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While surfing the net for logo designers, I came across The Hoth A free logo designing website. Currently, there are hundreds of logo designing website on the internet all filled with free freebies, lenses, filters, makeups, shape-shifting, designing, etc. But no one is as simple, as easy as The Hoth the best free online logo maker in the town.

It is so simple a nine-year-old can use. It is exceptionally user-friendly, fast and precise – up to the point. As soon as I clicked on “Create My Logo for Free” a second window opened up consisting of simple tools like adding your text, symbol, shape, business card if any, whether you would like to upload an image etc. It practically made my work so simple. But why you need to focus on your logo?

Your logo is a visual cornerstone of a company’s brand. Your company’s identity is visually expressed through its logo, which, along your company’s name’, is one of the main things that makes your business memorable. Think of eBay, Google, and Yahoo. Each one of these companies has a distinctive logo that a large percentage of people would be able to describe without seeing.

Let me give you a small 5 step guide for creating your logo under ten mins.

Best free Online logo maker

  1. Choose your font type and size and type in the content for the logo More than 50 fonts available to choose. (Who gives 50 fonts for free for a logo?) The content would be in a box that can be moved across vertically or horizontally depending on your requirement.
  2. Choose a symbol of your own. Either upload any form of a picture in .BMP, .JPEG, .PNG or other formats or choose from thousands of symbols available freely on the website.
  3. Now change the background colour with best colour of your choice. And click preview which will show you your logo’s after you have clicked save & download.
  4. In case you have any changes you need to do them before you click save and download. Feel free to select from previous options, arrange, adjust shape, size, colour, length etc.
  5. Once you are satisfied with final changes, click on Save & Download. It will ask you for your email ID, so Logo can be downloaded as well as emailed to you so one can access it whenever you require. Here you go, your logo is ready in 5 simple steps.

If you require a business card; there are predefined formats available. Merely choose format, type in your content, add your image and click save and download. Viola! Your business card is ready in a jiffy! The business card is often a requirement from your client while you create their logo.

Create free business card of best quality

Well, this is how I completed my project in just 10 mins thus enjoying my weekend, and yes, I also received an appreciation from my client for the quality of work. The best part was that the designer team was clueless to how did I create a fantastic logo in such short span of time. I mentioned to them I have an army of artists to help me with that and winked 😉

A Quick bite: This website is perfect for your projects, presentations to create, edit, save-share logo at your disposal. Freelance logo designers, students, artists and even amateurs, all can comfortably use this free online logo maker for their project. After my logo activity, I felt to explore the site more since its user interface was smooth.

I happen to notice this website has so much more to offer. Free online logo making is just one of the services provided by THEHOTH. If you are into digital marketing and SEO, this site has way more things to offer. If you are an internet marketer likes me, feel free to explore and see for yourself.

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