Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 5

The latest affordable flagship, Oneplus 5, is a value for money offering with all the latest specifications on board. Although it received mixed responses for its copied design, it is doing well with sales. The latest Snapdragon 835 Processor, 6/8GB RAM, and dual cameras have kept Oneplus 5 on a safe ride. Oneplus five is also getting more than expected Android community/developer support; already, many Customs ROMs are lined up with their Oneplus five releases.

The Oneplus 5 community at XDA is enormous and growing even when it has been recently launched. This is because the forum is filled with a lot of stable and latest-built custom ROMs. Oneplus five comes with Android Version 7.1.1 Nougat OS. If you wish to upgrade your phone with the latest versions, then you can flash and root your device. Once you have rooted your device, it is simple to install custom ROM in it.

What is Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is an unofficial version of the OS for a device. Any phone initially has its installed ROM, which cannot be modified or altered. Therefore, you get limited access to your device’s internal features. When your phone is rooted, and when you install a custom ROM, you can modify and alter everything on your device. This is because the custom-made ROM version is in its original form and has not undergone any modification. You can anytime upgrade your device’s ROM immediately when the Android update comes up.

Flashing a ROM is a simple process if you have a rooted device. But what if it is unstable with many bugs? It may affect our usual work life. So, we are here to help you with choosing a stable and smooth Custom ROM for your Oneplus 5. Now let’s check out the 10 Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 5.


  1. Rooted Oneplus 5 Device (Click here for Instructions on Rooting your Oneplus 5).
  2. As a precaution, Please make a Nandroid Backup before switching from your Old ROM.

10 Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 5

1. Lineage OS 18.1 (Android 11)

LineageOS 18.1 for Oneplus 5

Lineage OS version 18.1 for Oneplus 5 is not official yet. But we can’t stop ourselves from mentioning that Unofficial builds of Lineage OS are not that bad. They are actually smoother like any other Custom ROM. Though they are not recommended for daily drivers but, enthusiastic users can try it for few days. Once Official builds are released, Lineage OS will be worth using for a daily driver. Users should Flash a firmware zip before flashing the original ROM zip.

LineageOS 18.1 for OnePlus 5: Download

2. Resurrection Remix ROM (Android 10)

Resurrection Remix for Oneplus 5
Resurrection Remix Rom

RR is a well-known name for Modding in the world of Custom ROMs and is the most stable custom ROM’s available for Oneplus 5. It has many unique features, and it is built based on lineage OS and includes few tweaks from Mokee ROM as well. It also has a Kernel auditor and a huge list of useful tweaks. As of now, builds are rootless, and users should flash Magisk or Supersu to obtain root access.

It has several features like battery bar customization, battery icon customization, network traffic indicator, incoming and outgoing traffic, network traffic color, status bar RR logo and color, custom logos and many more such features. You get some many features that it is impossible to explore each of them in a day. Resurrection ROM has been in the market for a long time and so you can expect solid support and frequent updates from the developers. With this custom ROM, you will be able to completely personalize your phone and you can stay unique compared to the stock version of Android.

Resurrection Remix Android Q for OnePlus 5: Download

3. Pixel Experience (Android 11)

Pixel Experience OS Android 11 for Oneplus 5

Pixel Experience is an AOSP based custom ROM designed to provide stable performance of stock ROMs without compromising on the features it offers. It includes all the Pixel features like Pixel UI, Pixel launcher, Wallpapers, Fonts & Boot Animations. Unlike other custom ROMs like resurrection remix, pixel experience does not focus on multiple customizations rather it will provide a stable experience along with useful features for proper functioning of the device.

Pixel Experience OS Android 11 for OnePlus 5: Download

4. Android Ice Cold Project 16.1 (Android 11)

Android Ice Cold Project 16.1 for OnePlus 5

Ever since it was first used on the HTC Desire, this custom ROM for OnePlus five is popularly known as the Ice Cold Project. This custom ROM was first demonstrated on the HTC desire 12 and has come a long way since. The Android Ice Cold Project has now evolved into a more mature ROM is generally one of the best Custom ROM for Oneplus 5.

This ROM has everything in store required to enjoy the Android 11 features. You need not install any additional software to get this ROM on your phone. Another key feature of the AICP 16.1 is that it offers a clean UI that allows for easy customizations on your One Plus 5. 

Android Ice Cold Project 16.1 for OnePlus 5: Download

5. POSP (Android 11)

Potato Open Sauce Project for OnePlus 5

The Potato Open Sauce Project combines the latest security patches, features, and many more additional quirks to give you smooth Android firmware. Given it’s a simple configuration, this custom ROM is for OnePlus 5. This custom Android ROM currently has over 133 repositories available in the arsenal.

Despite being loaded with features, the Potato Open Sauce Project is one of the most stable ROMs for OnePlus 5 available in the market. This custom ROM comes with a completely redesigned and simplified user interface that allows for easy customization.

Features of Potato Open Sauce Project:

  • Improved Volume Control
  • OTA Updates
  • Three Mode Notch handling
  • Permissions Hub
  • QS Panel Modifications
  • Customizable Volume Panels

Potato Open Sauce Project for OnePlus 5: Download

6. AOSP Extended ROM (Android 11)

AOSP Extended ROM For OnePlus 5: Download

The AOSP custom ROM aims primarily at delivering heavy-duty performance while maintaining stability for every Android device. It is designed explicitly to deliver a stock UI/UX experience followed by more and more customization features for OnePlus 5. What makes this Android 11 custom-made ROM stand are the dozens of features that come along with it. In addition, the AOSP Extended Custom Android 11 ROM provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box.

Features of AOSP Extended ROM:

  • Additional Battery Saver
  • Extended Volume Panel
  • Flashlight Notification
  • Flip Button Animation
  • Permission Manager
  • Power Menu Customization

AOSP Extended ROM For OnePlus 5: Download

7. crDroid (Android 11)

CrDroid Android 11 ROM for OnePlus 5

One of the primary aspects that makes the crDroid custom stand out is its ability to deliver a smooth, stable, and completely lag free experience. This custom ROM for OnePlus 5 is based on Lineage OS 18.1 which is why it inherits majority of the features from its base ROM.  

It has many unique features, and it is built based on lineage OS and includes few tweaks from Mokee ROM as well. It also has a Kernel auditor and a massive list of useful tweaks. crDroid ROM is based on LineageOS and runs on Android 11 R. 

Features of crDroid:

  • Customizable Status Bar
  • Simple User Interface
  • System-Wide Rounded UI

CrDroid Android 11 ROM for OnePlus 5: Download

8. ArrowOS (Android 11)

ArrowOS For OnePlus 5

The ArrowOS Custom ROM is designed explicitly to keep things neat, simple, and smooth. The company has added only those features that are going to be useful at the end of the day for every OnePlus 5 user. As per reports, this Android 11 custom ROM for OnePlus 3/3T5 has no reported bugs whatsoever. Thanks to the ROM community, the Arrows OS now features period updates and bug reports. This means that any bug or issue you report is likely to solved within hours. 

Features of ArrowOS:

  • Easy to Use
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Enhanced Battery Saver
  • Personalisation Options
  • Battery Customisation
  • Customizable User Interface

ArrowOS For OnePlus 5: Download

9. Project Radiant (Android 11)

Project Radiant ROM for OnePlus 5

With the Project Radiant, you can now organize all your tasks with the all-new project board feature. As of 2022, the Project Radiant is one of the most recommended and highly functional customs ROM for OnePlus 5 available in the market. This open-source custom ROM comes with a completely redesigned user interface.

In addition, this custom ROM for OnePlus 5 packs dozens of other exciting features. This sports a clean user interface and allows for easier customization. However, since the Project Radiant is a complete rebase, there are not many customization options available currently.

Project Radiant ROM for OnePlus 5: Download

10. HyconOS (Android 11)

Hycon OS for OnePlus 5

The Hycon OS is an entirely open-source AOSP based custom ROM for OnePlus 5 that has many exciting customization features available. Thanks to the ROM Community, the Hycon OS is tried and tested to provide a smooth, stable, and completely lag-free experience. 

Unlike other custom ROMs for OnePlus 5, the Hycon OS is equipped with several pre-installed applications. This largely saves you from the hassle of tweaking your ROM features once you install it on your phone. Also, other several features includes:

  • Battery bar customization
  • Battery icon customization
  • Network traffic indicator
  • Incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Network traffic color
  • Status bar RR logo
  • Custom logos, and many more such features.

Hycon OS for OnePlus 5: Download


We hope you found the best ROM amongst these top 10 custom ROMs for OnePlus 5. We have personally tried and tested each of the above 10 mentioned ROMs which is why we have made it a point to include them in this article. However, note that DevsJournal is NOT responsible for any damage done to your phone post installation of any of the above-mentioned custom ROMs for OnePlus 5.

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