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While the market is flourishing with multiple smart gears and accessories like Apple watch, fitband, android smart watch, etc. the S3 Samsung Gear is one such product that has been in the market for quite sometime now. Being one of the pioneers at some time in the smartwatch industry, the design of the S3 Samsung Gear is versatile and extremely stylish.

While the USP of the watch is its lightweight design, its Tizen operating system has multiple features and is a Samsung exclusive.

Here, we have listed some of the major applications one could load their S3 Samsung Gear in 2023. This list will give you a variety of options to choose from and help you understand the features of these applications better. Have a look!

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps of 2023

1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Samsung Gear S3 App

The Samsung Gear S3 enables you to keep a check on your wellbeing and health with the help of this health app ‘S health’.

It functions as a wellness GPS beacon gadget out there in the market, checking the number of steps taken by you, amount of water you’ve drunk, how much rest you have got, etc. This can likewise gauge your pulse and wellness to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

Match it with this fitness app and you can believe that you can reduce every one of the unwanted calories ingested inside your body after having a meal. Calorie burner S3 application updates you with a rundown of sustenance things assembled into 14 distinct classes to make nourishment simpler to discover.

For example, on the off chance that you ate an unhealthy cheeseburger in a meal and wish to remove those additional unwanted calories, you can check with the application to discover the calorie count of your meal to estimate the number of extra calories you have to burn in your workout session.

2. Camera One for Samsung Watch

Camera One Samsung Watch App

This powerful application helps you in controlling your remote without even touching it. You get to see an ongoing perspective from your mobile camera on the amazing display of your hand gear and snap a picture utilizing this gear.

This likewise changes from the front to the rear camera, it also allows the utilization of a timer to take photographs, kill the glimmer on or change the configuration of the picture, record video. It’s one of a kind application with amazing benefits.

There is likewise a display of the last 12 photographs or recordings that you have taken. This is a decent method to assemble pictures without depending on another gadget, or utilizing somebody’s long arm!

Camera One: Wear, Galaxy Watch
Camera One: Wear, Galaxy Watch
Developer: Shuisky
Price: Free

3. Calculator For Wear OS

Calculator for Wear OS Watch Gear S3

Very few number of applications are compatible with the Gear S3, however, this application is most likely the least problematic to utilize.

This application has an automatic feature in which operation command is conveniently orchestrated on left aspect and the tasks on the right element of the screen altogether distinguishing it from other awkward interfaces on various mathematical applications, where you have to invest some energy acquainting your mind according to application software in the beginning.

On the off chance that you have enormous digits on your hands, the cloud popup feature of this application is meant for you. Content that shows up where you just have to press on any of the clouds. The spring up content gives the right information about the input command you gave, whether the operations you entered are correct or not.

Additionally, there is an ‘erase’ button to address any miss command you may give and an ‘all delete’ button as well which gives you a chance to begin once again. This application can manage complex commands as well. For example, 553 + (135156454) x 4654.

4. Samsung Gear S3 Notifications App

This application tells you on the off chance that someone sent you a text on any online or social networking platforms. The user has the privilege to alternatively answer with pre-characterized text only by pressing the send button. This application likewise shows you cards from Google now as well.

This is an extraordinary method to stay in contact when you can’t directly use your cell phone with your hands and type in a reply. For example, your better half asks you about your location or health on Messenger. You can simply answer with a prepared “I’m driving. Can’t talk right now.”

5. Pandora Online

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Though honestly speaking, Pandora Online originates from an organization that provides vehicle security, not like their inbuilt car systems with music benefit, the portable application can enable you to screen what’s happening in your vehicle when you are not nearby your vehicle.

The type of data you can use only with the help of Samsung gear incorporates fuel level and weather inside the car and outside.

Users can likewise utilize the application to turn on or disable the vehicle caution alarm, and control the door of a storage compartment. It additionally utilizes GPS to disclose the location of your vehicle to you. This gadget can enable you to control multiple number of vehicles at the same time.

Pandora Online
Pandora Online
Price: Free

6. Game boy Emulator

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On the off chance, if a user is an individual who likes exemplary amusement, get this Game boy Emulator application on the users Gear S3 and enjoy Game Boy and Game Boy Color recreations at any place and any time.

Contingent upon the game you are playing, the gear application utilizes display features to enable you to make your hero move, or the gamer can press on the touch screen to control the game.

7. Ducker

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A fun app that enables you to exploit the special pivoting application you can download on your Samsung gear, this game is a genuinely straightforward amusement that gives you a chance to handle a duck which attempts to run through a bustling road.

You can utilize the controls to dodge obstructions, earn points and guard and make way for the ducks to reach safe zone without any mischief taking place.

Ducker is an amazing application with basic amusement that the user can enjoy on their S3 Samsung Gear. Furthermore, the acceding difficulty on each succeeding mission is ensured to keep the gamer snared and engaged.

Ducker is a one of a kind street crossing game for Smart watch S3. While the style is like Crossy Road or Forger, numerous features make Ducker one of a kind.

The game is amazingly easy to play, utilizing the Bezel to turn the player to one side, right, or forward while the player continues moving toward the path as confronted, this makes a test in itself as you endeavor to cross streets, streams and railroad tracks. There are typical vehicles, trucks, logs, and crocodiles as well in the game.

8. PYT – Player for YouTube

Developed by Andrzej Bugajny, PYT is an application which allows you to watch and stream YouTube videos on your  Samsung Gear S3.

While viewing a video, the user could crank the sound more or less or go ahead or play the video again on the application. You can likewise twofold touch on the display to control the motion of the audio or video. Besides, you can utilize the touches for different controls.

9. Bubble Bash 3

Gameloft gives the Samsung Gear S3 proprietors a full form of this game application. This famous game has no less than 120 dimensions of gaming amusement. This game is basic, you simply shoot up air bubbles to check 4 of a similar color patterns to hit it.

On the off chance that you clear more air pockets, you earn more points. You utilize the pivoting bezels in your Samsung Gear in order to handle the air pocket launcher.

10. Uber

Uber for Samsung Gear S3 Best Apps

Uber enables the user to arrange a taxi and pay for it via money or through MasterCard, PayPal, and other installment strategies. It is a reasonable and advantageous application which helps you to move to various places. Uber provides the user a taxi which gives you a ride to any place you like.

With Gear S3, you will now be able to arrange a vehicle directly through the gear. A user can see a little guide on their Gear S3 which he or she can reset to its present location.

From that point onward, user is solicited with the type of vehicle or administration you are keen on using uber taxies with variations. To pick which alternative you need, you just need to turn the bezel on and request.

The application will likewise demonstrate to you the location of the uber vehicle. It additionally shows a gauge of the uber driver’s estimated arrival time at the destined location. To put it plainly, this Samsung rendition of this amazing application enables the user to do the same kind of things that one can do with their Android or iOS phones.

11. Travel Phrasebook

If you frequently visit overseas, you should introduce your Gear S3 to this amazing application. The application updates the user with all the helpful sentences that you could use in the native language, depending upon the language being used in the place which you are visiting.

For example, a user is conversing with a taxi driver or attempting to trade your cash into the nearby money center in Bali, Indonesia. The application works offline as well.

12. Mr. Time Maker

This amazing application enables the user to customize the face of their smartwatch  or browse 1,00,00,000 and more displays effectively accessible online. User can likewise add gadgets to the modified face of the watch.

13. Mystery Recorders

One of the incredible parts of the Samsung Gear smartwatches is that they have a round face simply like an ordinary watch. Truth be told, when the watch face display is active, various watch faces really resemble a normal watch.

Except, if you look carefully (which the vast majority don’t), it’s anything but difficult to imagine that you’re not wearing a smartwatch.

In any case, covered up inside that apparently honest watch, lies a blend of Samsung Gear applications you can use to keep an eye on individuals or situations.

For instance, envision a circumstance where you’d love to record a discussion. However you have no real way to join a recorder to your body. Your watch could turn into your recorder.

14. HERE WeGo

Here WeGo is a standout amongst the best GPS outline for Gear S3. It is best option among the applications. It works like Google Maps. Searches the area, exact turn-by-turn route, time and separation counter and appropriate heading in driving or strolling mode. Samsung tied up with them, however it is absent in a smartwatch, you have to download it from the store.

15. Voxer

One of the most mainstream equipped applications S3 has is called Voxer. Voxer is a two-way Wrist Radio. It implies that you can send voice messages from your smartwatch to another person like you would on a walkie-talkie.

To individually chat with your companion, simply tap on a contact and begin talking into your watch. It shows up as a message on your mate’s watch, and they would then be able to hear it out on the watch itself by means of the Gear S3’s 3G speaker or on a connected Bluetooth headset.

16. Twitter Trends

If you are a Twitterati and can’t stay 2 minutes away from the social networking platform, here’s a great application for you.

It can see the trending tweets and hashtags and can send straightforwardly to your watch underneath the date and time, so you’ll know precisely about trending tweets and hashtags and it also notifies you when your tweet got a re-tweet.

17. Telephone Camera Remote Circle

In this application, to capture a photograph or record video on your telephone by means of your Gear S3, you just need to turn that fresh, energetic roundabout display screen of the watch.

It works with both front and back cameras, underpins a blaze mode and has a self-clock mode to give you an opportunity to get the shot. The application is accessible to download via the App Store.

18. Chat Hub

Chat Hub is a most common messaging application for the Gear S3 smartwatch. This convenient design of Gear S3 for this application brings every one of your messages into one screen – Notes, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

Chat Hub incorporates together preset answers like “What’s going on?” and an onscreen console in the event that you need to compose your reply.

19. News Briefing

News Briefing is for the regular news readers, and it’s all around created and altogether different from alternate news applications.

Utilizing this application, you can choose your most loved articles you want to read and simply retrieve news from chosen sites. The application is technically advanced and has tons of underlying features which altogether make a phenomenal application.

20. Lifesum

Lifesum is the best meal and water tracker. Samsung’s own S Health screen enables you to physically enter the amount of water you’ve tanked with a single touch. Be that as it may, if you need to go above and beyond, Lifesum merits a section with dish recipes, journals and ‘get more fit’/put on weight’ objectives.

Your information is transferred utilizing your smartwatch and is accessible to see on Lifesum’s online dashboard as reports and diagrams. This is helpful if you are on a strict diet or you are endeavoring to get in shape. It can likewise help your inspiration.

21. Spotify

The Spotify music application is at long last taking off for Gear S3. The application will give you a chance to control playback on your wrist, skim through graphs, seek professional music composers and look through their playlists.

There’s no offline mode at present, so in the event that you’re taking it for a run, you’ll just have the way to utilize it with the 3G data or Wi-Fi.

22. Smart Things

If you possess brilliant home gadget, then this application is convenient for the beginners. With the Smart Things application for Gear S3, you will have the capacity to utilize your smartwatch to control home automation such preset lighting of your house, so your home is prepared for your arrival. It lets you activate other presets and routines with just a single click.


Samsung releases frequent software update for its Tizen-based Gear S3 smartwatch that offers new health feature, new control choices for the Gear VR and powerpoint introductions, and progressively nitty-gritty, day-by-day morning climate conjectures.

The organization says the updates will make the three-year-old smart watch progressively helpful to utilize. The product’s software update additionally includes what Samsung portrays as a cleaner UI, so substance can be seen all the more effectively. However, we constantly found the S3’s bezel-controller UI to be its best element.

The software update includes another App Shortcuts gadget to the Gear S3, which naturally puts your most-utilized and most loved applications in a single place. You would now be able to swipe down from any screen to get to a speedy dashboard, which shows settings like splendor, volume, and off-line mode.

The new wellness and wellbeing highlights incorporate a multi-exercise gadget that lets you preset your most loved daily practice and set latency cautions. Like on the Apple Watch, the alarms remind you to get up and walk when you’ve been sitting for a long time.

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