Android Oreo v8.1: Here are all the new features

It seems like yesterday, when Google launched it’s Android version 8.0-Android Oreo. We were enjoying every bite of it and now Google wants to continue its offering with the latest Android Version 8.1. It is the updated Android Oreo with more focus on speed and efficiency. The Developer Preview of Android Oreo v8.1 is already out and it brings some pretty small but neat tweaks. We will split the change list between visual and hidden system changes. So, let’s delve further into the article to know more about the features of Android Oreo v8.1.

Features of Android Oreo 8.1

Transparent Quick Settings

android oreo 8.1

Google has made small changes to its Quick settings. The change you are likely to see is the drop-down panel now appears transparent or we can say semi – transparent. Now, users will be able to see what’s beneath the panel.

The change in quick settings system-wide. It was first featured on Google’s very own Pixel 2 with app drawer and light/dark quick settings. 

The new update has also removed the user switch icon from the quick settings. So now if you want to switch user, you have to visit Settings Menu. 


Settings Menu

android 8.1 setting

The search feature in Android Oreo settings simply had the microscope glass icon. In this update, it is replaced by a full search bar instead. We can imagine this to be more useful and convenient. More cosmetic changes mean the settings menu is much more like the Pixel 2 settings menu.

New Power Menu

In the latest Android Oreo 8.1 the power menu has been altered. Long pressing the power button now reveals a slim candy bar power button and restart window.

The menu appers adjacent to the power button itself. This makes reaching it very easily and does not require use of two hands, as in the previous versions, the power menu used to pop up in the middle of the screen. Besides this, the animation looks smooth.

Navigation Bar

android 8.1 navigation bar

The navigation bar automatically dims the buttons when it stays idle. Also, it is ever so slightly compact, and the buttons are now more closely packed together. Now, the navigation bar is dynamic and turns white when you open the settings menu.

The centre home button is slightly bigger in size than the other two buttons. Long pressing the home button triggers Google Assistant.

Light/Dark Theme

dark theme android 8.1

Now, depending on what type of wallpaper you select, the theme will change automatically. Theme will set to light or dark mode based on your wallpaper. The changes will be made to Quick settings, the launcher, App shortcuts, Settings menu and also other core elements. Earlier, this feature was limited to Google Pixel 2. You can try different apps to modify themes on Android Oreo 8.1.

Oreo Easter Egg

Android Oreo 8.1

Earlier, in Android 8.0, fast tapping the Android Version in the settings menu, an easter egg used to pop up. However, following the alphabetical legacy, Google has changed the Easter egg to Oreo. Now you will see a proper Oreo biscuit instead of an easter egg.

Hidden Features of Android Oreo 8.1

Notification Alert

Notifications on Android are a huge step ahead of iOS. And they keep getting better. With v8.1, the system will play an alert sound just once per second in the case of multiple notifications.

Better support for low-specced devices

Google now allows developers to scale their apps to fit the resources on low-specced phones. The apps will get modified based on available memory and power on the device. Google has been trying hard to get Android to more and more users and this step should help that objective.

Safe Browsing API

Google wants to make Android spam-free. Hence, with the Safe Browsing API, apps will be able to detect malicious addresses and alert users.

Wallpaper Color adaptation

Some elements like the navigation bar will change their colour according to the backdrop wallpaper. They will either turn light or dark.

Bluetooth device battery check

Android v8.1 finally enables users to see the battery percentage of connected Bluetooth devices. You’ll find the stats in the Bluetooth settings or quick settings panel too.

So, there you have it guys. Android Oreo v8.1 Developer Preview features for you. Let us know which features you think Android badly needs in the future and whether you like these new additions in the comments below.

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