How to track iPhone Location, SMS, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more?

Track iPhone location using CocoSpy

Nowadays, iOS devices attract users for their security features and data protection. These devices can protect your data, such as files, videos, and images in different ways. However, your data will be at risk in case of lost or stolen iPhone. You have to track the location of the iPhone. Feel free to use built-in tracking features or security features or use an external app like Cocospy. Here are some tips for tracking iPhone location.

How to use Cocospy to Track Location

With the help of Cocospy, it will be easy for you to track your lost device. Moreover, this spy app is useful to track stored data, social media platforms, and contact list of a targeted iPhone. Make sure to install this app in the iOS device of your children or employees to monitor their activities.

Cocospy is used by millions of users and has been acknowledged by Tom’s Guide, TechRadar, Digital Trends, CNET, PC World, etc. You can install Cocospy on your iPhone without jailbreak. There is no need to install an app for monitoring. With this app, you can know everything about your kids and even employees. It allows you to understand the real-time location of the person. Feel free to track call logs, SMS, LINE, WhatsApp, etc. You will use it in an invisible mode.

Create an account with Cocospy with your email address. In your target iPhone, you have to add iCloud information of the target device. Make sure to disable two-factor authentication in iCloud. Login your account in any browser to get access to a dashboard. The user-friendly dashboard of Cocospy will give you access to contact lists, photos, SMS, and other activities of target iPhone.

Why CocoCpy third party app over find my iPhone

1. Track iPhone with Number

Do you wonder how to track an iPhone by phone number with Cocospy? Fortunately, you can get the advantage of free methods and online sources.

Before tracking the location of an iPhone with its number, get started with the tracking services of iOS devices called “Search my iPhone.” With this useful and quick service, you can find your device.

If you are not able to locate your device with this service, you can use a number locator application. With sim tracker of Cocospy, you can see the location and changes of SIM cards. You can review SMS and calls data based on the card. Cocospy can help you with the current location of the SIM card.

If you need a reliable way to track your phone shall you lose it, Cocospy is your best bet. It’s a premium app that offers peace of mind when tracking your or someone else devices, especially their activity.

2. Use GPS to Track iPhone

You can track iPhone with GPS facility. Cocospy has a free location tracker to find your stolen or lost device. The process is simple with Cocospy, such as find information through your phone on GPS data. Get information on Wi-Fi connection to find a location. Time stamps will make it easy for you to understand the actual location of the phone.

Tracking your iPhone with GPS offer convenience and accuracy. But this is not the only way you can keep track of your phone. There are several other ways that can help to keep track of your device.

3. Track Location of iPhone by IMEI Number

With the use of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, you can track the location of your stolen or lost iPhone. For this purpose, you have to locate the IMEI number of your device. See these steps to find the number:

  • Hit on “Settings” and choose “General.”
  • Click “About” and scroll down to IMEI section.
  • You may find the written IMEI number in this section. Get this number and save it for later use.

If you have an IMEI number, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact your wireless provider and tell him about the lost/stolen device. Share the IMEI number with them so that they can track your device. A few wireless providers can refuse to help you.
  • If a wireless provider doesn’t want to help you, don’t worry because it is time to register IMEI number with number databases.
  • Moreover, file your complaint with local authorities because they may help you in finding your iPhone

It’s possible to track your iPhone via its IMEI number. There are some technicalities and complex issues you have to mind when trying to track your cell with IMEI.  You can take some severe measures using the IMEI number; if you can’t recover your phone, then you can shut it down for good, and protect your data at least.

4. Use iCloud to Track iPhone

iCloud can be helpful for you to track an iOS device or its location. You can use this option if the “Location” tracker on your device is enabled. See these steps to use the iPhone:

Log in to your iCloud account and start “Find My iPhone.” You will find this option in the dashboard of your account. You will find a map to locate your stolen/lost iPhone.

Tap on “All Devices,” choose your missing device and start tracking. You can see the location of your device on the map. It is time to enable the “Lost Mode” of your iOS device. It will lock your iPhone and show a message. Feel free to customize this message so that someone may read it and return this phone to you.

You need to take special care when using iCloud because you have several devices linked to one iCloud Account. Before you start tracking, you have to specify the device you are tracking, make sure you are tracking your cell phone, not your iPad or something else.

5. Tracking Your Cell with Native Apps

You have to open the Find my Friends App on the device and tap your contact picture at the bottom of the screen. This will enable Share My Location from settings.  You have to make sure the location is being shared from your device because there will be other devices which are linked to the same iCloud Account.

Now you have to share your Location to the iPhone. On your cell phone, you have the swipe up from the bottom to enable AirDrop from Control Center. You better make yourself discoverable to “Everyone.” If you want, the Contacts Only option is good enough provided to have a backup of important data.

Back on the iPhone, click on Add and press contact icon just as it shows up. Choose share indefinitely to share the location of your phone for as long as you want.  Now you have to accept the Location, don’t share back your location? Once the location is shared, you better it accept, and after a few seconds, a popup will appear asking you if you want to share your location in return.

If you don’t want to do it, click on “Don’t Share.” This way, the recipient won’t be able to track your location.

Back to your app, you have to click on your contact icon to see the live location. You will also see other options whether the target arrives at a given location or leave it. This way, you can alert yourself based on their movement.

This might sound odd, but you can use this approach to track your device or track someone else, based on what you want. If you are tracking someone else, then you better make sure you hide. You don’t want the target finding you are keeping an eye on them. The native iOS app offers several functions that help you hide whether you are tracking on the device, or someone else’s.

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