in numbers and are always on the lookout to steal the data floating under the fibers of a network. While this article is about how you can transfer Google...

Windows could not automatically detect network’s proxy settings

Fix Windows Could not Automatically Detect Network’s Proxy Settings

Did you just witness a small caution triangle appeared by your network icon? Understandably, as usual, you’d have right clicked on it for troubleshooting, but most likely what you will encounter is “Windows not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings” error. There might be several reasons due to which you are getting the aforementioned internet connection error. But not to...

DevsJournal | Tech Leaks, Guides & Comparisons.

What’s going on with you OnePlus?

If the name OnePlus doesn't ring a bell for you, then you probably are missing out something. It's a Chinese phone brand that is so popular its recent OnePlus 6T smartphone had more people lined up outside the T-Mobile stores than the iPhone XS. OnePlus phones are so well-built and well-designed but always come with a very competitive price tag....

DevsJournal | Tech Leaks, Guides & Comparisons.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Have you heard of the term rooting a Android phones? If yes, you might also have heard about the risks rooting brings to your smartphone. One of such risks is bricking of the phone. Bricking is a very serious issue where your phone is transformed into a mere useless brick-like object. This state of the smartphone occurs due to several...

DevsJournal | Tech Leaks, Guides & Comparisons.

What is Windows Service Host Superfetch and fix it’s high CPU Usage?

The Windows operating System comprises of a lot of service files. This files help in either enhancing the user experience or making the operating system run smoothly. Windows is designed in such a way that even a layman finds it more accessible and convenient to use. This user-friendliness of Windows can be attributed to the different files that perform various...

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