How to Install Official MIUI 8 Custom ROM in OnePlus One

MIUI 7 in OnePlus One

Chinese Smartphone maker, Xiaomi recently unveiled the most awaited OS update MIUI 8 for its devices. The MIUI 8 comes with a revamped design and emphasises on bold colours. It also came out with features like second space and Dual Apps, You find a more detailed note about these apps below. The changes in design has mixed opinions with a lot of people liking the MIUI 7 design.

In this article you will learn all the features present in MIUI 8 and also learn how to install the MIUI 8 ROM.

MIUI 8 ROM Features

MIUI 8 Features

1. Dual Apps:

Ever wondered how to have two accounts in one app? You can do this using some apps available on the play store. If you have the MIUI 8 ROM, you won’t have to take the trouble of finding such apps, as the Dual Apps feature allows you to use the same app with two different accounts. So, you can, therefore, use this app to run two WhatsApp accounts and separate your work messages from your personal messages.

2. Second Space:

If Dual Apps allowed you to separate your work messages from your personal messages, then Second space will enable you to create two different profiles. You create new profiles for work or any other reason why you might need two accounts on the same phone.

You can set up a password for the second account. You can change your profiles from the notification panel unlike what you would have done to alter profiles in your laptop (Going to the lock screen and signing in into a new account. The phone settings will remain the same for both the account, but you can transfer data between the two profiles by using the built-in move data utility.

3. New Gallery Features:

There are a lot of new features in the gallery in the MIUI 8 ROM when compared to the MIUI 8 ROM. Some of the new gallery features include a video editor that lets you trim videos, add filters. Play background music and apply text in the background. 

Xiaomi has had the cloud sync feature for some time now. The new MIUI ROM allows you to delete photos that have already been backed up and therefore freeing up your storage space. You can also share your images and videos from the gallery by merely using a swipe up gesture instead of finding and pressing the sharing tab.

4. Calling features:

There are a few added features to the MIUI 8 ROM,

  • You can automatically record all phone calls whether they are incoming or outgoing. If you don’t want to record every call, you can filter them by using contact numbers or creating a list. For, E.g. You can automatically record calls from all unknown numbers.
  • When you receive messages from big brands, you will find their logo on the side of the message. You will also get a suggestion of adding a reminder to events you have recently booked tickets for.
  • Another significant change is the tracking of spam callers. The new feature will show you whether the call you are receiving is from a spammer or not. This feature works on users blacklisting number, so when X number of people blacklist the number you are getting a call from, that number will be shown as a spam caller.

5. Scrolling Screenshots:

You usually were only able to take screenshots of the screen, you can now take more extended screenshots that allow you to take screenshots of the whole page. Note that this feature won’t be available on the screen, it will be available on the MIUI 8’s default browser.

6. Quick Ball:

This feature is very similar to the assistive touch you will find in iOS. You will get five shortcuts for home, back, recents, lock and screenshot. You can position Quick ball anywhere on the screen and even have the option of removing it.

7. Calculator:

The new calculator in the MIUI 8 has a few added functionalities, you can now convert currencies without having to search for the exchange rate online. You can also convert temperature (Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa).

Do these features convince you to download the MIUI 8 ROM in your OnePlus One? If they do, you can learn how to download the MIUI 8 ROM by following the steps below. 


  1. Unlocked Bootloader, Working Custom Recovery like Clockworkmod, TWRP or any other.
  2. Properly Rooted Oneplus One. Check it using Root Checker App
  3. Device charged up to 40%.
  4. MIUI 8 zip file from here.


It is a China ROM and ported versions have not been tested by MIUI officially. Users are advised to proceed only if they have fair knowledge about flashing Chinese ROMs. Also, expect bugs with the installation. Devs-Lab will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during the process.
Installin MIUI 8 ROM

How to Install MIUI 8 ROM

  1. Download the zip from the above link & save it in your Internal memory.
  2. Switch off your device & Press Volume Up & Down buttons along with Power Button. (Don’t release the button)
  3. Release the buttons when the FastBoot/Bootloader mode options appear. (A START text is listed at the upper part of your device’s screen)
  4. Use the Vol Buttons to move up & down. Use the Power Button to select Recovery Mode.
  5. Now, you’ll see the recovery screen.
  6. Select Install zip from Storage.
  7. Locate the downloaded zip file from the list & use the power button to select.
  8. Select Yes from the options.
  9. Now, just wait for few mins until its completely installed.
  10. Hurrah! You can successfully installed MIUI 8 ROM.


You have succesfully installed the MIUI 8 ROM on your phone and can now enjoy all its features. If you are a little confused on things you can do after installing the MIUI 8 ROM? well for starters, you can download Gapps for your phone. Since you also need your phone to be rooted to install MIUI 8 ROM, you can downlaod rooted apps that you wouldn’t normally be able to download.

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