ClockworkMod recovery for all mediatek devices

No Custom recovery for your device? As Mediatek smartphone chipsets have gained its popularity in the market not only due to its performance but also for its affordability, many users tend to buy these smartphones. However, most MediaTek devices nowadays are produced locally. The problem is the limits bound to these devices when it comes to tweaking such as rooting, installing custom recoveries and more, due to lack of developers for their device. But no worry there are many ways to get things done.

Today I’m sharing this method of installing ClockworkMOD which works for all Mediatek device. We will use MTK Droid Tools for the process.

Note : This works only for MTK based android device. If you are trying this on any other device then do it at your own risk. I am not responsible if you brick your phone or if u make any other damage to your phone.

What Is Clockworkmod?

ClockWorkMod or CWM is an android and tablet tool developed by Koushik Dutta. You can perform several advanced recovery, restoration installation which you normally wouldn’t be able to perform on your android and tablet devices. This tool is also commonly used to gain root access, backup data and and install custom ROMs. This website will provide you with all the help you need, if you are confused about what to do.

How To Flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Any MediaTek (MT65xx) Android Device :

Required Tools:

  1. A MediaTek android device (MT65XX)
  2. Your phone must be rooted already. How to Root
  3. USB Cord.
  4. Windows PC/Laptop.
  5. Download ADB Drivers : ADB Drivers.
  6. Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows : MTK Droid Tools for Windows.

What Is MTK Droid Tools?

MTK droid tool is a software that allows you to perform various tasks such as rooting, backup data, create scatter files and write IMEI on Mediatek devices.

Steps To Flash ClockWorkMod

1. Download necessary files from above links.

2. Install the downloaded PDANet to your computer. It contains ADB Drivers.

3. Turn on your android device and connect it to your computer using USB Chord. (Make sure to Enable USB Debugging, go to Phone Settings — Developer Options — Enable USB Debugging.)

4. From your computer, open MTK Droid Tools that you have downloaded above and extract it to your desired location.

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5. Open MTK Droid Tools.exe from the extracted folder (Run as administrator). Wait for the tool to detect your device. (If UBIFS warning appeared in the status message, this process will not work for you. Only ext4 supported.). Notice on the bottom-left part of the tool, a YELLOW color indicator means that your android device is does not have root shell yet. If it is GREEN already, proceed to step 7. How to ROOT your Mediatek Device or proceed to Step 6

CWM for all Mediatek devices
CWM for all Mediatek devices
6.  Click ROOT button to enable root shell your device. Wait for the progress bar on the Status, see your phone to Grant Superuser access. If the color indicator turns GREEN, then you have successfully enabled root shell for your device.
CWM for all Mediatek devices1
CWM for all Mediatek devices

7.  Now, select the Root, Backup, Recovery tab and and further choose To Use Boot From Phone from the selections. Click Recovery and Boot, a message prompt will appear “To make CWM recovery automatically”, click YES.

CWM for Mediatek devices
CWM for Mediatek devices

8. Wait for the tool to build the CWM recovery and another prompt will appear “install patched boot to phone?” select NO, wait a little bit more and another prompt will appear again “install created recovery to phone”, now select YES.

9. When the tool ask you to reboot your phone to recovery, click Yes and it will reboot to CWM recovery shortly. Check out your new custom recovery.

Congratulations! You now have Installed ClockworkMod custom recovery on your MediaTek android device. You can now enjoy apps that requires Superuser rights, mods and ROMs that requires flashing from CWM. You can also check how to flash recover in mediatek devices using the twrp method.

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  1. If I click on recovery and boot in root,back up and recovery so this message will appear “Select boot.IMG” Please guide me what will I do.. My device is mtk6582

  2. Hi. Will it work on an Alcatel One Touch Hero 8? I am trying to get CWM for the device however it is not listed on TWRP as a registered one.

    1. its not working on my mtk6580 also (its a5 clone lollipop)! need help for this problem

  3. Thanks… Did it successfully… Consider getting ClockWorkMod, only if touch does not respond in TWRP else… TWRP is the best! ClockWorkMod navigates based on hardware buttons (Which most of the phones do support) so phones which have problems with touch navigation must definitely get this.