RED unleashed the Hydrogen One a $1200 smartphone with a holographic display

After Kodak and Polaroid decided to get their feet wet in the smartphone industry, it seems another major camera OEM, RED wants in. RED is more famous for its digital cinema cameras that can shoot at insane resolutions *hint-hint 4K is just the beginning*. The company just revealed the Hydrogen One, a premium Android smartphone with a starting price tag of ~$1,195 (~₹77,200). The base model of the handset comes with an aluminium shell and you can get the Hydrogen One in a Titanium finish that will set you back a cool $1595 (~₹1,03,000).

Though the Titanium chassis itself would be an achievement in most of our eyes, the Hydrogen One’s claim to fame is its 5.7-inch holographic display. The display technology which is not explained in any detail apart from some proprietary RED nanotechnology mentions is capable of displaying normal 2D media, stereo 3D media and RED’s own special “4-view content”. Due to the requirements of holographs, the phone is fully compatible with augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality as well.

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Apart from this, the Hydrogen One is also capable of creating 4-view content which is stored in a proprietary .h4v file format which can be shared with others who have the right hardware to access/experience it. RED also states that the smartphone will integrate with its existing range of digital cinema equipment and can double as a controller and an external monitor. And as if all this was not enough, the company is building modularity into the Hydrogen One with the express aim of providing a special data connector that allows for external add-ons to capture high-quality motion and still images.

The only committed hardware specifications of the Hydrogen One are that it will feature a USB Type-C port, support microSD card for additional storage and will feature the venerable 3.5mm audio jack. RED claims that the first smartphones will start shipping in the first quarter of 2018 and pre-order customers will also receive a special small token. Whatever happens, to be the Hydrogen One, one thing is for sure, everyone has their eyes on RED.

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