Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Top 7 best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The Google Pixel XL has been the first phone with Google’s own branding and it has quickly gained user’s trust. After the Nexus lineup, Google Pixel and Pixel XL surely lived up to the hype of the best smartphone. Soon, developers gained the root access of the device which opened the the new possibilities of customization.

Now that you have rooted your Pixel Smartphone, you can now try our different Apps that require Root Access or install a Custom ROM. The only thing that the Stock OS on Pixel lacks is, customization. If you’re looking for Custom ROMs to customize your Pixel device but couldn’t decide which one to choose. Here, we present the Best ROMs for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL device.


Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

1. Evolution X

android 10 for google pixel

Evolution X is an AOSP based ROM. It comes with Gapps pre-installed and all the Google Pixel features such as fonts, wallpapers and some additional features. It brings the latest Android 10 to your Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices and provides frequent security updates. The ROM is very smooth and has many customization features as well.


  • Evoultion X for Google Pixel devices: Download

2. LineageOS 17

lineage os for google pixel

Lineage OS is one of the most trusted ROM which is designed to improve the performance of your device. It comes with the latest Android 10 version and the download link will install a Beta version of this ROM. A new update is is still yet to come, you can check out this space for the latest updates. Lineage OS 17 will improve the battery life on your device and performs very well on Google Pixel devices. It gives a clean and fresh look to your device.


  • Lineage OS 17 for Google Pixel: Download
  • Lineage OS 17 for Google Pixel XL: Download

3. Pixel Dust Pie

dust pie rom for google pixels devices

This is one of the most loved ROMs of all time. It offers you a wide variety of customization over the top of the Android Pie experience which we personally prefer. It doesn’t have any bloatware or unused tweaks making it really light and fast. Based on Android 9 Pie, it includes a fully fetched theme engine. Some of the features are Ambient display, Swipe fingerpint for notifications, Automatic face unlock and a lot more!


  • Pixel Dust Pie ROM for Google Pixels devices: Download

4. AOSip 9.0

android 9 pie for google pixel

AOSiP or the Android Open Source illusion project is a custom ROM based purely on Google AOSP. It is the most stable ROM on our list and the link below will download its official Android 9 Pie zip file. It comprises the latest features such as settings to hide notch, swipe navigation gestures, custom carrier label and status bar icon configurations.


5. Nitrogen OS Pie

nitrogen os for pixel

Nitrogen OS also known as NOS is a AOSP based custom ROM. It offers some features which are less in number as compared to other ROMs but it provides stable ROM. With its latest update, it comes with Android 9.0 and includes personalization in status bar, navigation bar, lock screen, recent apps, buttons, gestures and notifications. You also get options to select light, dark or black theme from the settings.


  • NitrogenOS for Google Pixel: Download
  • NitrogenOS for Google Pixel XL: Download

6. Carbon ROM

carbon rom pixel 2

Carbon ROM is based on AOSP and is a super lite ROM. It has tons of features and is frequently updated. You can expect a clean bloatware-free ROM and a  lot of tiny features to make your life and android experience easier. This ROM brings Android Pie to your Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices and all the features of Android Pie and Google Pixel.


  • Carbon ROM for Google Pixel: Download
  • Carbon ROM for Google Pixel XL: Download

7. Resurrection Remix OS

resurrection remix pixel xl

Android community really loves Resurrection Remix OS mainly due to its quality and delivery of the new ROMs. Their developed ROMs are updated very frequently and provide up-to-date software tweaks and security updates. It has a theme engine and many other tweaks packed into beautiful looking Stock ROM. This ROM comprises Android 9 Pie with features like New quick settings UI, advanced battery with AI support, notch support and many more.


  • Resurrection Remix for Google Pixel XL: Download

8. Liquid Remix Android 9.0

liquid remix pixel 2 xl

Liquid Remix is a new age mix of all the best ROMs with some older features. This ROM works smoothly for Google Pixel XL. It comes with all the features and design of Android 9 Pie. Some features are smart pulldown, pixel launcher, carrier label font styles, visualizer customizations, some additional customizations of quick settings, ambient display and many more.


  • Liquid Remix for Google Pixel XL: Download

9. LineageOS 16

lineage os 16 google pixel

Lineage OS 16 is based on Android 9 Pie. It brings some new design changes to the successor Android Oreo but the main feature that adds to Android Pie is the gesture based navigation system. With lineage OS, you can get all the features of Android 9 on our Google pixel and pixel xl devices with features like new UI design, quick settings, adaptive brightness and some more.


  • LineageOS 16 for Google Pixel: Download
  • LineageOS 16 for Google Pixel XL: Download

10. crDroid

crdroid google pixel

crDroid is designed to increase the performance of the device and customize stock android. It is simple and lightweight and has top-notch security options. You can click on the link below to download the Android 8 Oreo on your pixel and pixel xl devices. Main features include: Status bar, quick settings, new buttons, improved sound and user interface.


  • crDroid ROM for Google Pixel: Download
  • crDroid ROM for Google Pixel XL: Download


So, there we have the Latest and Greatest ROMs for Google Pixel and Pixel XL. If you have any questions or suggestions then do let us know in the comment section below. This post will be updated as ROM gets available. So grab your Google Pixel and Pixel XL, root it and Happy Flashing!

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