Sony Xperia Z3 Walkman for all Android with Material designSony Xperia Z3 Walkman for all Android with Material design

Sony is generally known for its Music optimized Smartphones with a premium look & its quality. Even I’m a Walkman lover because of its Interface & features. Sony Smartphones were preferred for their simplicity, features & hardware which was always trustworthy! Sony always had some unique features in their Smartphones that made it stand out in the market. One of it was Sony Walkman. Download Latest Sony Xperia Z5 Walkman APK for Android which works on rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

We respect this work of XDA devs TodorSRB & ibanez7. It’s because of their hard work; we can install this Walkman app on our Android phones. This latest build has the material design, sound improvements & fixes for compatibility issues.

Walkman APK For Non-Rooted Android devices:

Rooting an Android while it’s under warranty, is a hard decision. Many Android users don’t want to void their smartphone’s warranty by rooting it just for a music player. While for some, the word “ROOT” means some rocket science coding stuff.

But don’t worry, we have a Material design Sony Xperia Z5 Walkman Music Player which works on Non-Rooted devices with the latest build & best design. Why Root if you can enjoy it without rooting! The Sony’s Walkman APK is listed below; you can Install it as a regular APK file. If you don’t want random force closes in your Walkman App, install the stable version.

Download Walkman App

  1. Latest Version – Music 9.4.8.A.0.13: Download (Works on Any Device Running Android 5.0+)
  2. Music 9.4.5.A.0.8: Download (Works on Any Device Running Android 5.0+)

How to Install: Download the Walkman APK file & Install it as a normal APK.


Sony Xperia Walkman App

Sony Xperia XZ2 Music Player For Rooted Devices

Rooting an Android while it’s under warranty, is a hard decision. Many Android users don’t want to void their smartphone’s warranty by rooting it just for a music player. While for some, the word “ROOT” means some rocket science coding stuff.

The sony Xperia XZ2 was lauched in 2018. Sony had improved the speakers of the phone compared to the previous model of the phone. The Music Player had sound enhancing technologies such as High-Resolution Audio1 and LDAC. The music player also runs compressed files as the DSEE HX. They also improved the quality of the bluetooth streaming therefore giving users a better experience.

The music player uses ClearAudio+ that fine tunes sound and allows user to tune it themselves by using the equaliser. The Sony Xperia XZ2 also came with powerful Bass that emitted sound without any distortions.

Features Of XZ2 Music player

  1. Files ported directly from Sony Xperia XZ2 latest firmware 51.1.A.3.159
  2. DSEE HX working (The Slider is always OFF though; however, it DOES work
  3. ClearAudio+, S-Force, XLOUD, Clear Phase, Clear Stereo, Clear BASS, VPT, Headphone Automatic Optimization, LDAC
  5. Improve Music definition to nearly Hi-Res Audio
  6. Xperia XZ2 Qualcomm HW Audio Processing
  7. Directly integrate into your Walkman App Settings

How To Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Music Player

The Walkmann XZ2 had an amazing sound player and you can now get it on your android device. The music player works on all android devices, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: You Will Need TWRP for this process. Find Out How To Install twrp On Our Article “How to unlock Bootloader and install TWRP on any Android device”.

Step 1: Download one of the three ZIP mentioned below.

Step 2: Reboot phone in recovery mode

Step 3: Flash the edition compatible to your phone.

Step 4: Clear all the caches and dalvik. You can do this by by rebooting your phone in recovery mode, this will lead you to the TWRP home screen. Then, tap swipe, choose the files you want to remove (Cache and dalvik) adn then swipe to wipe.

Step 5: Restart your phone.

Step 6: Enjoy the music player.

Note: After rebooting, playing a song in Walkman, lock your phone, wait for 5 seconds then turn the screen on again, all Sony Sound Effects features will be activated and work flawlessly. Remember to repeat this step whenever you reboot your phone.



You will find a lot of music players available on the playstore, and some of them are good, but the sony Xperia Walkman music player is one of the best music players available out there. If you are a music lover or just want to listen to music, this is the app for you. If you are facing any issues with the music players, let us know in the comment section below, and we will do our best to help you.

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  1. Z3 sound enhancement are not working on Galaxy S5, I flashed everything in order, but the only thing is when i open setting for sound enhancement, walkman app open Sound Alive settings, rather than Walkman original Sound enhancement setting. So please advice on it.

  2. model no. karbonn a27
    android version. 4.1.2
    baseband version. maui.11amd.w12.22.sp.v14.p1, 2012/11/02 10:24
    kernel version. 3.4.0
    #1SMP PREEMPT MON JUNE 24 12/54/49 cst 2013

    build number. karbonn_a27 _mt6577_hindi_v0007

    hardware version. R5-p1

  3. there is no option (zip from file) in recovery..only install from zip ..&i flashed both zips but same msg appears ..unfortunately walkman has stopped..what to do bro? plz help…i flashed recovery on my a27+ download from ur blog