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After a long tiring day at work, you come home, have supper, and listen to a few quality songs on your AirPods right before bed. Just like every other night, you plug your AirPods into your charger and head off to bed. However, when you wake up in the morning, you see that the battery still shows 0% despite the AirPods case charging all night.

AirPods have really revolutionized the wireless industry. Following Apple, every major smartphone industry now has its own line of AirPods in the market. However, the majority of the users have reported issues concerning their Apple AirPods and complained about their AirPods case not charging.

Similarly, the majority of them have raised issues about their AirPods case not holding charge whatsoever. There could be a majority of reasons that can cause your AirPods pro case not charging. If you, too, have issues with your Airpods and its charging, then this article is for you. In this article, we will walk you through all the probable reasons as to why your airpods case not holding charge and discuss every possible fix to solve the airpod case not charging issue.

Why Is My Airpods Case Not Charging?

For months now, users have been raising concerns regarding their Apple Airpods on Reddit. As per reports, there is likely a small bug in Apple’s newfangled AirPods case, which may be causing premature battery damage, probably because your AirPods pro case won’t hold charge.

Although, there could be a number of reasons that may be contributing to airpods pro case not charging issue. Multiple reports indicate a glitch in the battery system that which is draining your AirPods battery at a faster rate. Many users have noticed a whopping 50% drop in the battery after charging their AirPods pro case to 100.

As we mentioned earlier, there could be multiple reasons as to why your AirPods pro case won’t hold charge. Although, the majority of these reasons indicate a major software glitch that might exist within the OS, which is causing the entire system to crash and fail.

1. Airpods Case Not Charging But Airpods Are

At times, you might yourself in a situation wherein your AirPods are holding charge, whereas the AirPods case is not charging. In such cases, there is likely to be a culprit that is disrupting the connection between the case and the charger—possible solutions here include rechecking the connection if you’re using wired charging. Also, if the cable is damaged, then it won’t be able to establish a base with the charging connection.

2. AirPods and AirPods Case both are not charging

Surprisingly, there comes a time when you’ll realize that neither are your AirPods charging nor is your AirPods case. This can be due to several reasons. If you find yourself in this situation, try checking your lightning cable/connector for potential malfunction. At times, the charging adapters tend to lose all their power, probably why none of your accessories are charging.

Another possible scenario could be because your AirPods and AirPods Pro cases both need to be replaced. If you take your AirPods and AirPods pro case to your nearest Apple store, experts there will be able to guide you thoroughly regarding your next course of action.

How To Fix AirPods and Airpods Pro Case Not Charging issue?

As we mentioned above, there could be several reasons because of which you are facing the AirPods and AirPods pro case not charging issue. However, a lot of these issues indicate a major glitch in the system that causes the AirPods more battery than usual, ultimately draining the overall battery in no time. But tech experts are yet to figure out a single concrete reason as to why your AirPods pro case won’t hold charge.

Here, we have mentioned a list of a few possible fixes that will target every root cause individually and get the problem fixed ASAP.

1. Charge Only Your AirPods Case

As we mentioned earlier in this ‘airpods not charging in case’ article, there will be scenarios wherein your Airpods case will charge, but AirPods won’t hold charge. If your AirPods case is charging, then charge it fully without the AirPods.

While connected to the charger, check the charging status of your AirPods case on your paired iPhone. Charging only your AirPods case might be fruitful in the situation since the AirPods case needs to be fully charged in order for your AirPods to hold charge.

To charge your AirPods case, follow the given steps.

  1. Plug a lightning cable/connection onto your Airpods case
  2. Now, plug the other end either into a wall charger or your nearest USB port.
  3. Wait for the case to charge.
  4. It will take a few hours for your AirPods case to be fully charged. Once the case is fully charged, check whether the problem has been fixed with your Airpods

2. Reset Your Airpods Case

A simple reset goes a long way. If nothing has worked for you so far in ‘airpods case not chargingarticle, you may as well try resetting your Airpods case since the AirPods case won’t hold charge. Resetting your Airpods Case is a great troubleshooting tool since it clears your OS, ultimately fixing the “Airpods Won’t Charge” issue. Follow the given steps to reset your AirPods case.

Reset your Airpods Case
  1. Locate the Setup Button on the back of the case
  2. Press and Hold it for 15 seconds
  3. You will now see the light flash amber and then white
  4. This means that you have successfully reset your Airpods Case

Once the AirPods Case is reset, it will be restored to default. Upon a successful reset, try again to check whether the Airpods case is holding charge or not.

3. Check Your Lighting Cable

Fix: Apple AirPods & AirPods Pro Case not Charging

As we mentioned before, at times, there could be problems with your connections. Likely, the lightning cable or connector you are using to charge your AirPods case can be damaged.

If the case is damaged, it won’t be able to establish a base between the AirPods and the charger.

Also, if you are using fake cables, chances are it could be the reason your AirPods case won’t hold charge. Try switching your lightning cables and charging your Airpods case with it.

3. Stop Using Extensions

Extension boxes are a great source of power that provides electricity over a distance. However, when your Airpods case not charging despite hours of charging, it is time you switch to a wall socket and stop using extensions.

At times there could be an issue with the extension that can prevent your AirPods or AirPods case from charging fully or charging altogether. Try switching to a wall socket and check if it has fixed the issue.

4. Try a Different Wall Adapter

Despite all that size, you’ll be shocked if you find out how less the life of a wall adapter is. If you’ve tried everything humanly possible and yet your airpods case not holding charge, it is time you took a look at your wall adapter. Wall Adapters tend to malfunction at times and need to be replaced from time to time. If your AirPods case won’t hold charge, trying a different (new) wall adapter can do the trick.

5. Clean Your AirPods Case

One thing you should be doing with or without a crisis is cleaning your AirPods case’s charging point. Charging points are the most likely targets of dust and lint. If you keep your case inside your jeans, chances are there is a lot of lint accumulated in your case’s charging spot.

In such situations, the best thing to do is thoroughly clean your AirPods case using a clean DRY cloth. To clean the case’s charging point, follow the given steps.

NOTE: Always clean your AirPods case’s charging point using a CLEAN DRY cloth. Do NOT use metal or anything WET since it can break your charging point completely.

  1. Use a static toothpick/toothbrush to thoroughly wipe the charging point
  2. Scrape the dust and lint (if any) gently.
  3. Connecting your case to the charger to see if it charges

6. Visit An Apple Store

If you’ve exhausted every other fix mentioned here about airpods case not charging, then it is time to see the doctor. If you find that your Airpods Case has stopped working altogether, it is time to visit your nearest Apple store. Experts at the store will diagnose the problem and suggest the proper solution to your problem. They will be able to tell if you need to replace your AirPods or will need essential servicing to get it fixed.

The Bottom Line

There could be a lot of reasons that can cause your AirPods case not charging. Even if it holds charge, your AirPods will drain out sooner than expected. We have listed every possible fix that can help tackle ‘airpods not charging in case’ issue. But if everything else fails, you will need to visit your nearest Apple Store and have the experts take a look at it.

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