How to install iOS 12 on any iPhone device without Jailbreak

If you have been excited since the announcement of the all new iOS 12 software update, it’s time to try out the early baked cake. You’re right, iOS 12 beta is now out for public testing and can be downloaded by anyone who understands the risk of using a beta software. Apple’s public beta version of iOS 12, with its new Memoji feature, is now available for download.

Apple unveils its newest mobile software each year in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference. It then releases the operating system to developers to make apps ahead of the iOS release, typically in September. Offering the operating system early both to developers and the public aims to catch more bugs and make sure the software works well before it’s rolled out to a broad audience.

Just like every other beta software phase, things are bound to change in the final release, some features might be added or removed to make the software more compatible and practical for daily use. This is the first beta release so there might be some bugs which would make your smartphone usage not so pleasant. Only proceed with Beta software if you understand the risk and be sure to backup your iPhone or iPad before you do.

iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 Features

  1. Smoother and faster
  2. Core features:
    • Siri gets smarter
    • Cut down on screen time
    • Better notification management
    • Minor tweaks to messages and big change to Facetime
    • Create an Animoji of your own, Memoji.
  3. Some hidden features: (Some of the features we are highlighting can be changed or removed before official release this fall)
    1. More battery info
    2. Temporary Do not Disturb
    3. Second face for FaceID (now you can add 2 faces)
    4. Close app gesture
    5. Automatic OS Updates
    6. QR Code Scanner in Control center
    7. Disable USB Accessories
    8. Messages Camera tool (Replace your face with Memoji realtime)

Recommended: Use Safari browser for the entire procedure.

How to install iOS 12 Public Beta on any iPhone

Step 1. Go to Apple’s free public beta program, and click on Sign up button

Step 2. Login with your AppleID and password on the sign up page.

Step 3. Verify the two factor Authentication if your AppleID is protected with it.

Apple ID Two factor Authentication

Step 4. You’ll be redirected to on a page which reads “Guide for Public betas”, scroll down to “Get started” and click on “enroll your iOS device”.

Step 5. It will send you to a page “Enroll your Devices to Get Public Beta Software”, scroll down and under Download Profile heading, click on “Download Profile” button. (Press Allow on the popup which asks, “This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?”)

How to install ios 12 on any iPhone update to Public beta

Step 6. You’ll see a “Install Profile” page, click on the Install text at the top right corner. Make sure to remove all the other beta profiles. After installation, allow device restart.

Step 7. Once your iPhone is booted again, go to Settings > General > Software Updates. It will now show iOS 12 Public beta Software update, click on Download & Install.

iOS 12 Public Beta Update for any iPhone Installation steps

There are some new features you won’t be able to access in the public beta largely because third-party apps won’t be available yet.

You won’t really be able to tap into the new augmented reality features from ARKit 2. The biggest improvements — like playing group games — require third-party apps that won’t hit the App Store until the fall. You will be able to access Apple’s new Measure app, though, to determine the dimensions of things like boxes.

Siri Shortcuts is another feature you won’t really be able to use in the beta. The feature lets you create personalized requests for Apple’s voice assistant, such as setting up a request that brings together a surf report, current weather, travel time to the beach and a sunscreen reminder, all by just saying, “Hey Siri, surf time. But third-party apps don’t yet support the feature, and the standalone Shortcuts app won’t hit iPhones and iPads until the fall.

Apple warns, “since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software.” The company advises to only download the beta software on a secondary device or one that’s not “business critical.”

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