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A majority of people must have heard about VPN before, but how many actually know the facts about it and use it for their advantage? Very few. Most people just know that VPN helps to change your device’s location virtually, but have you ever tried it to get something good out of it? What if we tell you it can save you thousands and keep your pockets filled with cash. Who doesn’t like to save money? If you do, then you should stick to one place right now and read the article until the end as we will tell you some amazing facts about VPN services and various easy tips and tricks by which you can save yourself from spending extra money on several things. 

VPN & It’s Benefits

We often feel glad to have free WiFi access whenever visiting some malls, coffee shops, or even some hotels. Yes, it might not cost you money, but you must protect yourself from public Wifi as your privacy is at stake. Since the network is open and accessible to various people, there are high chances of getting the device hacked by some third-party as it does not take more than a few minutes to successfully fetch out the IP address. And if the person is skilful enough, then it is easy to get access to your device as well. Well, do you want something like that to happen to you?

Then installing a good VPN service is highly recommended, as VPN (Virtual Private Network) can simply reflect a different IP address for your device which can make it quite complicated or almost impossible for anyone else to track you down ensuring the safety of your privacy.

According to recent research results, 50% of the VPN users are using this service to access the restricted entertainment content online. Basically, the content which is available to watch or stream in only certain countries. So, there are a lot of people unaware of other VPN benefits. Well, in this article we’ll be discussing various benefits of VPN while saving money, so keep reading!

Get Cheaper Services with VPN

1. Get Cheaper Flight Tickets

Cheaper Flight Tickets with VPN

Do you keep checking for flight tickets on several platforms to find the cheapest flight tickets available? Your intention is to save some money, however, you can never find cheap tickets this way since the airlines are one step ahead of you, always. Let us explain, as you search for tickets, airlines get to know how many times you have searched for tickets for the same flight, no matter you are checking on various platforms, your IP address won’t change and the airlines would know how important it is for you to travel. In that case, they will start to hike up the price since they have all information about you via website cookies and search history.

Thus, to save some money on flight tickets, the first step you have to do is stop searching for the tickets over and over again, just check the price and get off the website. However, if you see the price hike after some time, and you know the prices were way cheaper before, VPN will help you get back those cheaper prices to appear on your screen. Since VPN clearly blocks off sites from accessing any cookie data or your search history and you search as a completely new individual, you can easily find the cheapest flight tickets online.

2. Save on Hotel Bookings

Save on Hotel Bookings Using VPN

Like airlines, similar strategies are followed by various other service providers as well. If you travel internationally quite often, we are assuming the hotel bookings hold a majority part of your total expenses. Using a VPN and changing your region can be highly beneficial to see a significant variation in the hotel prices as Hotels don’t charge the same price to everyone.

To get the Hotel booking done at the cheapest rates possible, all you need to do is play around with a VPN for some time and check the prices from various regions. Although the prices will be shown in different currencies, you can convert it back to your country’s currency and see if there’s a difference. The task is slightly time-consuming but can save you a lot, so spending that time is actually worth it and will be profitable ultimately.

3. Save Money while Renting a Car

What would an average person do after booking the hotel? Obviously, you will need to make a car booking, especially when you are on an international trip. Booking one in advance is what most people usually prefer, so using the VPN can be highly profitable since the car rental prices do vary from region to region as well. So, just like you used VPN for your advantage while choosing the right flight tickets and Hotel Bookings, renting a car is that easy as well since the overall procedure will remain the same.   

Get Cheaper Subscriptions with VPN

1. Apple Music Subscription

Apple Music Subscription using VPN

Almost every iPhone user has the Apple Music Subscription that they need to pay for every month. But have you ever wondered how much you are paying compared to other countries? Well, taking a small example, the monthly rates of the Family pack subscription across the US are almost $15/month. Do you know how much that costs in India? Only ₹149 for the same plan which is almost equivalent to $2. So, why don’t you just use a VPN service? Just select the region as India and get an Apple Music Subscription for the cheapest price possible.

2. Microsoft Office Subscription

Microsoft Office Subscription using VPN

The case is pretty much the same for Microsoft Office Subscription as prices around the US region are way too high as compared to several countries in Asia. In the case of Microsoft Software, if you see prices from other regions such as Russia, India and compare them with the US pricings, there are amazing variations to be seen, and almost around $50-$60 can be saved easily on these yearly plans. 

3. Spotify Subscription

Spotify Subscription using VPN

Spotify is yet another most popular music streaming application, but the issue is with the pricing of its subscription plans. Just like Apple Music, Spotify also sells its subscription for almost $10/month, if you’re from the US. Well, the story is pretty different for other countries, and mostly in the Asian region. By shifting your location to India using a VPN service, you will notice a significant price drop in the Spotify subscription plans that can save you up to $10 monthly. 

4. Streaming Services

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and lots of other similar OTT platforms don’t offer you any content unless you purchase a costly subscription plan. But is there any chance to remove the “costly” term and get the same subscription plans for cheaper. Actually yes, since subscription plans of such streaming services also vary from region to region. So, using a VPN to take yourself somewhere in the Asian region can get you loads of discounts and save some easy money, no matter where you actually live.

5. Buying Software Online

A similar trick can be applied while purchasing any software online since prices do vary a lot, and only using a VPN can help you see the prices available in other countries. It is possible with mostly all the software including Antivirus software, Photoshop, Grammarly, Adobe Premier, and much more. Therefore, all you need to do is download a working VPN client application and keep trying to visit several other regions and compare the prices. It will surely help you save hundreds of dollars every year.


As we have seen so far, there are quite a lot of interesting uses of VPN that can help you save money on various different things such as streaming services, flight tickets, hotel bookings, subscription of many music streaming apps. Apart from that, we must not forget about the primary advantage that it protects our privacy, especially when you’re surfing on the internet in an open public network. Your device is most prone to be attacked by some cybercriminal in a public network, so avoid that as much as possible, or get your privacy protected by some good VPN application.

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