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The social media giant Snapchat has come a long way since it was ceremoniously launched back in 2011. What was once no more than a space for exchanging funny and often incriminating pictures that would go puff into the air in a matter of seconds now has many other functions. Be it exchanging or posting videos and messages for following the lives of celebs; there’s a lot that goes unnoticed by many even now.

Till recently, Snapchat had an impressive array of trophies to mark individual or group traits, but it has since been modified to Snapchat charms. These charms represent varied aspects of your multifarious relationships on Snapchat. Whether sharing birthdays, zodiac signs or celebrating the long run of your relationships, there’s a charm for every scenario. In this article, we will go in-depth about all Snapchat charms (amounting to 30 in total). First, let’s start at the basics.

What Are Snapchat Charms?

What are Snapchat Charms?

We must first understand the meaning of Snapchat charms meaning before delving into the nitty-gritty. According to Snapchat’s Support Page, charms are quirky, special mementos that regularly celebrate your friendships. They are added depending solely on your interactions and relationships with your close ones. 

Want to view Snapchat charms? Open a friend’s or group’s profile and scroll to the bottom. Tap on each charm to learn more about it. Tap anywhere outside the charm or simply swipe down to go back. Note that Snapchat charms will update over time, so always look for new surprises! Snapchat charms are private, so only you and your friend can check them out. If you unfriend or block a person, they won’t be able to view your charms. 

Here’s a much-needed disclaimer: screenshotting a friendship profile can notify that friend.

How Are Charms Added?

Snapchat charms like Snapchat Emoji’s are special surprises introduced based on your relationships with your close ones and how you interact with each other. Its goal is to add a touch of fun to your Snapchat interactions. There are some Charms related to bitmojis, friend emojis, display names, birthdays, and many more. The charms will keep changing regularly to keep it interesting. 

Group charms will highlight the most active (and, for the most part, creative) members of your groups in unique ways. To view group charms, navigate to one of your group profiles and scroll down to the bottom to see the ongoing group charms. Note that they will be visible to all group members.

All Snapchat Charms and Ways to Get Them

Here’s a list of all available charms on Snapchat at the moment:

A. Astrology and Zodiac Charms: 

Astrology and Zodiac Snapchat Charms

Astrology Compatibility Charm,♉ Taurus Charm,♋ Cancer Charm,♊ Gemini Charm,♐ Sagittarius Charm,♎ Libra Charm,♒ Aquarius Charm,♑ Capricorn Charm,♌ Leo Charm,♏ Scorpio Charm,♍ Virgo Charm,♈ Aries Charm,♓ Pisces Charm

Astrology Compatibility Charm:

A lovely and loving combination that brings out your sensitive side, you get this charm if you happen to share an astrological connection with any of your friends. Few zodiac signs go well with one another; if you spot this charm, it means you have friends with complimentary astrological signs.

Here are the 12 astrology signs: 

  • Aquarius: January 20 to February 18
  • Cancer: June 22 to July 22 
  • Capricorn: December 22 to January 19
  • Gemini: May 21 to June 21
  • Leo: July 23 to August 22
  • Libra: September 23 to October 23
  • Pisces: February 19 to March 20
  • Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 
  • Scorpio: October 24 to November 21
  • Taurus: April 20 to May 20
  • Virgo: August 23 to September 22
  • Aries: March 21 to April 19

Zodiac Charms and Their Meanings:

Now that you know how your zodiacs are assigned, here’s a list of all the zodiac charms and what they say about you:

Snapchat Zodiac SignsMeanings
Aquarius CharmAir sign/ independent, strong and value freedom/ can be shy or quiet
Cancer CharmWater sign/ compassionate/ love intensely/ intuitive/ can be insecure or pessimistic
Capricorn CharmEarth sign/ motivated and task-oriented/ good with responsibility/ may appear arrogant
Gemini CharmAir sign/ quick to crack a joke and lively/ adaptive but indecisive
Leo CharmFire sign/ passionate and creative/ have great energy/ can be stubborn and lazy
Libra CharmAir sign/ want everyone to get along/ a diplomat and can work well with others/ others can take advantage of your diplomacy
Pisces CharmWater sign/ an incredible artist with ample creativity for two/ not always grounded in reality
Sagittarius CharmFire sign/ a giver and have a large heart/ generosity and kind-heartedness may be taken advantage of
Scorpio CharmWater sign/ independent, stubborn and resourceful/ can strive in any situation/ can be distrusting and secretive
Taurus CharmEarth sign/ reliable, practical, and strong/ responsible but stubborn and unwilling to change
Virgo CharmEarth sign/ loyal, modest and dedicated to close ones/ can be shy and worry too much
Aries CharmFire sign/ lively and courageous/ love adventure and exploring/ impatient and impulsive

B. Other Personality and Trait-Based Snapchat Charms List:

Other Personality and Trait-Based Snapchat Charms List

New Friends Charm, Best Friends Charm, Birthday Twins Charm, Upcoming Birthday Charm, Shy Guy Charm, Friend’s Birthstone Charm, In Touch Charm, It’s Been A Second Charm, It’s Been A Minute Charm, It’s Been Forever Charm, Snap Rookies Charm, Snap Sophomores Charm, Snap Masters Charm, Snap Heroes Charm, Snap Legends Charm, Snap OGs Charm, Snapstreak Charm, Snapchat Group Charms

1. New Friends Charm:

You will get this if you and another Snapchat user just became friends. Say hi! This will appear for a week or so after you initially add the person to your friend list.

2. Best Friends Charm:

You will get this if you snap and chat with a person. To get this charm, you must continually snap and chat with your friend for many days.

3. Birthday Twins Charm:

You will get this if you and another user have birthdays in the same week. So, if you see this charm, you and another one of your Snap friends happen to share a birthday.

4. Upcoming Birthday Charm:

Another Snapchat user’s birthday is coming up soon, and this is a reminder. The Snapchat team wants to ensure you get the friend a card or birthday cake!

5. Shy Guy Charm:

If you and a friend still haven’t ever sent each other a Snap or initiated a chat, this charm is for you to kickstart a friendship!

6. Friend’s Birthstone Charm:

You can have one of the 12 month’s birthstones if a fellow friend uses their birthday on Snapchat. Through this, you can view that friend’s birthstones.

Here is a list of all the birthstones by month: 

  1. January is Garnet
  2. February is Amethyst
  3. March is Aquamarine
  4. April is Diamond
  5. May is Emerald
  6. June is Alexandrite
  7. July is Ruby
  8. August is Peridot
  9. September is Sapphire 
  10. October is Pink Tourmaline
  11. November is Yellow Topaz
  12. December is Zircon

7. In Touch Charm:

You will see this if you and your friend have been staying in touch of late. So, as long as you communicate regularly through snaps or chats, this charm will present itself.

8. It’s Been A Second Charm:

If you and a friend haven’t been in touch for a while but usually snap at each other all the time, this charm will quickly remind you to shoot a hi the other’s way.

9. It’s Been A Minute Charm:

If you and a friend you used to talk to on the app haven’t been in touch for quite a while, this charm serves as a reminder to send a quick hi their way to resume the once-regular conversation.

10. It’s Been Forever Charm:

If you and a friend haven’t been in touch for more than a year, this charm reminds you that it is never too late to reach out. There might have been a falling out, or you could have simply lost touch, and in such cases, this charm comes in handy.

11. Snap Rookies Charm:

You and a friend are just getting started on the app and have an average snap score that is a little low. This charm is a reminder that it is only up from here.

12. Snap Sophomores Charm:

You and a friend are just getting settled in on the app and have an average snap score that is slightly higher than the lowest (around 2,500 to 3,000). This charm is also a motivational reminder that it is only uphill from here.

13. Snap Masters Charm:

This means that both of you know your way around Snapchat. You can get this charm if you are a super Snapchat user who has consistently been snapping with one friend for a long period. Persistence is the key to this charm!

14. Snap Heroes Charm:

This means that both of you have a terrifically high Snapchat score. How heroic! The goal is to get to this level with a friend. If you are already here, there is only one more step to conquer.

15. Snap Legends Charm:

This means you are total legends! One up from the master’s charm, at a certain Snap score, you will get upgraded from masters to legends. The exact cutoff is unclear, but it is somewhere around 150,000 to 200,000.

16. Snap OGs Charm:

If you and a friend both joined Snapchat in the same year Stories launched, this charm confirms that you have been here for a long while and are, therefore, the original gangstas of the app.

17. Snapstreak Charm:

If you and a friend have a snapstreak going for a long time now, this charm makes its way to your profile. Keep snapping a friend constantly for three or more days, and bam- you have a snapstreak. You have to keep it up, mind you, lest you lose the streak.

18. Snapchat Group Charms:

Snapchat has now launched group charms shared solely between groups during a chat. They are a unique way to describe various roles and relationships in the group. Go to the group, click on the friends’ icons in the upper-left corner, and scroll down. The charms will be there at the very bottom.

The first group charm is the Most Creative charm awarded to a person who sends many unique images, gifs, emojis, and more to liven up the conversation.

The Most Nostalgic group charm follows suit. This one is for the person who loves to think about the memorable times the group has spent together. From beach vacations to fun nights, this friend brings those memories to the group.

Lastly, the Group Paparazzi charm is for those who love to take photos, mostly of themselves. Much like the paparazzi who click candid images of celebrities out on the town, this friend does the same with group members and themselves.

How to Hide Charms?

Snapchat charms can be hidden from your Friendship Profile. If you want to do so, it will disappear for you and your friend. Simply go to a Friendship Profile and scroll down to the bottom. Click on a charm to expand it and view more info. Now, tap the 3 dots icon, and select the Hide Charm button. Finally, tap on Hide. As for Birthday and Astrology charms, they can be hidden by simply toggling off Birthday Party. Remember that you can only edit your birthday a limited amount of times. Changes to the Birthday Party setting can take up to an hour to affect charms.

How to Restore Hidden Charms?

If you have second thoughts and want to restore a hidden charm, go to a Friendship profile and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the Hidden button, and you will see a list of your hidden charms, with the recently hidden ones making it to the top. Click on the name of the charm you want to restore and select the Restore button. Note that expired charms cannot be restored.


That’s all about Snapchat charms (previously known as trophies). They can be quite fun and interesting, and most of all, they can serve as motivation to amp up your activity on the social media app. Make sure you keep track of your Snap score, which will increase with time as you interact with the app. Good luck!

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