15 Smartphone Myths that you still believe!

Smartphone Myths

Myths arise from humanity’s fear of the unknown. Whenever a misunderstood subject gains popularity it naturally gives rise to various notions and the same holds true for the Android world. Android isn’t a very old ecosystem yet within a short lifespan of roughly 10 years it has managed to achieve widespread adoption.

Unlike iOS, the affordability factor of Android has allowed it to be a hugely used OS. This, in turn, has also lead to certain huge myths regarding the operating system which still stand today. We’ll look into such myths and try to dispel these imaginary fears with the light of knowledge.

Statement such as “Android is a blooming garden of malware.” are myths. 

Though it’s true that you can fall prey to malware with your Android phone, there’s a very rare chance. Malware actually comes from outside of the Play Store mostly. If you stay within the confines of the Play Store, it is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter a malware-infected app. Even though Google is not as stringent as iOS when it comes to passing apps, it’s safe to say that Play Store Protect remains ever vigilant for malicious activity in the marketplace.

Also, users must be aware of email-spams and third-party software that once installed can lead to malware on any phone iOS or Android. Hence, the notion that buying Android means buying a malware machine is more due to misinformation. Users should stick to the Play Store apps and avoid third party-software for a hassle-free Android experience.

15 Smartphone Myths that most users believe

1. Background apps eat a lot of battery and resources

Background Apps eat a lot of battery and resources

This is another one of those perpetuating myths. A side reaction to this myth is the huge swarm of tas killer apps on the Play Store. It’s clear despite a lot of debate, that these apps serve more against the purpose instead of aiding them. In other words, task killer apps may slow down your phone instead of speeding them up. This superstition is also why many people obsessively keep cleaning their recent tabs. This also won’t help them as it is the same as using task killers. Android is now well capable of managing its RAM resources that it will notify you if it sees an app is running without any use.

It’s because both Android and iOS have evolved enough to intelligently handle background apps. And the apps that do run behind the scenes are unlikely to hog a large margin of resources. So, rest assured and delete those task killers for once.

2. Battery Saver Apps (App Killers) Save Battery

Battery Savers Apps (App Killers) Save Battery

Despite a lot of arguments from both sides, people still install battery savers and app killers to ‘save battery life’. Despite what these app say they do, they are bad for your phones. These apps use more battery than the background apps would. The reason task killers use so much battery is because of essential system apps that automatically restart after being forced to stop, because of this the task killers have to continuously keep shutting these apps therefore consuming battery. If you are using one of the latest android phones, you get an inbuilt task killer that can do this job while saving a lot of battery and space.

3. Dual camera is better than single camera

Dual Camera Is Better Than Single Camera

Well, if this would be true, the Pixel 2 XL wouldn’t be receiving praise from reviewers all around the globe. Also, another myth related to this is that more megapixels mean a better camera. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you want to see true quality, the best way to go is real-world usage. Mega Pixels is just one factor. There are other variables that actually influence the output of the camera more. For example, the quality of the sensor, lens, and image-processing software is also very important.

4. Having More Megapixels Means You Can Take Better Photos

Having More Megapixels Means You Can Take Better Photos

This is a myth that marketers have been using to sell their new phone models year after year. Chief executive of smug mug was also quoted saying that “The word ‘megapixel’ is a marketer’s dream. Every consumer believes more is better,”.

So, are more megapixels are better? yes they are, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to take better photos. You take better photos on your smartphone by cleaning your lens, not using flash to take photos, or by taking photos by using the volume button instead of tapping on the screen. e.t.c.

The main advantage of having more megapixels is when you want to crop your images to focus on an object or person. Some expert photographers also say that having more megapixels has reduced the quality of images.

5. Higher Specs mean better phone

Higher Specs Means Better Phones

This is also a generalization of the previous belief. Now we don’t want to say that specs simply don’t matter because that would not be true. What we’re saying is that other factors matter too. For example, an iPhone 6 despite having lower specs than many Android devices works better in most conditions. Specs sheets are more of marketing gimmick these days rather than reflecting real-world performance.

6. Screen protectors are necessary.

Screen Protectors are Necessary

Nowadays many smartphones come with scratch-resistant displays. It wasn’t the case in the early days of Android. But now it is. You might have heard of Gorilla Glass for instance. These are pre-applied screen protectors and they are tough as nails. If you’re not sure, go to YouTube and do a search for Gorilla Glass phones. There are tons of review videos that test a phone display with knives, nails and what not. So, no, if your phone has a scratch-resistant display it’s perfectly fine to not use a screen protector. So just Google to see if your phone has such a display and if it does you’ll be fine.

7. Use only the bundled charger

Use Only Bundled Charger

Modern smartphones use USB charging as a standard. Hence, any USB charger can be used to charge your phone whether it supplies more power or less. Your phone will only charge with the speed it is designed to charge even if you use a more powerful charger. In fact, it might be able to draw more power with a quick charge adapter. Therefore any charger built to the phone manufacturer’s specs is good enough. But beware of Chinese poor quality chargers. Other reputed third party chargers like Qualcomm, Belkin are pretty safe to use.

This myth has been kept alive more as a marketing tactic by phone manufacturers so that buyers use only phone-maker’s accessories. Since accessories have a bigger margin of profit these days compared to phones.

What do you think of these myths? Have you heard of any other false notions related to Android phones? Let us know in the comments below.

8. You Can Charge Your Phone In The Microwave

You Can Charge Your Phone In The Microwave

Last year there were a few videos circulating around social media of people charging their phones in the microwave. Putting your phone in the microwave will NOT charge your phone. In fact it is extremely hazardous and would cause your microwave and your smartphone irreparable damage, therefore costing you a lot of money.

9. Your Phone Gets Spoilt If You Charge Them Overnight

Your Phone Gets Spoilt If You Charge Them Overnight

Another smartphone myth is that your device’s battery will get spoilt if you charge them overnight. Everything in life decays at some point or the other, and, your smartphone’s battery is no exception to that rule.

Your smartphone knows when it’s battery is charged and will no longer charge even if you have connected your charging cord to the phone. Your smartphone will also not explode if you keep it charging overnight. The only reason why you wouldn’t charge your phone overnight is to save some electricity and the money that you would be paying for that electricity. You can check out our article “5 Reasons your Smartphone can explode, and tips to avoid it. Should you prefer Overnight charging?” to know why your phone won’t explode in more details.

10. Bluetooth drains Your Battery

Bluetooth Drains Your Battery

While this might have been true when Bluetooth was first launched in 1990. In the past 3 decades our phones and the Bluetooth system have been updated several times over. All smartphones that you can currently find in the market support Bluetooth. So, having your Bluetooth switched on even though your device is not connected won’t affect how long your smartphone battery last. Although Bluetooth would consume battery if you are connected to another device like speakers via Bluetooth.

11. More Signal Bars On Your Smartphone Means Better Service

More Signal Bars On Your Smartphone Means Better Services

The bars on your phone (whether they are 4 or 5 depending on your phone) are meant to indicate signal strength not signal quality and therefore having 4 bars of signal strength would not mean that you have a high signal quality. The bars don’t even indicate signal strength accurately, Steve van Skike, Senior Manager of Test and Regulatory for cell-phone booster company Nextivity says “There’s no standard. They do indicate signal strength, but it’s up to the handset manufacturer to come up with whatever algorithm they want, They certainly want to do something that is appropriate for the consumer, it needs to be meaningful information, but the details are up to them.”

He (Steve Van Skike) also says “The way these things work is that the handsets report what they see back up to the network, and then the network tries to make an intelligent choice as to what technology, band, channel, etc. the handset is going to use for its next communication, It’s not always based on how strong the signal is”.

If you are in a crowded area and the person next to you has the same phone and the same service provider, you might still have different number of bars when compared to him.

12. Using your cellphone at a gas station is a fire risk

Using Your Cellphone At A Gas Station Is A Fire Risk

Anyone using social media has come across this rumor. There was a time when I used to receive a lot of these messages on Whatsapp, Every single message informed me that it would be wise to switch off your phone before entering the gas station. Fires do not start randomly, certain conditions have to be met to start a fire and having your phone turned on meets none of these conditions.

Petroleum Equipment Institute, a leading authority for fuel and fluid equipment in the US have said “So far, we have been unable to document any incidents that were sparked by a cellular telephone. In fact, many researchers have tried to ignite fuel vapors with a cell phone and failed.”

13. Auto Brightness Saves Battery

Auto Brightness Saves Battery

This myth depends on how you use your phone. If you are someone who constantly changes their phone brightness, it would be better to switch on the auto brightness. The reasons why why this has been added as a myth is because in some cases auto brightness can consume more battery than it would have done if you had set the brightness of the phone yourself. for example; sometimes the sensors that decides the brightness of the phone aren’t able to detect the environmental brightness correctly and put your phone in maximum brightness when you don’t actually need that much brightness on your phone.

14. Cell Phones Cause Cancer

Cell Phones Cause Cancer

There are a lot of doubts and arguments whether smartphones cause cancer, despite many people believing that they do cause cancer, there is no hard evidence that the phones we use cause cancer. Despite a rapid increase in the US the number of brain cancer patient has remained constant. The reason why people are cautious is because phones release radio-frequency waves (RF), Although these waves are strongest at the antenna and lose energy as they travel away from the phone.

There have been a lot of test to check whether phones cause or help cancer grow in a persons body, but none of the test have brought any conclusive results.

15. Jailbreaking Or Rooting Your Phone Is Illegal

Jailbreaking Or Rotting Your Phone Is Illegal

Rooting is a process that allows you to gain access to the android operating system. It gives you more control and privileges to modify software codes that manufactures don’t allow you to do.

This mostly depends on your location. Countries such as Canada have made rooting illegal and a crime when the reason for rooting your phone is not stated in the Copyright Modernization Act

Most manufacturers void the warranty of a phone that has been rooted. There are some manufactures such as nexus and google that allow you to root your device. If you have no idea about what rooting is and how to do it, Check out our article “[Guide] From Rooting to Installing Custom ROMS for Dummies.

If you have heard or known any other myth about smartphones, let us know what they are by messaging below.

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