How to Clean a Motherboard

The motherboard is the route through which various computer peripherals interact. Therefore, your system automatically stops working every time there is a glitch in your motherboard. A majority of the computer’s peripherals are attached to your motherboard, which is highly essential in ensuring your PC’s smooth functioning. The motherboard is the key ingredient of our entire computer setup. Therefore, it is vital that we have all the information about how they work and how to keep them functioning efficiently.

Apart from the internal functioning, it is also necessary that the outside of your computer peripherals appear neat and tidy. We often clean our computer screens, keyboards, and CPUs using a dry cotton cloth. Just as we clean them from the outside, a computer’s motherboard also needs to be deep cleaned at times. Dust is generally not the first thing you want to show off to your friends every time they check out your setup.

However, it is vital that we deep clean our motherboard so as not to let the dust build up. When you go without cleaning your system for a while, dust starts to settle in the most unusual places. Also, the dust tends to settle inside if your case does not have excellent dust prevention measures such as a dust filter. 

Since we are all going to have a lot more time on our hands, why not take this opportunity to give your computer a deep cleaning like it never had before! Therefore, in this article, we are going to lay down all the different measures using which you can deep-clean your motherboard. 

Best Ways To Clean A Motherboard

With time, dust and dirt tend to accumulate inside your motherboard. This gets even worse if your case doesn’t have proper dust protection measures. Therefore, it is vital that you deep-clean your motherboard once a year so that it remains maintained. Because with time, usage, dust, and dirt accumulation, the motherboard tends to wear out, causing it to overheat and malfunction or even stop working altogether. To prevent all this from happening, you need to take the utmost care of your motherboard.


  • Cleaning a motherboard is tricky, and even the slightest of errors can cause it to crash all together. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the utmost caution when cleaning your motherboard. 
  • Use extreme caution if you are using a cloth or vacuum cleaner to clear out the dust. Using a cloth for cleaning requires applying pressure, and this can leave behind cloth fibers stuck in the motherboard.
  • Meanwhile, using a vacuum cleaner can cause static damage to the motherboard.

Taking the above things in to consideration, let’s move on to some of the best ways to clean a motherboard

Method 1: Using A Compressed Air Blower

Using a compressed air blower is one the easiest ways of cleaning your motherboard since this machine compresses air without heating it, in turn keeping your motherboard from overheating. Though it may take a bit longer, it will get the job done. In addition to an air blower, you will also need a soft-bristled brush to wipe out the remnants.

To clean your motherboard using a compressed air blower, follow the given steps.

  • Completely Shut Down Your Computer
  • Kill The Power Supply
  • Remove (Dismantle) the screws 
  • Use the air-blower/keyboard cleaner thoroughly to get rid of dirt and dust particles. 

  • Use the soft-bristled brush to loosen the dust particles
  • Use the air-blower again to get rid of any dirt or dust that remains
  • Reinstall the motherboard
  • Turn On the power supply

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above, you will see a noticeable change in the overall appearance of your motherboard. However, if you see a few dust particles that are left behind, you can use the soft-bristled brush to loosen them and then the compressed air-blower to eliminate them for good.

Method 2: Using Isopropyl Alcohol

After ridding your motherboard of dust and dirt particles, you may want to look out for sticky stains just in case. If you find a few stains on your motherboard, using a compressed air-blower won’t work. For this, you will need a liquid cleaner (Isopropyl Alcohol). However, do NOT add a liquid cleaner directly onto the motherboard as it can cause significant electric damage. To clean your motherboard for stains, you will need isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. 

To clean your motherboard using isopropyl alcohol, follow the steps given.

  • Completely Shut Down Your Computer
  • Kill The Power Supply
  • Remove (Dismantle) the screws 
  • Apply Isopropyl Alcohol evenly on a cotton swab to moisten it
  • Apply the moistened cotton swab thoroughly over the stains on the motherboard
Using Isopropyl Alcohol To Clean A Motherboard
  • The alcohol evaporates quickly, reducing the chances of electric damage
  • Gently wipe over the stains using the cotton swab
  • Allow the motherboard to dry
  • Once the alcohol has dried off, use a compressed air blower to eliminate the remaining dust particles.
  • Reinstall the motherboard
  • Turn On the power supply

Things To Keep In Mind While Cleaning Your Motherboard

The motherboard is the key component of your computing setup. Any damage to the motherboard ultimately results in your system shutting down completely. This will cause you to lose all your important data. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to clean your to the motherboard from time to time.

However, when cleaning your motherboard, keep the following things in mind.

  • Clean your motherboard at least once a year
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as it can cause electric static
  • Check the warranty before applying alcohol to clean it. The warranty could be void if you clean it using alcohol during the warranty period. 
  • Completely SHUT DOWN the computer and kill the Power supply before cleaning. 
  • Always use 99% Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the stains on your motherboard.
  • Do NOT turn on the computer before it is completely dry
  • Seek professional help in cleaning the motherboard if possible

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to walk you through cleaning a motherboard successfully. Remember that the motherboard is critical in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of your computer. A damaged motherboard will have spending thousands. Therefore, you must tend to your motherboard at least once a year to keep it running smoothly and save you from additional expenses. With a bit of patience and a lot of care, you should clean your motherboard regularly to ensure that it is in top shape

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