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Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is a new item that you can use and upgrade your Gen 5 Pokemon quite easily. If you have ever got a Sinnoh Stone ever before in Pokemon Go, the Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is very similar. Likewise, users will need to look for it and obtain it from the Research Breakthroughs that Pokemon keeps bringing time to time.

Unova Stone basically has an oval shape and looks pretty much similar to the Taijitu Symbol. So, if you get something as a reward during the research breakthroughs, consider yourself in luck. Because it can help you to completely transform your Gen 5 Pokemon that are found near the Unova Region. You can type “Unova” in your Pokemon database to search Pokemons caught in the Unova region.

However, if you try to transform your old generation Pokemon using Unova Stone, it’s not possible. There are only 7 Pokemon in the Unova Stone Evolution list that you can evolve using it. So, let’s take a look at how to get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go and use it for Pokemon Evolutions.

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How to get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go

Considering the importance of the newly introduced Unova Stone, most of the Pokemon Go players want to have their hands on this Pokemon Go Special Evolution Item. Hence, if you are thinking of any tricks on how to get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go, for now, there are no such things possible.

The only possible method that can help you to get this Pokemon Go Unova Stone is by completing a total seven days of field research. Apart from that, there are no restrictions that you need to complete the research in seven consecutive days. In the end, if you are lucky enough, you will surely get an Unova Stone as the research completion reward. You can check this month’s research rewards in our article on Pokemon Go Field Research Rewards List.

Another method that you can try out to get the Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is by defeating Team Go Rocket Leader or by defeating Giovanni during the event. However, like the Sinnoh Stone, it might get available for players as the PvP battle reward in the coming time. At least for now, these are the only few ways that can help you to have a Pokemon Go Unova Stone.

Unova Stone Pokemon Go Evolution List

The Unova Stone Pokemon Go Evolution List includes 7 different Pokemon that are only found in the Unova Region in-game. Apart from that, some of the Pokemon in the list are regional. Thus, there are chances that some of them might not be found in your country. So, let’s quickly take a look at the list of Unova Stone Pokemon Go List.

1. Pansage To Simisage

pansage evolution Unova Stone Pokemon Go

Pansage is a unique Grass-Type Pokemon that is found in the Unova Region. However, it is exclusive to some regions only. Hence if you don’t find it in your region, it’s normal. In case you do find a Pansage, the Unova Stone can easily help you to evolve it into Simisage. Along with the Unova Stone, Pansage still requires 100 Candies to evolve.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

2. Panpour To Simipour

panpour evolution unova stone pokemon go

Panpour belongs to the family of Gen 5 Water-type pokemon that you can add into your Pokedex entries during this research event. But just like the previous one, it is also available in some regions only. Likewise, if you want to evolve a Panpour and Simipour using a Pokemon Go Unova Stone, it will require an additional 100 candies for evolution.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

3. Pansear To Simisear

pansear evolution unova stone pokemon go

If you ever find a Panesar near you, don’t forget to catch it as it is one of the best and unique Fire-type Pokemon. Certainly exclusive to some regions, Panesar can be a great companion that you can evolve into a Simisear using an Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. But, do keep in mind that it requires an additional 100 candies along with Unova Stone to evolve it.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

4. Lampent To Chandelure

Lampent evolution unova stone pokemon go

If you are quite interested in Ghost-type Pokemon, Lampent is absolutely a great Pokemon to catch during this event. It can evolve into a much more powerful Chandelure using the Unova Stone and an additional 100 candies. As compared to all other Unova Stone Pokemon Evolutions, Chandelure is the best evolution that you can do.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

5. Minccino To Cinccino

Minccino evolution unova stone pokemon go

Minccino is one of the most common Pokemon that you can easily find during the research breakthroughs. However, the Minccino is not the Pokemon that is effective during battles. But, once you evolve it using an Unova Stone and an additional 50 Candies in Pokemon Go. It can also transform into an amazing Gen 5 Pokemon, Cinccino.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

6. Eelektrik To Eelektross

Eelektrik Pokemon Go Unova Stone

One of the rarest and yet another Gen 5 Pokemon that can take advantage of the newly introduced Unova Stone from the current events is Eelektrik. It evolves into Eelektross which is considered to be a great evolution as you can see in the stats below. However, it takes Moon Stone along with the Unova Stone to complete the Evolution process.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

7. Munna To Musharna

Munna evolution unova stone pokemon go

All Pokemon can evolve into their advanced forms by gaining a friendship level. However, if you want to evolve your Munna into a Musharna, it will just require a Moon Stone along with the Unova Stone to evolve it quickly and successfully. Even though it will take some time to collect the stones, it is definitely worth the efforts.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina


As you know the Unova Stone is one of the Pokemon Go Special Evolution Items. This was the list of 7 different Pokemon that you can evolve using the Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. We know it is going to take a little bit of your time to do the research and collect the Stone, but once you get it, evolving these Gen 5 Pokemon would be much easier for you. Hence, if you find this guide useful, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below. Apart from that, in case of any queries, we are always here to help you out.

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