Best Custom ROMs for the OnePlus 3/3T

OnePlus, the Chinese conglomerate first launched its smartphone OnePlus One, back in 2014. Since then, the graph has only gone up for the smartphone company. Ever since its first model, OnePlus smartphones have got a stronghold over the Android market and are giving a tough competition to a majority of expensive smartphone brands. 

This is because OnePlus smartphones offer dozens of features at a reasonable price. OnePlus smartphones come with maximum RAM that makes switching between apps easy, fast, and fluid. With the launch of OnePlus 3/3T, the company bounced back strong post the mediocre response to OnePlus One. Launched in 2018, OnePlus 3/3T comes with 6GB RAM and a single camera of 16MP. Unfortunately, since the device is relatively old, the company has put an end to its updates. 

 Although, what if we told you that you could add additional functionality to your OnePlus 3/3T via custom ROMs?  Though the company might have put an end to the phone’s updates, you can still unlock your phone’s additional features using an Android 11 custom ROM. However, it is vital to have the right Android 11 custom ROM for your OnePlus 3/3T. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 best custom ROMs for OnePlus 3/3T.

What Is Custom ROM?

If you get the right custom ROM for your OnePlus 3/3T smartphone, you can further add to your device’s overall functionality and even make it faster. For example, custom ROMs let you unlock your phone’s additional features, which are generally inaccessible without a custom ROM. Similarly, installing a custom ROM leads to better battery optimization and overall device performance.  In simple words, a custom ROM refers to the modified version of the OS that is available for Android devices. 

As you might already be aware, custom ROMs serve many purposes, the primary ones of which are performance and aesthetic enhancements. The primary reason behind installing a custom ROM for your OnePlus 3/3T  is that it offers better optimization and device performance compared to Stock ROM. Open-source software like Android refers to software wherein any party can edit the existing code, recompile it, and then release it for various devices.

When compared with Stock ROM, custom ROMs come out on top as they offer a variety of features along with customization options followed by a better battery consumption. . Meanwhile, it also gives you tons of customization features that will significantly boost your phone’s performance. Also, custom ROMs are updated at regular intervals wherein the Android community members fix all the bugs reported. Finally, a custom ROM is an excellent option for tech geeks who are constantly on the lookout for upgrading their devices. 

 NOTE: It is SAFE to install an Android 11 Custom ROM for OnePlus 3/3T  as long as you do NOT violate the phone’s warranty. 

Prerequisites For Installing A Custom ROM 

The first and most important prerequisite for installing a custom ROM on OnePlus 3/3T is downloading it from an authentic source. In addition, here are some of the other prerequisites to installing to Custom Android 11 ROM for OnePlus 3/3T.

  • You will need a OnePlus 3/3T smartphone
  • Ensure your device is rooted. (Refer this guide to root OnePlus 3/3T)
  • Ensure that a custom TWRP is installed
  • Ensure your data is backed up into the Stock ROM
  • Ensure your OnePlus 3/3T Smartphone has at least 80% battery
  • Ensure OEM Unlocking is Enabled

10 Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3/3T

1. DOT OS (Android 11)

DOT OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

The Dot OS is an AOSP based custom ROM that gives you a unique interface that is stable a reasonably simple to use. In addition to a unique UI, this Android 11 Custom ROM provides optimum performance by maintaining the balance between battery and performance. Based on Google’s Android Open-Source Project comes with preinstalled Google applications and other creative things for an enhanced user experience.

Features of DOT OS

  • Several Customisation Options
  • Preinstalled Google Applications
  • Settings Design Update
  • Periodic Updates
  • Personalisation Options

To download the DOT OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
DOT OS ROM: Download

2. Lineage OS (Android 11)

Lineage OS 18.1 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

Previously known as Cyanogenmod, Lineage OS came to being after the dismantling of the Cyanogenmod community. But the developers managed to keep the community alive by migrating everything, and soon, Lineage OS came into being.

The Lineage OS is another open-source OS built for various Android 11 devices. Built for maximum productivity, Lineage OS tends to push for user personalization and preference. Also, it comes with preinstalled Privacy Guard that provides additional data security to your device and applications.

Features of Lineage OS 18.1

  • Ravishing Recorder
  • Captivating Calendar
  • Beaming Backup System
  • Extended Lifespan and Functionality

To download Lineage OS 18.1 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Lineage OS 18.1 ROM: Download

3. Pixel Experience (Android 11)

pixel experience custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

This AOSP based Android 11 custom ROM comes equipped with all Google Apps and other goodies such as the launcher, wallpaper, icons, fonts, etc. This Android 11 OS aims to offer and ensure maximum stability, security, and other essential features for the smooth running of a device. With just a handful of preinstalled apps, you can now disable any unwanted application if you want.  In addition, the Pixel Experience comes loaded with dozens of exciting features.

Features of Pixel Experience

  • Chat Bubbles
  • Optimization Profiles to ensure long-lasting battery
  • Extreme Battery Saver
  • Tap-to-wake feature
  • Customizable UI

To download the Android 11 based pixel experience custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Pixel Experience ROM: Download

4. Ressurection Remix (Android 10)

Ressurection Remix custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

This is undoubtedly one the best ROM! Resurrection Remix is a mix of tons of functionality, timely updates, top-of-the-class security, smooth and fast UI. It is based on Android Q 10. You get a theming engine, status bar customization, notification, download pause on wifi disconnect, gesture, animations, on-screen button ON/OFF, and a whole lot more! It also has the same if not a better battery life. Currently, Resurrection Remix uses LineageOS sources. The Ressurection Remix is available for a wide range of devices.

Features of Ressurection Remix (Android 10)

  • Advanced Quick Settings
  • Gesture Controls
  • Interface Customisations
  • Open Source
  • Battery Friendly

To download the Ressurection Remix custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 10
Ressurection Remix ROM: Download

5. AOSP Extended v8.4 (Android 10)

AOSP Extended v8.3 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

Initially started on HTC Desire HD, the AOSP Extended custom ROM provides Stock UI/UX experience along with some useful customization and personalisation options. What makes this Android 10 custom-made ROM stand are the dozens of features that come along with it. In addition, the AOSP Extended Custom Android 10 ROM provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box.

Features of AOSP Extended v8.4

  • Additional Battery Saver
  • Extended Volume Panel
  • Flashlight Notification
  • Flip Button Animation
  • Permission Manager
  • Power Menu Customisation

To download the AOSP Extended v8.4 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 10
AOSP Extended v8.4 ROM: Download

6. Octavi OS (Android 11)

Octavi OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

Just like the rest, Octavi is an AOSP based custom ROM designed for Android 11. This Android 11 Custom ROM focuses primarily on a unique and smooth UI and comes loaded with dozens of exciting features. This OS can be installed on both treble and non-treble phones.

Features of Octavi OS

  • Volte Icon
  • VoWi-Fi Icon
  • Gestures
  • Wake On Charge
  • Status Bar Item
  • Regular Source And Security Updates
  • Utility Support

To download the Octavi OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Octavi OS ROM: Download

7. Havoc OS 4.0 (Android 11)

Havoc OS 4.0 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

This is an after-market firmware based on Android’s Open Source Project and is primarily inspired by Google’s Pixel Experience Framework but with a refined Material Design 2 UI. As a result, the Havoc OS 4.0 offers a smooth and stable performance all around and comes packed with dozens of unique features for an exceptional user experience.  In addition, the Havoc OS 4.0 ROM has dozens of features that allow for smooth and fluid multitasking.

Features of Havoc OS

  • Up-to-Date
  • Optimum Stability
  • Material Design 2 UI
  • Open Source
  • Over The Air Updates
  • Spectrum support

To download the Havoc OS 4.0 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Havoc OS 4.0 ROM: Download

8. crDroid (Android11)

crDroid custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

The crDroid custom ROM aims primarily at delivering heavy-duty performance while maintaining stability for every Android device.  Designed from the ground up, the crDroid OnePlus 3/3T custom ROM is simple to handle for every supported device. The crDroid uses Lineage OS as its base to provide dozens of customizable features to its users.  crDroid ROM is based on LineageOS and runs on Android 7.1 Nougat.

Features of crDroid

  • Customizable Status Bar
  • Simple User Interface
  • System Wide Rounded UI

To download the crDroid custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
crDroid ROM: Download

9. Nusantara Project V3.1 (Android 11)

Nusantara Project V3.1 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

A lighter custom OS, the Nusantara Project V3.1 is a faster custom ROM as compared to the factory default OS. This lightweight Android 11 Custom ROM is lightweight, clean, and provides a smooth and stable working experience. Also, this Android 11 custom ROM gives you the option to choose between variants that either have preinstalled Google Applications or not

Features of Nusantara Project V3.1

  • Theme Backup
  • System Animations
  • Mooth and Stable Experience
  • Battery Customisation
  • Quick QS Pulldown
  • Hand Wave Pulse

To download the Nusantara Project V3.1 custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Nusantara Project V3.1 ROM: Download

10. Arrow OS (Android 11)

Arrow OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t

The Arrow OS Custom ROM is designed explicility to keep things neat, simpole, and smooth. The company has added only those features that are going to be useful at the end of the day for every OnePlus 3/3T user. As per reports, this Android 11 custom rom for OnePlus 3/3T has no reported bugs whatsoever. Plus, the Arrow OS comes with periodic updates and thanks to the custom ROM community, you can get your minor bugs looked at and solved within no time.

Features of Arrow OS

  • Easy To Use
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Enhanced Battery Saver
  • Personalisation Options
  • Battery Customisation
  • Customisable User Interface

To download the Arrow OS custom rom for oneplus 3/3t, refer to the link below.

Android Version: Android 11
Arrow OS ROM: Download

The Bottom Line

OnePlus 3 and 3T were two of the flagship models back in the day that give a stern competition to the likes of Redmi, Samsung, and other smartphone models. However, the company stopped rolling out updates for OnePlus 3/3T post its release in 2018. Although, you can install a custom Android 11 ROM for OnePlus 3/3T to unlock additional features and further improve your device’s functionality.

So, all the ROMs mentioned above will definitely help you improve your Android experience and add more functionality. And if you are constantly looking to upgrade your phone, we’ll be updating this custom Android 11 ROM article from time to time.  

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