Pokemon GO Bonus & Rewards List 2021

If you are fond of playing AR games, you’d require no introduction to Pokemon GO. Following its launch in 2016, Niantic has added various features and attractions to the game in order to captivate more users and further grow its fandom. With the traditional Gameplay of catching Pokemons and battling other Pokemon trainers, the game has also added various tasks and events to give out rewards and bonuses to the trainers.

There are various bonuses and rewards that Pokemon GO offers, but most of the trainers are yet unaware of it. Further, we had a hard time finding a comprehensive guide to address all these bonuses in Pokemon GO. To fill this need, we’ve put together a list of some attractive Rewards and Bonuses in Pokemon GO that you should watch out for. We might have missed out on some; but we’ll keep updating this list, 

Pokemon GO Bonus & Rewards

1. Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus

2. Pokemon GO Medal Bonus

3. Pokemon GO Catch Bonus

4. Pokemon GO Collector Bonus

5. Pokemon GO Level Bonus

6. Pokemon GO Stab Bonus

7. Pokemon GO Team Bonus

8. Pokemon GO Friend Bonus

9. Pokemon GO Trading Candy Bonus

10. Pokemon GO Buddy Bonus

11. Pokemon GO Defender Bonus

12. Pokemon GO Daily Bonus

13. Pokemon GO Throw Bonus

14. Pokemon GO Adventure Sync Rewards


Keeping these bonuses and rewards in mind, you can now play Pokemon GO with a better understanding while earning rewards that might not even knew existed up until now. On the contrary, if you do not want to move out of the comfort of your home but still want all the bonus & rewards, then you can use our Pokemon GO hacks for Android and iOS to play without having to explore much. About the bonuses above, we hope that you might have got the results for your doubts. If you think that this article is missing some other Pokemon GO bonus or rewards, then do let us know in the comment section below, and we will add it to our list.

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