Best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 2 features a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 64Bit, 1GB RAM, 4.7inch Corning Gorilla glass 3. It comes with Android 4.4.4 Kitkat (MIUI6 Custom Skin) There is no Official news from Xiaomi about any Official Android Lollipop update for Redmi 2, so at the end you have to switch to custom ROMs. Some people find Rooting Xiaomi Redmi 2 hard to digest. But its not at all hard. Just few clicks & you have successfully rooted your Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime.

If you are new to Rooting & Custom ROMs, you can refer to our detailed guide from Rooting to Installing Custom ROMs. Development for Redmi 2/2A/Prime have brought many different options for Redmi 2/2A/Prime users to choose from. But we have listed some of the best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi 2 that work perfectly!

Best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime

1. LineageOS 18.1

Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime
Cyanogenmod is now LineageOS ROM

All of you might be well aware about the open source operating system, LineageOS which is much better than Stock Android by Google, as it offers lots of features that a normal user demands from Stock Android like Uninstalling bloatwares, theming etc. It is developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by Google. Its the perfect choice for people who love to explore and demand more.

You can theme each and every part in this ROM. If you love any other phone’s interface like Xperia, Touchwiz or HTC Blinkfeed you can install all of it in this ROM. The VOL UP + VOL DOWN + POWER button to enter recovery mode is not working.

Android Version: Android 11
LineageOS 18.1 ROM for Redmi 2: Download | Source Gapps

2. Paranoid Android Quartz

Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 2

The last Paranoid Custom ROM Based on Android 10, the Paranoid Android Quartz, works on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android. The Android Quartz is completely based on the Code Aurora Forum Android base that makes it well suited to Qualcomm-powered devices.

In addition, you get improved battery life, high performance, and excellent overall functionality as compared to Android’s Open Source Project Forum. It features a clean wallpaper from Hampus Olsson. Also, the company has made sizeable changes to the user interface, which largely enhances the overall user experience. The Android Quartz build comes with several Paranoid wallpapers and many more in the Abstract app. 

Features of Paranoid Android Quartz:

  • Updated security patch
  • App Locker Version 1.1 
  • DC Dimming
  • Lockscreen Smartspace
  • Ringer Mode Gestures
  • Permissions HUB
  • Pocket Mode
  • Navigation Bar Customization
  • Paranoid DOze
  • Paranoid OTA updates

Android Version: Android 10
Paranoid Android Quartz ROM for Redmi 2: Download

3. SuperiorOS

Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Prime

This AOSP based Android 11 custom ROM is built with minimal features just like many users nowadays demand. However, the company has made several changes to boost the ROM’s features, stability, and performance. In addition, it comes with newly added features that let you customize your home screen as per your preference. Thus, this is the perfect AOSP based custom ROM for users who generally prefer lesser customization options on their phone and wants their smartphones to be more work-driven. 

Features of SuperiorOS:

  • Clock And Date Customisations
  • Double-Tap To Sleep
  • Traffic Indicators
  • 4G Icons
  • Customized Rows And Columns
  • Headsup Customisations
  • Accent Color Manager
  • Three Finger Screenshot

Android Version: Android 9 Pie
SuperiorOS ROM for Redmi 2: Download

4. Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime
Resurrection Remix ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 2/Prime

There is no confirmed news that Redmi 2 will get Android O update. But, you can install original Android O ROM in your Redmi 2 which is pretty stable and offers pure stock interface. If you are bored of MIUI Interface and love Stock Android than this would be a perfect choice for you. It stands 1st because it is Pure Stock Android L i.e Less chances of bugs and heating issues. It one of the best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Android Version: Oreo 8.x
Resurrection Remix ROM v6.2.1 for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download | How to Install Gapps

5. AOSPExtended ROM (Oreo 8.0)

Best Custom ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime
AOSPExtended ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

AOSP Extended is an AOSP based rom which provides stock UI/UX with various customisations features along with the Substratum theme engine. The project has been made by cherry-picking various commits from various other projects. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box.

Android Version: Oreo 8.x
AOSP Extended ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download | Source Gapps

6. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

This AOSP based Custom ROM comes equipped with all Google Apps and other goodies such as the launcher, wallpaper, icons, fonts, etc. This Android Oreo aims to offer and ensure maximum stability, security, and other essential features for the smooth running of a device. With just a handful of preinstalled apps, you can now disable any unwanted application if you want. 

In addition, the Pixel Experience comes loaded with dozens of exciting features such as 

  • Chat Bubbles
  • Optimization Profiles to ensure long-lasting battery
  • Extreme Battery Saver
  • Tap-to-wake feature
  • Customizable UI

Android Version: Oreo 8.x
Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download


Best Custom ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

As the name suggests, its a Mixture of Paranoid ROM, AOKP & LineageOS. Its the beast of all, offers the best out of the best ROMs available. PacMAN offers a unique custom ROM experience with their own tweaks and options. As it built from the best rom sources out in the market, this could be the perfect choice for your Redmi 2. 

It’s a must try ROM in your Xiaomi Redmi 2. It has many features like Transparent Lockscreen, PackMAN performance and related settings, It has custom Animations and Progress bar. It also has its different settings options in the Settings menu.

Android version: Oreo 8.x
AICP ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download

8. Nitrogen OS

Best Custom ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

This AOSP based custom ROM is ready to install custom firmware for your android device. Several user reviews have found this custom ROM to be smooth, stable, and loaded with just the right features. The Nitrogen OS brings to you all the features of the Android Oreo with a load of system tweaks. Being based on AOSP, it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box. Just like the Superior OS, the Nitrogen OS comes with only a few pre-installed applications 

Features of Nitrogen OS

  • Updated Security Patch
  • Easy Customization
  • Bloat-Free Experience
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Accent Color
  • Gesture Navigation

Android version: Oreo 8.x
NitrogenOS for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download

9. Pure Nexus ★ Substratum 

PureNexus ROM for Redmi 2
PureNexus ROM for Redmi 2

If you are bored of the sluggish MIUI ROM as it gets too much heavy once you realize your device’s true potential. Nexus experience would be the perfect ROM of your choice. Based on AOSP Code from Google. All stable LineageOS 14.1 features.

Contains some of the features from Google, Cyanogemod, Paranoid Android & Slim Roms. By now you would be convinced enough to give this ROM a shot! All the bugs mentioned below might be fixed in the latest version.

  • Battery life is OK. Little less than MIUI.
  • Camera is OK.
  • The sound quality is also upto the mark.
  • The call quality is very very good.
  • RAM management is far better than MIUI.
  • The phone heats up when playing games a little.

Android Version: Nougat 7.x
Pure Nexus ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download | Source Gapps

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10. ViperOS

ViperOS ROM for Redmi 2 2A Prime
ViperOS ROM for Redmi 2 2A Prime

SudaMod be developed based on open source projects CM12.1 outstanding consolidated third party open source localization SudaMod main color is blue, the more fresh and optimized in the details, I am sure you will love SudaMod. It’s one of the best custom ROMs available for Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime as its almost bug free as per the developer & new bug fixes are released weekly. You can use this ROM as your daily driver.

Android Version: Nougat 7.x
Pure Nexus ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime: Download

Other Downloads for Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime

Customs Kernels

  1. Xcode Kernel @1.4 GHz – Link  (For 5.1 Based Roms)
  2. Gods Kernel R4 @1.4 GHz – Link   (For 5.1 Based Roms)
  3. RazorReborn V2.6 Kernel @1.4 GHz – Link   (For 6.0 Based Rom)

Customs Recoveries

  1. CWM Recovery – Link
  2. TWRP Recovery – Link

Marshmallow 6.0.x Based Roms

  1. AICP (Android Ice Cold Project) Rom – Link
  2. crDroid 14.01.2016 Rom – Link
  3. Resurrection Remix 5.6.0 Rom – Link
  4. Temasek 13.01.2016 Rom – Link
  5. Cyanpop  Rom – Link
  6. AOSP 6.0 Rom – Link

Lollipop 5.x.x Based Roms

  1. Teamsesk ROM: ROM | Gapps
  2. SudaMod 1.1 Rom – Link
  3. Flyme UI 5.4 Rom – Link
  4. Liquid Dark Rom – Link
  5. Xenon HD Rom – Link
  6. YIOS Rom – Link
  7. MOKEE Rom – Link

FIUI ROM & Instructions: Download

FlyMe OS ROM: Download


If you are looking for best Android 11 ROM, you can try Lineage OS. They are pretty stable. Best Android 10 ROM for Redmi 2/2A/Prime is Paranoid Android Quartz. If you feel anything inappropriate, you can comment below.

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  1. I installed cm 12.1 there are many problems
    i cant install any apps if i go for settings it says unfortunately settings has stopped

    Wifi does not get on

    Bluetooth does not get on

    It doesn’t show my sim

    I can’t hear sound

    I can’t watch a video

    So pls help me guys

  2. Hello, I’m a user of Redmi 2… I used many custom roms but i still using MIUI 7 … I don’t like this stable Rom but … Others Custom Rom are having battry problem… Miui 7 have a good bettery backup and other roms are very poor bettery optimization… Suggest a ROM for redmi 2 which is performs very good battery power… Thank you…

    1. cm 14 nougat rom .. i too use redmi2 it is good and stable .. using for a week yet not found any bug

  3. Gosto muito de Ressurection Remix, mas vou retirar. Gerenciamento da bateria muito falho, incompatibilidade da câmera, demora na inicialização, bateria durando metade do tempo normal. :-

  4. The ones I have tested, CM-12.1 and CM-13, have a terrible (probably not working) echo and noise cancellation even though MIUI is able to doing this part perfectly.

    For normal phone calls this is not a problem, but for voice and video calls over speakerphone this will be a horror for both parties.

  5. Why many pages like this are impossible to read in mobile devices? A side scrolling windows at right had made me stop reading and making comment. I didn’t read this article. I cud not.