What do the Green Leaves in Pokemon GO mean

There’s no doubt Pokemon has a massive fanbase and since Pokemon GO has been launched, it has made most people stay glued to their phones. Seems obvious as everyone dreams about catching Pokemons on their own, and this game provides the best and immersive kind of experience until this date. Although there are multiple Pokemon games out there, Pokemon GO brings joy to everyone as you can simply play it on your phone while exploring the world or with the help of some hacks you can play Pokemon GO without moving in your home itself.

Since there are so many little details in the game, it might get a little difficult for the new users to identify the mystifying elements of this game. Such small effects like “Pokemon GO leaves rustling” might seem confusing at times, and if you feel the same for any reason, we will clear out your doubts about it.

What does the Green Leaves mean in Pokemon GO

As soon as we jump into the game, a lot might seem unfamiliar to the new users as there has never been a game made like Pokemon GO before. That is also the reason that people love to play it as it offers a completely new environment and experience while gaming on a smartphone.

As the main motive in the game is to catch Pokemon, you will most likely see a map, that is actually your real-world map if you notice properly. And, near your character on the screen, sometimes green leaves tend to appear quite frequently. Hence, you might be wondering What does that mean? It’s quite interesting to discuss as the Pokemon GO leaves is a very helping feature that can help you a lot throughout your in-game journey.

Pokemon GO leaves Rustling

Pokemon GO Leaves Rustling

So, What do the leaves mean in Pokemon Go? As we are playing on the actual world map, there is a lot to explore, and finding a Pokemon on such a big map can be quite devastating. However, the game has some Pokemon-friendly zones all across the map where Pokemon’s generally spawn or found.

Thus, the rustling leaves in pokemon go indicates that there is some Pokemon there on the map so it becomes easier for you to head in the right direction. It does not guarantee that you will find a Pokemon waiting for you there as they simply move away if you take much time to reach near the spot.

Although you can still encounter Pokemons anywhere on the map, the leaves are just for making you head in the right direction to catch a wild one. Moreover, you can track the Pokemon more precisely if you keep an eye on the Footsteps marker shown at the bottom of your screen. If you see three footsteps, that clearly means you still have a lot of distance to cover to reach on the spot. However, if you see just one footstep there, consider yourself lucky as you might be able to add a new Pokemon to your collection.

Green leaves and Pink leaves

Pink Leaves Pokemon GO

Well, you might be pretty much convinced with the Green Pokemon Go leaves rustling feature. You will love to know more as there are Pink leaves and Flowers as well in the game. Whenever a player (maybe you or someone else) in-game drops a Lure Module, that basically attracts Pokemons on that particular spot for around 30 minutes. You will be shown a bunch of Pink leaves rustling around the area, and that is actually good news as the odds of finding a nice wild Pokemon are pretty high nearby such areas.


So, this was pretty much all about the Pokemon Go Leaves Rustling myths that people believe in. The simple rule is that, whenever you see green or pink leaves on the map, you can head straight there as the chances of finding a Pokemon are much higher in such zones. Otherwise, the game is fun-to-play anyways. We will keep bringing you information and tips like these in the coming future. For now, if you have any further queries regarding the leaves, leave a comment down below. 

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