How to Optimize Mac for Gaming

Some people will argue that Macbooks are not that great for gaming. However, if you have this particular device, you can still enjoy a fair share of video games, even if the Mac has been used for a while now.

It should be like any other computer in the sense that the Macbook should work perfectly fine so long as you keep in good shape. And if you want to find out how you can optimize the Mac for gaming, read on and follow the tips mentioned below.

8 ways to Optimize Mac for Gaming

1. Remove Desktop Clutter

optimize mac for gaming

A cluttered desktop will spell trouble. Each icon on the desktop consumes resources that could be used for video games. 

The files that you keep on the desktop should be located elsewhere on the computer. And in case you think that it will be difficult finding what you were looking for, remember that there is a search function that you can use.

2. Keep Enough Free Space in the Drive

Macbooks are tricky when it comes to the available storage space. The hard drives are not that spacious and can cause issues, especially for users who like to hoard files. So not only are you left with little space for the games themselves but also have to experience performance issues due to lack of available storage space.

Remove junk files from the computer. Delete old downloads and email attachments. Transfer some data to clouds and external storage devices. The more free gigabytes you have, the better the performance.

3. Update the System

how to make games run faster on mac

System updates are released to fix various Mac issues. They also improve stability as well as extra layers of security. The bottom line is that these updates should be installed at your earliest convenience because they keep the computer in better shape. This will not only optimize your gaming performance but it will speed up your Mac in general. You can read on MacPaw about it.

4. Close Background Applications

When you are gaming, there is very little need to keep a lot of other applications running in the background. After all, they also consume memory and other resources.

For example, Skype, Slack, Spotify, and even antivirus can be shut down so that your system has more resources to spare to the video game.

how do i make my mac better for gaming

At the same time, you can launch the Activity Monitor tool and take an even closer look at all the processes that are running in the background. You may find that some of them should not even be there in the first place and can be removed or replaced with ones that are not so resource-hungry. 

5. Add Extra Ram and Buy an SSD

Upgrading the hardware is one of the best solutions, especially if every other method is not giving you results. 

When it comes to Macbooks, you are pretty limited with the available options. At the same time, if you are not willing to spend money on a brand new computer, then you have the opportunity to add extra RAM as well as get a solid-state drive.

The two pieces of hardware are relatively cheap and will introduce much-needed improvements for a good price. However, one should know that replacing and adding new Macbook hardware is tricky. It would probably be better not to take a risk and take the computer to the repair store and let the professionals handle the work for you.

6. Disable Unnecessary Visuals

how to make mac faster for gaming

If you are looking to free up even more system resources, consider disabling some visual effects. Keeping those around is not recommended, to begin with, since they do not offer that much in terms of value. More pragmatic Mac users should disable visual effects. Doing so will boost the computer’s performance in all aspects, including gaming, and help with saving more battery life.

7. Optimize In-Game Graphics

how to make your mac run games faster

Video games have settings, and you should test different variations to determine which option is the best when you are playing them. Textures, shadows, and other effects come with presets, and you can try Low/Medium/High overall settings. If things are running without any problems on the Low settings, try switching to Medium and determine whether you can stick to that.

The screen resolution is another important aspect that plays a prominent role. Tinker with the sizes and see which selection offers the best results. 

8. Clean Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt can cause a lot of issues and may lead to internal hardware damages. Video games require a lot of resources, and overworking your computer’s internal fans is something you should avoid.

If you notice a loud noise or a sudden increase in temperature, check what the inside of the Mac looks like. Removing all the filth that accumulates there should be a regular thing. Get in the habit of keeping your Macbook in top shape by taking better care of it.


With these tips you should easily optimize your Mac PC for seamless gaming. If you have any other suggestions or any doubt related to above mentioned tips then feel free to comment down below.

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