What does WYO, WYS, WYD & WYA Mean on Snapchat

With the emergence of Snapchat, acronyms and snapchat emojis have become synonymous to digital socialization. In fact, the imprints of the social media giant has left its mark on good ol’ texting and informal emails, as well. People increasingly tend to replace phrases with their respective acronyms, solely to complement fluidity and steadfastness in interactions. 

Some of the acronyms that have been taking Snapchat by storm are WYO, WYS, WYA, and WYD. So, what does WYO mean on Snapchat? What about the other ones in the series? To answer these, we have curated a guide for better understanding of acronyms.

What does WYO Mean on Snapchat?

The usage of WYO is rampant on Snapchat, so it is only natural that you look it up to see what it stands for. WYO is the shortened version of “What you on?”

If you want to ask a friend about their plans for the next few hours, or just ask for their company, you can type in a simple WYO or WYD, and the person on the other side will be expected to reveal their upcoming engagements or just simply what they have been working on.

Here are the different scenarios in which WYO is used:

  • Asking someone about their plans
  • Asking someone what they are currently doing
  • Asking someone to make plans with you for the day
  • Catching up with someone
What does WYO, WYS, WYD & WYA Mean on Snapchat?

WYO is quite similar in meaning to WYD. But, more on that later. For now, this is how you use WYO on Snapchat. As for how to respond to WYO in text, just tell the inquirer about your plans, or whether you are free to hang out, and that’s that.

What does WYS Mean on Snapchat?

WYS is yet another acronym that has caught up with the evolving wheel of Snapchat lingo. Unlike WYD, the meaning of WYS appears to differ from WYO (special emphasis on “appears”). While WYO means “What you on,” WYS connotes “What you saying?” or as the modern crowd likes to type it, “What you sayin’.”

So, now that the answer to “what does WYS mean on Snapchat” is transparent, it’s time to get into the emotions or tonality attached to it. WYS actually means the same as WYD and WYO.

Even though it doesn’t sound like it, “What you sayin’” is but another way of asking what they are currently doing, what their plans are, or whether you want to catch up with them. 

So, yes, with this one, rely less on the actual full form and more on its intended meaning. 

What does WYS Mean on Snapchat

What does WYD Mean on Snapchat?

WYD essentially means the same as WYO on Snapchat. WYD means “What you doing?” and it is a way for people to ask others what they are/have been up to lately. Here’s an example of how you can use it:

X: Hey!

Y: Hey, WYD?

X: Nothing much, wanna hang?

Y: Sure!

WYD can either mean “I am free, let’s hang out” or “I am bored”, depending on the context. At the end of the day, WYD means asking someone what they have been working on, lately or whether they have prior engagements.

What does WYD Mean on Snapchat

What does WYA Mean on Snapchat?

WYA essentially means “Where you at?” and it is used to ask someone’s current location. The use of WYA on Snapchat has increased overnight, with a majority of users typing this acronym in their daily conversations. Here’s an example of how to use WYA in text:

X: Hey, it’s 3.15 pm already, WYA?

Y: Sorry, just got caught up in a few errands. Reaching in 10!

That’s all there is to WYA, nothing more, nothing less. Want to ask someone where they are? Shoot a WYA!

What does WYA Mean on Snapchat

How to use WYO, WYS, WYD & WYA on Snapchat?

Now that we know the full forms of all these abbreviations, it is time to discuss how and where you can use these. Can you use them across all platforms? Yes, you can. Apart from formal work-related meetings and texts, sending WYA to a friend can never lead to bad things.

Here are some ways to use WYO, WYS, WYD, and WYA on Snapchat:

1. Text

If you are using WYO in text messages, chances are that you use it only to ask what your friends are up to. So, once again, it serves the purpose of asking if the other person has any plans, and if not, chalking out a quick meet up soon. 

If you want, you can also make a snap out of your WYO text and send it to the intended contact. Do not miss the chance to use it while at a party or an eventful scenario, as a way to pull your friend’s leg.

2. Cameos

With Snapchat’s latest functionalities, you can get your face superimposed on several animations to make it seem like you are doing outrageous things. In this respect, you may consider using this feature if you want to send a WYD to a friend, but in a quirky way. 

Here’s how to do that: simply type WYD in the provided text field and select the ‘Cameo’ option to the right. Pick the cameo of your choice, and voila!

How to use WYD on Snapchat using Cameos

3. Sticker

Who are we kidding? This is Snapchat- of course they have stickers for it! Yes, WYO as well as acronyms similar in meaning have dedicated stickers to make their usage vibrant and quirky. Add one to a snap and shoot it your friend’s way. 

Stickers have been catching up like wildfire, with almost every social media app releasing newer versions of stickers. With the WYO sticker, you no longer have to type it out.

Other Similar Acronyms 

While WYD, WYS, WYA, and WYO mean nearly the same, there are still many more acronyms that you must be aware of, to stay at the top of your game. Here are 2 such phrases which have made their fair share of rounds on the internet, and to this date, continue to be used.

1. LMK: Let me know

This does exactly what it sounds like. It is used to tell someone that they should get back to you regarding something either you had inquired about or they had promised to say. Here’s an example:

X: What are your plans for your birthday?

Y: I don’t know yet. Maybe I should go to the mall nearby.

X: I can come along and give company, if you want.

Y: That’s a great idea, but let me ask my mom first.

X: Okay, LMK.

Next up is yet another acronym that has been made popular by every social media platform.

2. DYK: Did you know

This is used to convey something possibly not known to the other person. If you want to share a fact, you can begin with DYK. Similarly, if you have gossip to exchange or an incident that has recently trespassed, DYK is the perfect fit. 


The bottomline is, acronyms and abbreviations are about to take over even larger parts of the internet, so it is best to be in the know, when it comes to the top few frequently used acronyms. A little extra knowledge about modern lingo never hurt anyone. In fact, it will only push your socialization skills towards betterment. 

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