Mediatek MTK6572 Custom ROMs

Most of the smartphone manufacturers have started selling smartphones with Mediatek MTK6572 (MT6572) which is cost optimized and provides optimal performance. MediaTek, the famous chipset manufacturer that always offers high-end processors with very affordable price. Mtk 6572 is one of the best cost efficient processors build by Mediatek. This processor is targeting for the low end market, built in 28mnm technology and ARM Cortex A7 chipset.

Meditek Mtk6572 has many features to offer for the entry-level smartphones.

Features of MTK6572

  • Dual-core ARM® Cortex® -A7 processor
  • Increased battery life.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS support.
  • 720p HD video recording and playback at 30fps.
  • 960 x 540 (qHD) display controller with Image Enhancement.
  • Multi-mode Release 8 HSPA+/TD-SCDMA.

However, the development of Mediatek devices has always been a big question as Mediatek doesn’t provide source code of its devices. But, the internet never fails to amaze you. You get whatever customizations you want in your Mt6572 device just in few clicks. You can choose any ROM of your choice from the below given list of Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 .

Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572

Android is an open source platform which allows you to modify it based on your preference or add some features for your smartphone. But, mobile manufacturing companies doesn’t allow you to unlock the Bootloader so as to protect their system from getting modified. Now, to modify the system you need to Root your device i.e Unlock the bootloader, Flash TWRP/CWM, Install Custom ROM.

There are various ROMs available on the Internet. We have listed down some of the best Custom Roms for MT6572. 

Jellybean Based ROMs for Mtk6572

1. Android Nougat ROM

If your device is still running on Android 4.2, so now its the time to upgrade it to Android 7.0. This ROM will bring a new feel to your device. You get all the features like the fresh UI, recent and toggle tabs like in Android Nougat. It is build over NOVA launcher and has a font changing option as well. However, faceunlock is not possible with this ROM.


Download: Android Nougat


  • Nougat Animation
  • Shake to clear RAM
  • Dual 3G
  • Xposed Framework
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Nova Launcher
  • Android Nougat Toggle, Recent and Signal
  • Font Changing option in setting
  • Listview Animation

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM

Are you a fan of that Clean Samsung UI? With this ROM you can get the same feel on your device. This ROM has each and every feature of Samsung including Samsung Dialer and Boot Animations.


  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Feel
  • Smooth UI
  • Smart Font
  • Smart Pause
  • Dual Sim working
  • All Samsung Features
  • Samsung Dialer
  • Samsung Boot Animation

3. Android Lollipop ROM

If you want to skip Android Kitkat and get to the cleanest Android upgrade till now, then Install this ROM. It has Pure Lollipop UI and is also deodexed. Slight extra weaks are also added with this ROM.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download:  Android L ROM


  • Lightest ROM
  • Smooth and Fast
  • Pure Lollipop UI
  • Deodexed
  • New Dialer
  • All features of Lollipop
  • Fast Boot

4. iPhone iOS7 ROM

Apple has changed its long holded UI with the iOS7 upgrade. Now you can get the same iphone feeling on your android device with this ROM. Also, if your device is not rooted then you can read our article on How to convert Android into iPhone without rooting.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: iOS7 ROM


  • iOS7 UI
  • iOS7 Launcher
  • iOS7 Status Bar
  • iOS7 Fonts
  • iOS7 Dialer
  • 3G SIM Switching
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • Iphone Boot Animation

5. Sony Xperia Z2 ROM

Get the latest Sony Xperia Z functionalities with this ROM. From themes to Dolby Sound, this ROM includes everything. It is the most stable version with no bugs reported till now.

xperia rom for mt6572

Download: Xperia Z2 ROM


  • Xperia Z1/Z2 Themes
  • Xperia Z2 System UI
  • All the Media Apps of Xperia Z2
  • Latest Xperia keyboard
  • DOLBY surround sound
  • RAM Saving
  • Increased Battery Performance
  • Smart Gestures

6. Android M Preview ROM

With almost similar visuals of Android lollipop and some changes in appearance and quick settings, Marshmallow was introduced by Google. You can now try it out on your mediatek devices with this Android M Preview ROM.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: Android M


  • Android M themed
  • Android M Boot Animation
  • Easter Egg
  • Dream UI
  • Quick Settings
  • Floating Tiles in Settings

7. iOS 8 Custom ROM

iOS 8 bundles many upgrades including new keyboards, interactive notifications and some camera features. iOS 8 Custom ROM includes all this with some additional features listed below.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: iOS 8


  • iOS 8 UI
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Stable ROM
  • Improved Camera Quality

8. CoalField ROM

CoalField is an aftermarket ROM for mediatek devices. This ROM is one of the most stable ROM in our list. As this is only build for mediatek devices, the ROM is very fast and smooth with its amazing animations. It’s UI is similar to that of Android lollipop.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: CoalField ROM


  • Lollipop Style
  • Clock Layout
  • Gradient Status Bar
  • List view Animation
  • Omniswitch
  • New Fonts
  • New Icons
  • Weather in Header
  • Gallery 3D

Kitkat based ROMs for MT6572

1. LineageOS

With this ROM, you can enjoy the latest features of Android Marshmallow on your mediatek device that is running Android Kitkat. It is 99% Stable and has no bugs reported yet.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: LineageOS


  • 2G/3G Switch
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Latest Security Patch Level
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • FM Radio

2. Stock Kitkat 4.4.2

If you are a fan of Kitkat and has upgraded to some other ROM or Android and want to go back to Kitkat, then we got you covered. This is the Stock ROM for Kitkat and has every features of it. Also, we have removed all the unwanted apps.

List of all Custom ROMs for MediaTek Mtk6572 Ext4 & Ubifs

Download: KitKat 4.4.2


  • Unwanted Apps are removed
  • Pure Android 4.4.2 experience
  • Clean UI
  • No issues with Network and Wifi
  • Deodexed

3. MIUI8

If you want to upgrade your device with some interesting features like Dual Apps, Second Space, Quick Ball and some more tweaks then you can get this MIUI 8 ROM installed on to your device.

miui8 ROM for mt6572



  • Stable ROM
  • Smooth Transition
  • Support Speech-to-Text
  • New Smart Menu
  • Redesigned Task manager
  • Updated Gallery
  • Gapps are already Installed


I hope you have got your preffered Custom ROM installed on your Mediatek Mt6572 device from the list above. If you have any queries or if we have missed to add any ROM in the list, then do let us know in the comment section below. Also, If you want to modify or make changes to your OS on your own, you can do it by making changes in the Kernel Source Code of your device.

Kernel Source Code for MTK6572: Downlaod

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  1. Hi. Is 4.4.2 the only Android version this MTK 6572 chipset can run. Are all the roms Kitkat based with only upgraded looks or are any actual Android upgrades to at least Android 6? These days many Play store apps will not run on Kitkat. Thank you for your help.

  2. How exactly would I port one of these ROMs? I don’t see the download link to the source code anywhere.


    Tablet TV 8GB/3G – 7″
    – Función de TV Análoga
    – Tarjeta SIM Dual
    – Pantalla LCD: 7” Digital
    – Tipo de Panel Táctil: Capacitivo Multi-Táctil (5 Puntos)
    – Módulo 3G y GPS Incorporados
    – RAM: 1GB DDR3
    – Sistema Operativo: Android 4.2
    – Memoria Interna: 8G
    – Resolución: 1024 x 600
    – Frecuencia: Cortex A7 1.3GHz
    – Ranura Micro USB
    – Tarjeta Micro SD (TF): 1
    – Wireless-Connect (Conexión de Red Inalámbrica) 802.11 B/G/N
    – Frecuencia 3G (Wcdma 850/1900/2100)
    – Cámara: (Frontal) Sensor CMOS de 0.3 MP, (Posterior) 2.0MP
    – Interface USB: USB 2.0 de Alta Velocidad
    – Adaptador AC/DC: Voltaje de Entrada AC100-240V – 50/60 Hz
    – Luz de Fondo LED
    – Sensor: G-Sensor
    – Micrófono Interno
    CPU: MT6572 Dual Core, Cortex A7, 1.3GHz
    Sistema Operativo: Android 4.2.2
    RAM: 1GB
    Flash: 8GB
    LCD :1024*600 Pixeles TN
    Cámara: Frontal 0.3Mp, Posterior 2.0Mp,
    Pánel: Táctil G+P
    Función :WIFI + BT+GPS+ ATV+3G (WCDMA850/1900/2100MHz)
    Batería: Batería 2500mAh
    Adaptador :Salida 5V/2ª
    Para resolver fallos de la tablets
    LDC density mode

  4. hello my tablet was bricked plz give me the rom link
    my tablet is Epad a738mtkj androim 4.4.2 kernal verson 3.4.5 mt6572