PUBG Mobile Different Zones combat Origin and Gameplay explained in detail

The online multiplayer game that caused havoc and people to lose their minds due to its addictiveness is called PUBG, the full name being PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. The game made its way into the gaming world on 17th March, 2017. It was considered a type of ‘Battle Royal’ game, as the whole game was circulating around the concept as to who would outlive everyone else and go for glory.

If you ever notice in a crowd of people chilling, there are going to be about 4-5 teens or adults gathered around in a circle holding their mobile phones in their hands in landscape style. You can hear them chattering or screaming on top of their lungs some phrases like “Get in the car, man”, “Cover me”, “Where we dropping” and many such phrases that seem a bit odd to the normal people gazing by.

These so called groups who are too focused on their phones, and aren’t paying attention to anything else, are basically just playing PUBG. Yes, you heard it! The online game that started out just for PC, for those passionate gamers who want to kill, shoot, and show their virtual skills, has now also been made available on mobile.

This leads to many questions by random strangers, like; what exactly is the concept of PUBG? Why are you guys so indulged in it? Doesn’t making it on mobile hinder the experience of a proper game play? Is it paid? And many such questions.

Well we are here to clear all your doubts on the game, make you understand the game from a first person’s perspective. And just provide with an eye-opening gaming experience without actually involving you in the game play.


PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds)

The Origin

The Korean gaming company “Bluehole” had subsidiary division known as the PUBG Corporation, which was the reason behind the producing of this interactive and skill based game.

It is believed that the idea behind this game came from the film “Battle Royal”. The mobile version was published by “Tencent Games”, making it one of the biggest and most addictive multiplayer games available for mobile gamers.

The Origin of PUBG Game
The Origin of PUBG Game

The Concept

“100 people are made to drop on two islands, the one to survive till the end will be declared the winner”

The concept behind this game is very simple, a hundred people are matched together, and till the matching process is taking place you are made to wait in the waiting rooms. Where you can test your controls and get the idea as how to manoeuvre your movements.

When you have been matched with 100 payers exact, you will see on a screen a military grade air-plane in which 100 players are sitting. Then when the plane comes above the islands, where the whole PUBG tournament/fight will take place, you have the option of dropping yourself whenever you wish to. Otherwise when the journey is over the plane will drop you itself.

You then have to guide your player to where you want to land, on reaching a certain altitude you can open your parachute so you don’t crash land. Even if you don’t open your parachute, on reaching a certain altitude it will deploy itself.

You then have to search like scavengers for weapons and equipment that will help to take kills and help you survive.

There will be a blue circle (safe circle) that will keep on shrinking with time, as the game goes on. You have to make sure you are within that circle otherwise your health will start dropping and you will die and loose.

The player that survives till the end will be declared a winner and get medals, EXP, ratings, and rewards.

The Game Play

GamePlay of PUBG Mobile Game

As PUBG is a survival game the main motive is to do whatever you can to survive till the end of the match. This means that the number of kills won’t play a key role in your chance of winning. You can go around camping and hiding until you are the last one left and you will get your “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try killing any other player. You see as this is a player vs player or face-to-face combat game, you are expected to go around, shoot, kill, take a loot and have fun. Camping will just turn out to be boring for you.

And if you do have a high kill rate, or have killed someone within the game you will get kill ratings, your profile will level up. The higher your rank, or the stronger your profile the more respect you will gain within the gaming world.

This game will definitely improve and enhance your hand-eye coordination, as you will find yourself in positions you can’t imagine. Like you will see that your player is being shot from somewhere but you won’t be able to find the person who is shooting or what direction those bullets are coming from.

You will need proper concentration and the agreement of both your hands to work together. Other than that, you can test yourself as to how smart you think you are, like can you outsmart the other player?

Like, if the player is coming at you from behind and you see a few trees and a building near you, what do you do? Do you go head on against him? Do you go seek cover or do you run? All of this depends on your abilities and your thinking.

And make sure you have a fast net-connection otherwise you will face lag, which is definitely going to make you angry.

Now we are going to explain to you what all goes on in the game:

Creating your Profile

Before you start playing the game, you are required to create a profile for your player. This is done by, first you need to set a how your character is going to look in the game; gender, skin colour, hairstyle. Then you are required to choose a name/username for your player that will be used throughout.

Once you create this you can then start playing by deciding whether you want to play solo/duo/squad (1/2/4). After that you press start, and you are made to wait in the lobby until 100 players are matched with you.

The Drop

When 100 players are matched, you are aboard the plane, and you are flying above the island waiting to make a drop. Choose wisely as to where you are going to drop.

There is a map below,


As you can see there are mainly two islands, these two are connected by two bridges. Not many people drop on the second or smaller island called the “Sosnovka Military Base”, as it is small and in the end you will have to make your way to the big island.

But for rookies the military base is a nice spot to parachute, because you will be isolated and you will have ample time to get all the equipment you need. You can basically hoard equipments from the small island, than make your way to the main island. But the journey is going to be long and boring until and unless you have a companion with you or you get your hands on a vehicle that will reduce the time duration.

For the bigger island, make sure you parachute near a building and that there isn’t anyone on your tail ready with a gun for your arrival. This is an advice for rookies/beginners to go to isolated places and then gather arms and ammunition.

For those pros out there who have great experience in shooting games, go for the crowd and prevail!

Gathering of Arms and Ammunition

PUBG Mobile Gathering Arms and Ammunition

Now when you are about to parachute and land on a specific island, make sure you land near areas that have many buildings. Why?

Well the reason being, more the buildings more are the chances you have of finding weapons and armour. The main concept of the building is to act as a landmark, where you will find good amount of equipment.

On entering any building, you will see some unfamiliar objects placed on the ground. Approach them, and a pop-up will be displayed that will show what these objects exactly are.

Now when you first land, pickup everything you can find, it will help you later on. But as you get more kills and more items only keep the useful stuff, do not exhaust your back-pack space.

One mistake many people make is they hoard everything they can find. Even if it’s of no use them. Pay attention to what you’re picking up, you should notice that there is a short description given of each item that you pickup.

PUBG Buy Menu in Android and iOS

The guns you wield need bullets, but not any type of bullet will work. You need to find bullets that are of the same size as required by the gun. Many a time’s people complain that they had a variety of ammo but their gun barrel was still empty. That is because they did not pay attention as to what gun they are using and what bullets are required by it.

When you don’t have a particular gun, but are in the possession of its ammunition in your backpack, drop it as it is of no use for you.

The best guns and weapons are:

  • For Snipers: AWM
  • Normal Guns: Scar-I
  • Throw able object: Smoke and regular grenades

Make sure you gather as much first-aids as possible; it will help revive your health later on in battle. Also gather and utilize energy drinks as it will help enhance your performance.

Primarily many of you will find pistols and small guns and ammunition for those guns. These guns take many shots to kill one person, try to get your hands on guns which require both hands to wield them; they will kill your enemy faster.

As you will be half naked in the starting of them game (Only briefs for male characters, while only upper and lower undergarments for female characters.) try to get your hands on clothes, shoes, helmets, backpacks. All of this will help you stay alive longer in the game.

You can only wield 2 big guns and one pistol max at once. If you pickup more than the required number, the game will make your character automatically drop one weapon.

Survival and Combat (Danger & Safe Zone)

Once you have gathered your equipment, this when the real game of survival and combat within PUBG will begin.

There are two zones you need to aware of:

  • Danger zone: This zone will be marked as a red circle on your map. If you are within this zone, there is a threat to your character’s life. As bombs will be dropped within this area, and the danger zone in PUBG keeps on changing as the games goes on.
  • Safe Zone: Anywhere outside the red zone is known as the safe zone, here there is no direct threat to your characters life other than being killed by another player.

The Blue circle: The blue circle of PUBG is the area within which the whole game takes place. Outside this are there is a storm, which will basically reduce the health of any player. Meaning that if you go outside the blue circle you will die within a few minutes (it all depends on your health). The size of the blue circle reduces as the game goes on.

This reduction in the size of the blue circle is done in order to decrease the play area, and make sure the surviving players come together until one of them is declared the winner.

This is how the storm appears; it seems as a blue-electrifying wall of danger. (View the picture below)

PUBG Mobile storm

Be sure to stay within the blue circle (look at the map on the upper-right corner) and away from the danger zone.

Health: Make sure you only use first-aid kits and energy drinks when there is no enemy around and not in between battle. As using these items takes time, about 3-5 seconds and within that time your player can’t shoot or attack but will remain still.

Shooting: While playing Solo in PUBG you will encounter individual players, and will have to fight them one-on-one. You will notice that when wielding a gun a cross-wire like shape will appear on the middle of your screen. Make sure to place the cross-wire on your enemy and then shoot, because the bullets will only go where the cross-wire is facing.

Stance: When facing a player head on, use combinations of your stance. Like shoot while you are laid down, get up then shoot, crouch down and then shoot, don’t just sit in one position unless you have great aim.

Ammo: Make sure you keep in mind the number of bullets you have left, so you don’t end up with an empty barrel and become an easy target for other players. Load ammo whenever not under attack, as it takes ample of time to load guns in PUBG.

Vehicles: Having a vehicle in the game will be of great help, it will reduce your travel time and help you get out the danger zone faster. You can also kill people by running over them.

That’s all you need to know about combat and how to survive in the game. The rest you will find out when you play more.

Taking a kill

When you kill another player in the battleground, they drop all their stuff. You can then go ahead and gather the stuff they left behind, once you approach the player’s drop the game will automatically pick up stuff that is useful for you.

Taking a Kill in PUBG Mobile Game

Other than that you can view the drop by viewing the crate, and choosing the items for yourself. Be sure to only take things that are better and not end up replacing your whole back-pack by some other player’s low level backpack just because you were in a hurry.

PUBG Player Backpack Inventory


You must have come across many memes on social media sites about “school” or “Pochinki”. Well these memes are in reference to the online multiplayer game PUBG. One meme was,

PUBG Pochinki Meme

This meme was made in reference to the fact of how many people drop at Pochinki. Well the number is too high, the reason being “Pochinki” is a combat hotspot in PUBG. This intensified desire to land at Pochinki is due to the fact that the area has a great number of buildings, meaning more arms, ammunition and more chances of finding armour. This results in massive drops there and on the spot kills. These factors in turn make the Pochinki a battleground for “Pro players” to show off their skills.

PUBG Player Hotspot School

Other than Pochinki, another hotspot is “School”. School is just one massive building, kind of like a maze but you have to find your way to the best weapons. To successfully win at School you are required to reach there first and get your hands on as much weapons and ammunitions as possible.

PUBG Rewards

PUBG Rewards

Once you have completed the match, either by getting eliminated or surviving till the last you will be rewarded.

You have the option of sharing this with your fellow friends or on social media.

Well that is all about PUBG, the basics and some tips about how to get a better gaming experience. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it to be useful.

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