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HTC Blinkfeed (Sense 10/9/8/6), Although HTC is not performing well currently against other Smartphone makers but it has got a really positive feature i.e HTC’s Blinkfeed. Being the most Popular & loved Homescreen Blinkfeed has got some really cool features which is well said by the Tagline HTC Blinkfeed™ : Your world in one screen which means all your Social media Stuffs, Daily News & other stuffs in your homescreen which are arranged in a very beautiful manner.

I personally being a Blinkfeed fan couldn’t resist myself to post this cool App made by one of XDA member Xpirit. This Blinkfeed is extracted from the latest HTC Phones i.e M8 & M9 so it is exactly similar to the original one which has tones of customization options & a very Attractive looks which gives a Premium look to your Smartphone’s homescreen. Install this is too easy, all you have to do is install this Apk files normally.

Get up-to-date in an instant. Enjoy social posts, breaking news, sports updates and more—all based on what you like, all in one place. HTC Sense Home combines the power of BlinkFeed and the Sense Home widget to create a fully customizable and deeply personal experience. Apps and content appear automatically when you need them. Let’s start with the process of Installing Original HTC Blinkfeed in any Android.

Install HTC Blinkfeed (Sense 7/8/9/10) on any Android

What is HTC BlinkFeed™ ?

Personalize your own stream of online content in seconds, and stay updated in a glance. Swipe your home screen once for new Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, breaking news, sports scores, and a lot more. If you browse for it online, it’s on your HTC BlinkFeed. Only much easier to find. Over ten thousand sources from all over. Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, MTV, The Huffington Post, and many, many more. You’ll also get recommendations for nearby restaurants, cafés and bars from BlinkFeed. Offline Reading mode lets you save articles to read later when you’re on a plane, travelling abroad or just on-the-go.

HTC BlinkFeed Sense 10

Sense 10 APK works on all Android Phone running on android 8.0 and above OS. All the below given links are flashable zip and need to be installed with TWRP. Weather, WorldClock, HtcWeatherClockWidget and all other apps are included in the Sense Home 10 main base download link.

Requirements: Android 8.0 or higher
Status: Working



HTC BlinkFeed Sense 9

HTC Sense 9 come preloaded with the latest HTC devices(HTC U11). Sense 9 apk’s works on all Android Phone running on android 5.0 and above OS. You can download apps like HTC Launcher APK, HTC Weather APK, HTC Music APK, HTC Clock APK, HTC Gallery APK.

Requirements: Android 5.0 or higher
Status: Working


  1. HtcSenseHome – v9.14.929638 – Download
  2. HtcServicePack – v1.05.825111 – Download
  3. HtcWeather – v8.50.853203 – Download
  4. WorldClock – v8.50.872566 – Download
  5. HtcWeatherClockWidget – v8.60.852711 – Download
  6. HtcLocationServicesSetting – v1.02.636275 – Download
  7. LocationPicker – v3.20.817412 – Download
  8. HtcMusic – v8.10.863696 – Download
  9. HtcCamera – v8.50.876780 – Download
  10. HtcGallery – v10.20.836439 – Download
  11. HtcCalendar – v8.50.864210 – Download
  12. HtcSenseInput – v8.00.879633 – Download
  13. HtcMessage – v8.00.859017 – Download


How to Install Official HTC Blinkfeed Sense 10 on any Android (No Root)

HTC BlinkFeed Sense 8

To experience the HTC Blink Sense 8, all you need to have a Android version 4.4 or above. It is basically a launcher based on HTC sense with features including Blinkfeed, freestyle mode, themes etc. It is not compulsory to have a HTC device to experience the HTC Blink Sense 8 Launcher, just you need to sign in that’s it.

Requirements: Android 4.4 or higher
Features: Infinite apps in folders


  1. HtcSenseHome – v7.20.599309
  2. HtcSenseHome (hi-res) – v7.20.599309 [for high resolution devices]
  3. HtcServicePack – v1.02.548054
  4. MyHTC – v7.0.495204
  5. Weather – v7.0.515321 
  6. WorldClock – v7.1.510520
  7. HtcWeatherClockWidget – v7.0.497815 [no kitkat support!]
  8. HtcLocationServicesSetting – v1.0.481224
  9. LocationPicker – v2.4.474239


  • HtcBlinkFeed, HtcServicePack & other Apps: Download
  • Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus Plugins for BlinkFeed: Download


I have taken some screenshots by installing this on my Lenovo A6000 running on Android 4.4.4 with a custom skin VibeUI. But, i’m also attaching a screenshot from AndroidOne Phone to show you how it looks in stock Android.


HTC BlinkFeed Sense 6

Requirements : Android 4.4 or higher
Features : Custom colors & RSS through Gaku’s BlinkManager – Infinite apps in folders


  1. HtcBlinkFeed – v6.3.840430
  2. HtcServicePack – v1.1.853606
  3. Weather – v6.2.836008
  4. WorldClock – v6.1.797217


  1. HtcBlinkFeed, HtcServicePack & other Apps: Download
  2. Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus Plugins for BlinkFeed: Download




1. How to Install ?

>  Download the zip file, extract it through any zip extractor then install all the Apk files normally.

2. How to show Facebook, Instagram & GooglePlus in Blinkfeed ?

>  After installing all the Apks install the Plugins given just below the link. Now, Go to BlinkFeed drag to left to see a Bar which shows Add Content for Sense 7 & 3 dots at the top corner in Sense 6. Go to Services & Apps and select Facebook,Instagram etc & Grant Permission. Google Plus is currently not working with Sense 7.

HTC BlinkFeed Sense 7
HTC BlinkFeed Sense 7


If you don’t understand anything you can head over to the Official thread of this App : HTC BlinkFeed | Sense7-6. If you really like this stuffs please make a small donation for Xpirit which would help him make more improvements in this. Don’t forget to share this post with all the BlinkFeed lovers. You can also ask your doubts in the comment section, I would be glad to help you.

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  1. When I open some news from blink feed my device reboot immediately.what should I do.I am on lollipop 5.1.1.

  2. Follow the steps & all but Blinkfeed couldn’t be able to update the contents I picked on the home screen of my LG Stylo 2 Plus. HTC Home Sense as a whole works with no problem & its Blinkfeed that wont show anything on the front screen. All I got was the weather & clock on top besides this annoying updating circle to show the articles. . .What should I do??

  3. Downloaded and works nicely. Bit annoying how Google plus not working though.

    Is there a way to uninstall or reverse the installation once done? Should I ever wish to do this! I have a Samsung s7.

  4. Pls upload backup os of canogenmod ROM of YU yunique done by Twrp so we can easily install canogenmod in our YU yunique.pls pls