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The Sega Dreamcast console was a prestigious gadget of its time that every kid wanted to have as it was launched in the late 1990s. It did bring a massive revolution in the gaming industry by providing a platform to play MMORPGs and other games seamlessly. With time, other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox came in the lineup, and the revolutionary era was about to end. As of now, today’s kids don’t know well enough about RPG games. 

But, if you are someone who has enjoyed their time playing some cool Sega games. Then, you might feel glad to know that you can still enjoy some of the best Sega RPGs even today. All you need to play RPGs is a PC and a Dreamcast emulator to set up the environment and run the games on it. But, if you look for a Dreamcast emulator online, you might have a hard time finding the best one out of them. 

Hence, to make things a little bit easier for you. We have already curated a list of the Best Dreamcast Emulators for you. Make sure to check this RPG list and download one of these to have a good experience and run RPG games smoothly. 

5 Best Dreamcast RPGs

There are hundreds of RPGs on Dreamcast to try out, so if you immensely miss playing your favourite game. If so, you can easily find it online and play using an emulator. But, at this course of time, we have made a RPG list of the best Sega RPGs that even today’s kids would love to play. Hence, sit back and go read about some of these best Dreamcast RPGs and see if they are good enough to please you or not.  

1. Skies Of Arcadia

Skies Of Arcadia

If you feel fascinated about stories of pirates and have seen some of the classic movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, then, the storyline of Skies of Arcadia will be your choice of best Sega RPG game. No doubt we had to include this RPG on our list because it truly deserves to be in the first place. It is because while we were researching it; we noticed that this game is still living in a million people’s hearts. Not only that, but people are also requesting Sega to make a remastered version of this game. Just so that they can enjoy the same exciting storyline once again with enhanced graphics. 

While you dive into it and start playing, you will notice by yourself that it does have very decent graphics. Moreover, like most other RPGs, this one also allows you to make friendship bonds with dozens of characters and explore the dungeons and entire world with them. Apart from that, the game is quite interesting as you will need to play different characters while each character has its abilities to fight. In addition, as more and more you play this game, it tries to stop your journey by arranging many boss fights. But, if you are a dedicated RPG gamer, you will get through all the obstacles pretty quickly. 

2. Sakura Wars 3

Sakura Wars 3

While the list of RPGs on Dreamcast seems endless, Sakura Wars 3 does have capabilities to stand out. That’s the reason we picked this Sega RPG for this list and chose the second place for it. If you take a look at the storyline of this game here, you will know after the completion of the first two very impeccable successful parts of the Sakura Wars lineup. The characters decide to move to Paris and explore the sights there. While the characters spend their time making friends in a completely new environment, they do meet some people, and the story starts to revolve around them. 

Back then, the technology was not so advanced as it is in today’s time. Hence, to make a game win hearts, the plot was all that mattered. Dreamcast was a great platform to make those comic stories more meaningful. Sakura Wars 3 ended up to become one of the best Dreamcast games of its time. In-game, there are unrealistic yet entertaining robot fights, that will require a skilful player to compete and win. Hence, if you are good at making relationships with people, why don’t you give your skills a try at the busy streets of Paris in this game?  

3. Grandia 2

grandia 2 dreamcast

Unlike other game series, Grandia 2 does not require you to know the backstory to start. There is no need to worry even if you have never played the part one of this RPG ever before. Because, as you compare both these games, you will know that Grandia 2’s story is based entirely in a new universe. And, what happens in this new universe is worth exploring. The main protagonist and game character that you will be role-playing as is Ryudo. A cruel, rude kind of person, but yes, with a sword as well. 

This character does not like to listen to other people’s sayings and kind of loves to live his life his way. Indeed, you will not want someone like this if you meet in real-world. But for a game where you always need to face various creatures and monsters, you will need a character like Ryudo. In a nutshell, this Sega RPG will make kids understand that we should make our decision on our own while knowing the difference between the right and wrong. Thus, this mature thinking is passed on to the players during every quest of the game. Therefore, we believe that Grandia 2 is one of the best RPG games that you can try these days. 

4. Segagaga


If you have spent some time playing games on Sega Dreamcast in the past, most probably you will still remember your favourite characters from that era while Dreamcast was gaining a good amount of audience and lots of love from them. They decided to create a game that has all the most beloved RPG characters of all time. It was Sega’s way to describe their love towards the audience. And, they pretty much succeeded as well. Even today, if someone wants to experience the entire Sega universe. Segagaga is the best RPG Dreamcast game that we will gladly recommend. 

As this single game covers a variety of genres, obviously because of the presence of all the famous characters. You can probably call it a Sega simulator, where you can pick your favourite character, and start completing quests and exploring the world. The plot of the game is based on what Sega was facing as a company at that time. Like any other company, competitors are always there. And, that is precisely what Sega tries to portrait in this game. In the game, Sega, as a company decides to place kids from the streets. Just in the hope to bring the market shares in their favour. Thus, our main character of this story is one of those street kids as well. And, it will be an exciting story to explore and see how things change for Sega. 

5. Silver

silver dreamcast

So, in search of the best RPGs out there, Silver is one of the most glorious and adventurous games to try out. Want to know why? Well, there’s an overall plot of this game where Silver, he is the main boss villain. As usual, we will be trying to hunt him down during the whole game, because this maniac kidnaps our main character’s wife. So, getting her back from him is our primary objective. The boss fights are interesting to play. But, some of the bosses are so strong that it takes around 20 minutes to finish them. 

Hence, if you are courageous enough to get David’s wife back from Silver, you will need to face uncountable numbers of enemies, monsters, pirates, bosses, etc. Of course, there are many fun elements present in the game that will kill your time pretty quickly. But, the fact that makes this game so popular among the Dreamcast players is the efforts it takes from you to complete this game. Most of your time will be going while sword-fighting with Silver’s allies. Thus, if you want to showcase your fighting skills, this game will throw dozens of enemies on your screen after every few steps to test your willpower. Try out this game if you like to face adventurous exploration, challenging quests, and sword fights.  


Dreamcast was one of the best things that happened for the 90s kids, and we are one of them too. Since there are hundreds of games in the Dreamcast RPG list, games of your liking might differ from our list, however, if you consider the games that are most loved by the audience. We have tried to show you the best Dreamcast RPGs of all time. We recommend you to play these Sega RPGs as these genuinely stand out from the crowd. And, also provide you with the best game plots ever. If you are looking for Nintendo DraStic DS Emulator, you can review our article on How to download Nintendo DraStic DS Emulator for free. In case you liked any game from the list or have any further queries regarding the emulators or games, do let us know in the comments section.  

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