Best Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO Game

Reminiscing about the good old days, when Pokemon was the best thing to watch on TV. Well, every Pokemon fan wants to live that way and catch their own Pokemon and train them. Pokemon Go is the best platform to do that; it is gaining a tremendous amount of love from all of its users. As there are hundreds of Pokemons available throughout the world, catching them all is almost every player’s dream.

One of the coolest Pokemon that every Pokemon trainer wants with them is Eevee. And, we don’t think we need to tell you why people are so crazy about Eevee, Pokemon fans know it pretty well already. So, in case you already have an Eevee, you might be wondering which is the most powerful Pokemon that you can evolve Eevee into since there are seven different kinds of Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Go.

Thus, finding the best Eevee evolution will be quite interesting. So, we will be discussing how to evolve Eevee in your desired type using various tricks, let’s begin.

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Eevee Evolution Chart


First off, you should know that Eevee is a normal type Pokemon. Not specifically any Water-type, Fire-type et cetera. However, the possibilities of evolving Eevees are absolutely great. Thus, if you know the correct method, you can evolve Eevee into your favourite Pokemon very easily. As Eevees have a Max CP of 1071, it seems to be a fair Pokemon, but evolving it might make it the best Pokemon in your whole collection. So, let’s check out How to evolve Eevee in Pokemon Go.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefense      Stamina
Pokemon Go Best Eevee Evolutions

1. Leafeon

How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon

As per its name, you can pretty much guess that it’s a Grass-type Pokemon. Well, if you are good with Grass-type Pokemon, you can choose to upgrade your Eevee into Leafeon. The abilities of Leafeon are absolutely remarkable during fights as it can achieve a Max CP of 2944. This is definitely one of the best Eevee evolution.

If we compare the Leafeon to other Eevee evolutions, it does not seem to be most powerful out of all. But, definitely having one of these on your team won’t be any regret for you. Until and unless some opponent shows up with his Exeggutor, Shaymin and Legendary Celebi in the gym fights. As we know, the upcoming Gen 4 bosses are going to be quite hard to defeat, evolving your Eevee into a Gen 4 Pokemon is definitely a great decision. 

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon

The Leafeon Eevee evolution method is quite specific. The most basic trick that you can try to get Leafeon is to nickname your buddy as Linnea. But, there’s one downside to this trick that you can only use this name trick to transform only one Eevee.

 If you just want a Leafeon, nickname your Eevee as Linnea, don’t misspell it. And, later on, select is as your buddy and complete at least two full cycles with it. In other words, you will need to roam around with Eevee as your buddy for a minimum of 10 km and collect two Eevee candies meanwhile.

However, if you want to know how to evolve Eevee into Leafeon, there’s another method to get this Gen 4 Pokemon. If you want to save the name trick for any other Pokemon, you can find a Mossy Lure in-game and use it while evolving your Eevee using candies like the normal way. Mossy Lure is well-known to attract Grass-type Pokemons and eventually helps to evolve Eevee into Leafeon and is one of the best Gen 4 Pokemon Go Sinnoh stone evolution.

2. Flareon

How to Evolve Eevee into Flareon

Most Pokemon trainers out there are wondering how good the fire-type evolution of Eevee is? Well, if you have a look at Flareon’s stats, the Max CP of Flareon can go as high as 3029, but actually, that’s going to take a lot of time to reach that level. No doubt, if you compare it to other Gen 1 Pokemon, Flareon has good enough power and abilities to defeat most of them.

However, what if someone comes up against you with a Gen 4 Pokemon? Would you still prefer to take your Gen 1 Pokemon out to face the defeat? The Flareon is a pretty good choice to pick, until and unless you have to face Moltres or Entei. But those are some Legendary Pokemon that are too rare to find. Thus, your journey would be a great one with Flareon.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Flareon

As we know, if we don’t force it or apply any tricks to the evolution process, everything is going to take place randomly. Since Flareon is a Gen 1 Pokemon, like Vaporeon and Jolteon. There are 33% of chances of getting a Flareon if you do the Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go randomly.

 On the other hand, we still have the name trick to apply to this process. But, the thing to always keep in mind is that we can only use it once per Pokemon-type. Thus, it’s up to you whether you want to save this trick for another Eevee evolution or try it on this one only.

The name trick goes by like this, in-game, you will need to select Eevee as your buddy and set its nickname to Pyro. After that, like the usual method, roam around for at least 10 Kms and collect two candies and evolve it. Using the name trick, the Eevee evolution of Flareon is guaranteed.

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3. Vaporeon

How to Evolve Eevee into Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokemon, so if you are familiar with this type more, you would be glad to have Vaporeon in your team as well. Taking a look at the stats of Vaporeon, it does not fall into the legendary Pokemon category. But, still, the Max CP of 3114 makes it an amazing Pokemon to use during Fights. However, Water-type Pokemon are not much useful in most scenarios unless the fighting conditions are apt.

 But, as we know it’s also a Gen 1 Pokemon, there are various Pokemon that are well capable of beating Vaporeon. In terms of defense, Vaporeon seems to be a little weaker than other Eevee evolutions. And, that’s the fact which makes it lose against Pokemon like Kyogre and Gyarados. However, if you pair it with a Blastoise, the combination is going to be deadly.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Vaporeon

Like we said earlier, if you try to evolve an Eevee randomly without forcing it to evolve into a particular Pokemon, the game will randomly evolve it into a Vaporeon, Flareon or Jolteon. Thus, this tells us that there are almost 33% chances of getting a Vaporeon if you don’t apply any tricks.

Thus, if you have multiple Eevees, you can simply try your luck. If you don’t get Vaporeon the very first time, chances of getting a Vaporeon on another Eevee evolution jumps to 50%. On the other hand, if you don’t want to take any chances and need a Vaporeon, try the name trick.

The Name trick for Vaporeon goes by using the Eevee as your buddy after setting its nickname to Rainer. After you name it, complete two complete cycles, roam 10 Km and collect 2 Eevee candies at least. Only then you will be able to force your Eevee evolution into a Vaporeon. 

4. Jolteon

How to Evolve Eevee into Jolteon

Jolteon is much more loved by the players as it falls into the Electric-type pokemon category. Yes, right beside our beloved Pikachu. However, when it comes to strength and abilities, it’s even more powerful than most electric-type Pokemon. However, Jolteon is not the most powerful Pokemon in the Gen 1 league; the attacking power is much more similar to Flareon.

Moreover, Jolteon can fight against every Pokemon type easily. However, that’s not the case if someone sends their Zapdos and Raikou to fight against it. But, the rarity of these Pokemon is too high. So, for most battles, Jolteon is going to be a nice companion for you. With the Max CP of 2888, that too on a Gen 1 Pokemon is good enough to beat most others with ease.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Jolteon

There is no doubt that electric-type Pokemon are more desirable as they withstand way more battles than any other Pokemon. Thus, if you want to know how to Evolve Eevee into Jolteon, here’s the trick.

Like always, the necessary step is to use Eevee as your buddy and build a healthy relationship with it. By this, we mean to say that explore as much as you can while selecting Eevee as your buddy. And, after 10 Km, Eevee gets ready to be evolved.

Now, as it’s a Gen 1 Pokemon, you can either get it randomly as there are only three options to evolve in the random process, Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon however, if you want to force this transformation to get a Jolteon. Firstly, nickname your Eevee as Sparky, then complete 10 Kms with it and evolve later.

5. Umbreon

How to Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon

Umbreon is a pretty good choice for your Eevee evolution if you want to add a new Pokedex Dark-type entry. Unlike the Gen 1 Pokemon, Umbreon is much more powerful as it is much more advanced and falls into the Gen 2 Category of Pokemon. However, considering the stats, Umbreon does not perform well initially, but if you spend some time training it, it might become a good attacker.

In terms of defence, Umbreon basically shines well and resists almost all Psychic, Dark, Ghost-type pokemon attacks pretty well. On the other hand, fighting against Bug, Fairy or Fighting Pokemon, Umbreon might not be the one who will be able to win the battle for you. Thus, even being a dark-type pokemon, evolving your Eevee into it is not much viable.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon

In case you still want to know how to Evolve Eevee into Umbreon, we have the simplest method that will help you do so. To evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon, you will need to follow a very specific procedure.

 If you have not wasted your name trick on any other Eevee evolution, only then this trick is going to work for you. First of all, you will need to update the nickname of your Eevee as Tamao. After it is done, select Eevee as your buddy and explore the world as much as you can.

Once you complete 10 Kms of distance, keeping Tamao as your buddy, your Eevee will be ready to evolve. Now, the major thing to note here is that this trick will only work when you evolve your Eevee during the night-time. Therefore, use the nickname Tamao, and evolve during the night-time in-game. Otherwise, the trick will fail.

6. Espeon

How to Evolve Eevee Into Espeon

Espeon is yet another Gen 2 Evolution of Eevee which falls amongst the most powerful Psychic-type Pokemon. It won’t be wrong to say that Psychic Pokemon are good in battles against most other pokemon-types as they mess up with their heads and make their abilities useless as we have seen with Mewtwo which is Gen I psychic-type Pokémon. If we consider the overall stats, the Pokemon is good enough to fight and win in most of its battles.

While Espeon has a Max CP of 3170 and fairly amazing attacking abilities, the defence is where it lacks a little bit. Still, if you are an aggressive player, Espeon is a great Pokemon to use in battles. However, the lack of defensive abilities will only affect its performance if the opponent is of Bug-type, Dark-type or Ghost-type because they can resist the psychic abilities pretty well.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee Into Espeon

Both the Espeon and Umbreon are Gen 2 Eevee evolutions; the process of evolution is pretty much the same. Likewise, there is a very specific method for evolving Eevee into Espeon as well.

 As you know, giving a nickname plays a major role in each Eevee evolution. So, make sure you have never ever used it ever before on any other Eevee evolution. Now, to get an Espeon, you will need to choose it as your buddy and set its nickname to Sakura.

Now, the normal Eevee evolution procedure requires you to have it as your buddy first. Then, as soon as you complete 10 Km of exploring the world with Eevee as your buddy, it gets ready to evolve. But, here’s a catch, the trick only works when you press the evolve button during the day-time in-game. Hence, you get a fresh Pokedex entry of Espeon. 

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7. Glaceon

How to Evolve Eevee into Glaceon

Unlike any other Eevee evolution on the list except Leafeon, Glaceon is yet another Gen 4 Pokemon that you can add to your arsenal. Just by the looks of it, you can determine how powerful this Ice-type Pokemon is. Not only that, but the stats of Glaceon are good enough to prove its potential to you. We do believe that other Eevee evolutions are good, but when it comes to Glaceon, it seems to be the best that you can add to your collection.

Until and unless it faces Fighting-type, Fire-type, Rock-type and Steel-type Pokemon, Glaceon is quite hard to defeat. If you compare the stats with other Pokemon on the list, you will definitely find it one of the best as well. Whether it’s the attacking or defence, Glaceon has pretty good numbers and can be very helpful in your Pokemon journey.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Glaceon

No doubt, Glaceon is one of the best Eevee evolutions, you might be wondering how to get Glaceon in Pokemon Go. Well, like the method that we followed in the Leafeon section, it is very similar for evolving Eevee into Glaceon as well.

Like the method that we are following commonly for each evolution, naming your Eevee as Rea will help you to evolve your Eevee into a Glaceon pretty easily. Once you name it as Rea, you will only need to collect the required number of candies and roam a minimum of 10Km with Rea as your buddy.

However, the other method you can try out is to place a Glacial Lure in the Pokestop. Glacial Lure works great in attracting the Ice-type Pokemon. As a result, if you use it while evolving your Eevee, it will be a guaranteed evolution of Eevee into Glaceon.

8. Sylveon

How to Evolve Eevee into Sylveon

Unlike the rest of Eevees that flourish in the Great and Ultra league, the Sylveon is an Eevee that shines the best in the Master League, a league dominated by the dragon-types. For those who know, the sylveon is a fairy-type eeveelotuin that would just obliterate the dragon-type.

The majority of the fairy-type Eevee evolution needs you to have a strong Togekiss or Gardevoir. However, this is where you can get the Sylveon as a cheap substitute that will perform well in every situation. You can use this Fairy-type Eevee to decimate the dragon types and take full advantage of the community day move.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to Evolve Eevee into Glaceon

For those who already know, you need to first use the name trick in order to evolve Eevee into Sylveon. Once you have to use the name trick, you need to collect 70 buddy hearts using the same name trick. In simple words, to evolve your Eevee into Sylveon, your chosen Eevee must be at the great buddy level. Note that you can easily swap your buddies when evolving into sylveon without hampering your eve progress whatsoever.

In addition to the 70 buddy hearts, you will also need 25 Eevee Candy. Apart from the buddy hearts and Eevee candy, you must also have a high friendship level with your Eevee if you want to evolve your Eevee into the sylveon in the main-line series. Also, here you needn’t worry about your Eevee evolving into an Espeon or Umbreon as there is a separate evolution option present that lets you choose the right evolution. You can also evolve a shiny or flower crown Eevee to earn yourself a shiny or flower crown Sylveon.

One method to evolve your Eevee into sylveon is to rename your Eevee to “Kira” while possessing 25 Eevee candy. Note that this naming trick can only be done once, and you cannot use this strategy more than once. Whereas the other method involves setting your Eevee as your buddy Pokemon. In simple words, you will need to be friends with your Pokemon to invoke the second method. You will need to feed your buddy, walk it, and battle with your Eevee. This means you will need to spend a total of 6 days to earn hearts per day and then evolve your Eevee into sylveon.


That’s it. Since we have seen all the Eevee evolutions till now, as far as we feel about these transformations, the Gen 4 Pokemon such as Glaceon and Leafeon are the best you can pick. However, if you somehow find it difficult to find Glacial Lure or Mossy Lure, the Gen 2 transformations are not bad either. In the Gen 2 category, the Psychic-type Pokemon, Espeon, is much more powerful than the Dark-type Pokemon, Umbreon. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to the Gen 1 Pokemons, you can go with Flareon and Jolteon as they are quite similar in terms of skills, and both are better than Vaporeon. 

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